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Name: Catherina
Gender: Female
Member since: Mon Mar 3, 2008, 03:08 PM
Number of posts: 35,568

About Me

There are times that one wishes one was smarter than one is so that when one looks out at the world and sees the problems one wishes one knew the answers and I don\'t know the answers. I think sometimes one wishes one was dumber than one is so one doesn\'t have to look out into the world and see the pain that\'s out there and the horrible situations that are out there, and not know what to do - Bernie Sanders http://www.democraticunderground.com/128040277

Journal Archives

You're really kind Senz. Blocking out the noise will free up your time

to get the word out about Bernie to more people.

The sock goal behind all that noise is to prevent us from getting more news out and reaching more people to dispel their smear lies by bogging us down in a merry-go-round of bullshit. Refuse to play, don't engage.

If Bernie makes it, it will be because of all of us. I'm just a small cog who stands in awe of what others are doing! But I'm flattered and thankful that I made a small difference in *educating* you although I don't think you needed my help to begin with.

And my mom? She was lovingly put on notice by all her children that she's voting for the world she's leaving us and we don't want it to be a Clinton world. Then we started filling her in on some Clinton stuff she was unaware of like how HRC manipulated US coverage of Wikileaks and her personal responsibility for the carnage in Libya & Syria, which only added to my mom's anger at Glass-Steagall.

I'm afraid Hillary can't count on my mom anymore She's come around and feeling the Bern. The time magazine article helped a lot too.

Really lol? How flattering

and there I was thinking that the farcical accusation of being a "self-hating Black woman", for daring to remind people Martin Luther King was against imperialism, was as tortured as it gets.

Thanks. Finding out that people I have no respect for on issues are that obsessed, only encourages me to crank up the volume.

As I type, Snowden is up to 1.25M followers as his detractors, who love their personal comfort more than they love fellow Americans or our millions of victims in this world, drift away into oblivion.

10 years from now, who will even remember those twisted, Snowden-hating asshats?

I can barely remember them now lol.

The future's so bright!

Oh yeah. "sadly for her, we ARE smart enough to figure out Bernie Sanders is better"

Oh yeah. Not at all surprising. Straight from Netaaaa's mouth today


Oh you mean that *selfless*, *helpful* advice from that other camp

Brother West is treated like a rock star everywhere he goes, from the streets of Ferguson to sold-out appearances in the speaking halls of Chicago.

Any time camp Weathervane dispenses *helpful* advice, an inverse tangent is 100% in order.

Hillary Clinton’s support among Blacks plunges in a new poll

Hillary Clinton’s support among Blacks plunges in a new poll

By Philip Bump October 1 at 1:57 PM

Over the course of the still-awfully young Democratic primary season, one demographic split has been repeated over and over again: Non-whites have consistently been more supportive of Hillary Clinton than whites.


A new poll from Suffolk University and USA Today, though, suggests a big shift among African Americans that could undermine that confidence. We have to note up front that this is one poll, with large margins of error on black responses. That said, the shift is surprising.



Part of the shift in support for Clinton might be due to the decline in her net favorability among Blacks. Opinions of Clinton have dropped among all Democrats as we've seen before. Among Blacks, the decline has been greater -- and the increase in favorable views of Sanders has been stark. Clinton is down 16 points in net favorability, and Sanders is up 31. (The margin of error here, we would reinforce, is 8.5 points.)

(Sanders also saw a big decline in the number of voters who hadn't heard of him. In July, 23 percent of Democrats and 35 percent of Black voters were unfamiliar with him. Now the percentages are 5 for both.)


It's that shift among Blacks that's most noteworthy. One poll. Large margin of error. But if it turns out to be predictive, it could significantly shift the Democratic contest.



If Edward Snowden Is Right About Clinton's Emails, Bernie Sanders Will Win a Landslide Victory

If Edward Snowden Is Right About Clinton's Emails, Bernie Sanders Will Win a Landslide Victory

Posted: 10/01/2015 11:01 am EDT

H. A. Goodman
Columnist published in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Baltimore Sun, The Hill, Salon, The Jerusalem Post www.hagoodman.com

Perhaps nobody on the planet knows more about intelligence protocol than Edward Snowden. If Snowden says it's "completely ridiculous" to believe that Clinton's emails were safe, then yes, it's fair to include his viewpoint in any critique of Hillary Clinton's latest controversy. In addition, since I believe Senator Bernie Sanders is desperately needed at this point in U.S. history, and electing Clinton or a Republican would essentially be nominating the same president on war and foreign policy, it's important to address relevant analysis of the email controversy.


... since we know that some Clinton supporters have no qualms about comparing Bernie Sanders to a Fox News socialist or even linking him to Hugo Chavez, let's simply address reality while others genuinely "go negative." The reality is that other intelligence experts have come to the same conclusion as Snowden.


Yes, Bernie Sanders will win the presidency because of his bold message and policies, but since Clinton's PAC's and supporters will inevitably fabricate a narrative about Sanders, the least any writer can do is simply state the facts. A POLITICO article titled Snowden: No way Hillary's private server was secure highlights why the Democratic Party should be concerned about Hillary Clinton in a general election:

Edward Snowden blasted Hillary Clinton's assertion that her State Department emails were secure on a private server, calling the notion "completely ridiculous" in excerpts of an interview with Al Jazeera English published Thursday.

"When the unclassified systems of the United States government, which has a full-time information security staff regularly gets hacked, the idea that someone keeping a private server in the renovated bathroom of a server farm in Colorado, is more secure is completely ridiculous," Snowden said, referring to the physical location of the server hosted by Denver-based Platte River Networks.


Not everything is "Benghazi." Hillary Clinton is competing against Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination and a genuine distinction should be made, not just on issues, but on character. If you feel that Clinton's stances on war, foreign policy, and gay marriage warrant the presidency, then you might be a "Facebook liberal." As for me, I'm voting for Bernie Sanders. He doesn't need a Clinton scandal to win the Democratic nomination, but he will win the nomination in a landslide of Edward Snowden is correct.


Oh-so-gay-friendly Hillary Clinton was livid

Oh-so-gay-friendly Hillary Clinton was livid when the State Department stopped using the terms "mother and father"

Remember Outkast? BigBoi: "I’m for Bernie Sanders because he’s with prison reform..."

Appearing on the Rap Radar Podcast last Friday, the Georgia-born rapper told hosts Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller that he was behind the Independent from Vermont based on his stance against the unjust U.S. prison system.

“I’m for Bernie Sanders because he’s with prison reform and things like that,” he said. “I’m for anything that’s helping the good of people and helping people get out of poverty and getting people sentenced to these long unjust prison sentences out of jail and the legalization of marijuana, I’m for that.”

The surprise endorsement came after Big Boi was questioned about his earlier admission to the Huffington Post that he was a libertarian, and that he had voted for Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson in the 2012 presidential election. At the time, he had couched his stance in similar views, explaining that he was for “anything that benefits the public and not just big banking”; the rapper now eschews the libertarian label and says he’s a “humanitarian.”

Big Boi’s backing of Sanders follows the Senator’s adoption of a wide-ranging racial justice platform, prompted by widely publicized campaign disruptions by the Black Lives Matter movement in August. Among other things, the platform proposes the demilitarization of the police, mandatory body cameras for law enforcement officers, the dismantling of private prisons, and bringing an end to the “War on Drugs.”

Sanders has received endorsements from a number of musicians already, including Killer Mike, Lil B, Julian Casablancas and Diplo, as well as less surprising names like Jackson Browne, Roger Waters, Neil Young and Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth. He’s also picked up endorsements from celebrities like Will Ferrell, Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman and Daniel Craig, who donated $47,000 to a super-PAC which claims to support, but is not affiliated with, the Sanders campaign.


Looks like Hillary's going to "crash, CRASH,CRASH!!! INTO A DITCH"

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