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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Metro Detroit, Michigan
Home country: USA
Member since: Fri Feb 29, 2008, 08:30 PM
Number of posts: 6,581

About Me

I'm trying my best to be a force for positive change in the world.

Journal Archives

Ok, I'm leaving for a bike ride -- please don't ask me anything ...

... I won't be here to answer you.

Hey, there are still nice guys in the world, even in health insurance.

I had two polysomniograpy studies and a daytime evaluation for sleep apnea.

Yesterday, I got the explanation of benefits -- the entire claim was denied, total "your responsibility" was $3200. Yikes.

Before I committed to doing this, I asked the Dr's office verify coverage. No problem, I was told.

So, first thing this morning, I called Blue Cross-BS of MI and asked why they denied it?

It seems in the long form contract polysomniograpy for diagnosis of sleep apnea is not covered, even though in the short form benefits brochure it doesn't say anything about that under "non-covered services".

I spoke with "John" who looked it up and told me this. Essentially, just out of luck.

Or so I thought. My phone rang about five minutes later - it was John calling back. The Dr's office had submitted the claim with additional diagnostic codes, he was able to process under those codes and the claim was approved.

Kinda restores my faith in humanity when people do things like this. Kudos to John for going above and beyond to help me out.

Thanksgiving Health Challenge. UPDATED 11/22/2012

I thought this was interesting -- the dietician at my weight loss group challenged each of us to commit to doing something to improve our Thanksgiving Day traditions in some way that makes it healthier.

The average American gains 3 pounds over the Thanksgiving weekend. Part is just fluid retention, but some is fat.

The challenge could be big or small. Something as simple as eating a half a slice of pumpkin pie, or as "big" as you want it to be.

I committed to taking a 30 mile bike ride on Thanksgiving morning before I have cook the family dinner for our evening get-together.

Anyone care to join me in committing to one healthy change to your T-day traditions?

Thanksgiving weight loss challenge - 30 miles on T-Day. UPDATED 11/22/2012

I joined a fitness center 1st of October and enrolled in their weight loss program. Plus been doing a lot of biking -- closing in on 1,000 miles since Labor Day.

Every Monday, the group meets with a dietician. Being T-day, she challenged each of us to do something with either diet or exercise to not gain weight over the holiday weekend.

Mine was easy, I told the group I would do a 30 mile ride T-Day morning.

No sweat, I did 20, 22, 16, and 19 in the past week, and only stop due to time constraints. 30 is eminently do-able here in a community with miles and miles of paved paths and trails.

Leave around 5 am, I should be back no later than 10, plenty of time to cook T-Day dinner for the family, since we are having an evening meal this year due to personal schedules.

Anybody else want to do a long ride over the holiday weekend?

Pumpkin Fluff.

I went to a cooking class last week put on by the dietician at the gym I joined. She cooked a lot of healthy alternative to traditional foods which are high in fat and calories.

This was very good, and very simple:

1 standard size can pumpkin (I think it was 16 ounces)

1 pint fat free Greek Yogurt.

1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Sugar or stevia to sweeten the yogurt to taste.

2 standard sized packages instant vanilla pudding.

Just mix it all together, and spoon into a pie pan or mould. Refrigerate a couple of hours to set up.

Winter sports - which ones do you do?

I used to cross country ski but was never very good. Give up trying to skate as a young kid, kept falling and hurting myself.

But I decided I am not sitting inside and being bored all winter ... I bought snowshoes from REI. Looking forward to trying that out. They are having a free class, Introduction To Snowshoeing, the week after Thanksgiving.

Ah, my first wipe out. It was awesome. Ok, it was not awesome.

Actually, it pissed me off due to circumstance. Approaching an intersection with a "walk" sign and clear right of way. About 15-20 feet out, it was obvious to me the idiot approaching wasn't stopping, was going to cruise through without stopping at all to make a right.

So, I slammed on the brakes and steered into the grassy strip between road and paved trail where I was riding. Wipe out on my right side, kind spun around over the handlebars. I wear full protective gear and has about 6 layers of clothes against the cold.

Didn't hurt anything, not even my pride, since it wasn't my fault. A guy I met at my gym has a broken arm from being hit and sailing about 30 feet. He knows he was really lucky.

Why can't people just follow traffic laws and not drive like idiots?

I have my star back!

I wondered why I saw pop up ads yesterday and this morning? But I didn't give it much thought, until it dawned on me my Star membership expired yesterday.

$60 donation to DU got me my star back. $5 a month to hang with the best crowd online. And get my MFM fix.

A bargain, wish it could be more. Best liberal site online. Kudos to Skinner and company for giving all of us such a great place.

The question of healthy diet vs. family desire for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

So, I'm eating very carefully, following a diet developed for me by a dietician. I'm great with it, easy to follow. I feel so much better than when I was living on pop and junk food.

Family, though, will want the "traditional" foods, high in fats, sodium, refined carbs, and empty calories.

I am always the cook. And I love cooking, I can easily modify recipes to make them significantly healthier.

But should I?

Is it fair to them to impose changes on them that they may object too?

Or should I consider the fact that many in my family are typical of many Americans, overweight with the conditions associated with obesity and eating very poorly, plenty of all of the wrong kinds of foods but terrible nutrition, mostly empty calories?

Let them have their day, or try to promote positive change?

I'm back just to mention something.

I spent my entire therapy session Wednesday discussing my initial psychiatrist's appointment of Aug. 22nd and subsequent events with my trusted long-time therapist. In great detail.

It was her opinion based on everything that transpired that I was the victim of a physician who committed flagrant ethical violations. As a result, my circumstances are far worse than they should be.

I have researched possible courses of action. I intend to file formal complaints with the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulation and the Michigan Chapter of the American Psychiatric Association. Within the next weeks, by the end of 2012, as soon as I can gather any evidence and put together an affidavit documenting my experiences and a brief of relevant administrative case law for the state and ethics rules for the APA.

I did nothing to deserve what happened to me. As I said before, I went to this dr. with the expectation of help and left there being made to feel like a criminal, completely degraded and destroyed.
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