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Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 59,689

About Me

Long time political activist, working to tint my lil "Mayberry" more blue. Collector of strays of various species and minds.

Journal Archives

Alabama judicial court suspends chief justice Roy Moore for rest of term over gay marriage defiance

Breaking, so no more details, but none needed.

Happily, he cannot judge anymore for the state.

Unhappily, he will be seen as a martyr by most here in teh state.

But the ALABAMA court did this, so it is HUGE. They did not sit on their hands and wait for the Feds. to enforce the law.

Teeny teeny cracks in the old dogma....thank you Mr. President.!

Phoenix demands Trump campaign pull ad with city police officers

Phoenix has sent Donald Trump's presidential campaign a cease-and-desist letter over a television advertisement that includes a snippet showing the Republican candidate talking with on-duty Phoenix police officers.

In the letter, City Attorney Brad Holm wrote that the Trump campaign violated federal and state law by using copyrighted material, including images of officers in uniform and at work, without permission.

The ad in question, titled "Movement," includes video of Trump greeting a half-dozen Phoenix police officers on an airport tarmac. It began airing more than a week ago. The footage appears to be from his June 18 visit to Phoenix, when he later spoke at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

Holm said the officers "were unaware that they were photographed and videotaped, and they did not consent to the use of their on-duty images in any Trump (or other) campaign advertisement."

Police surveillance: The US city that beat Big Brother

"Police-community relations in Oakland are terrible," says Ali Winston, a reporter with the East Bay Express. "They have been terrible for a long time."
But Winston and his colleague Darwin BondGraham were still not fully prepared for what they would discover in the summer of 2012, when they were going through court records and council papers.
"We saw some things that raised questions. Why are they running fibre optic cables out there? That kind of thing," says BondGraham.
Winston recognised the name of a security company on a council agenda and knew immediately what they were dealing with - a Domain Awareness Centre.

( Note: these are also called Fusion Centers and they are quietly being built nationwide)

Read how the secret center was stopped, and how Oakland is teaching other cities how do stop secret spying of citizens:


I like this description of Trump....

Best comment on the debate:

The message from this debate: Never bring a Cheeto to a knife fight.

seen on Twitter

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

Per teh Borowitz Report:


Trump blasted the format of Monday night’s debate by claiming that the presence of Clinton was “specifically designed” to distract him from delivering his message to the American people.

“Every time I said something, she would say something back,” he said. “It was rigged.”

He also lambasted the “underhanded tactics” his opponent used during the debate. “She kept on bringing up things I said or did,” he added. “She is a very nasty person.”

Turning to CNN, Trump criticized the network’s use of a split screen showing both him and Clinton throughout the telecast. “It should have been just me,” he said. “That way people could have seen how really good my temperament is.”

Boycott Nestle, Says Petition After Company Outbids Town For Water

A Nestlé spokesman said the company didn't know it was competing with a municipality, but it nevertheless matched their offer to complete the purchase from the Middlebrook Water Company for "future business growth."

"In the middle of a severe drought in southern Ontario, bottled water giant Nestlé continues to extract four million litres of groundwater every day from an aquifer near Guelph," the declaration says.

"Nestlé pays less than $15 per day for this precious resource and then ships it out of the community in hundreds of millions of single use plastic bottles for sale all over North America — at an astronomical mark up."

The group is asking people who support the boycott to sign an online declaration that aims to stop Nestlé from profiting from bottled water.

Florida, under....Bush????? gave Nestle drawing rights to its huge aquifer years ago. For pennies.

Nestle' is YUUUUGE.

List of Nestlé brands

I try very hard not to buy their stuff, basically we have stopped using a LOT of processed products.

More details on Burlington Mall killer

BURLINGTON, Skagit County — Tips and surveillance video led to the arrest of a 20-year-old Oak Harbor man in connection with Friday’s deadly shooting at the Cascade Mall, authorities said Saturday night.
The suspect, identified as Arcan Cetin, was arrested Saturday evening as he walked along a street in Oak Harbor. Cetin will be turned over to the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office, according to Island County authorities.


Skagit County court records show Cetin has a criminal record that included three domestic-violence assault charges in both Burlington and Island County, with the victim identified as Cetin’s stepfather. He also was arrested for drunken driving.

Island County District Court records show that Cetin was told by a judge on Dec. 29 that he was not to possess a firearm.

A couple years ago, Marty Baldwin said he allowed the suspected gunman, who was homeless at the time, to move in with him and his wife. But Baldwin kicked him out a few months later after learning the younger man was using and selling drugs, he said

Just read there are promising results from dandelion root to kill cancer cells.

Something you might want to google.

In Europe, they are finding good results in the lab animals, and are planning on doing human trials.
Seems effective for many cancers but NOT breast cancer, in fact may increase estrogen, which we do not want in most breast cancers.

The good news is that dandelion root is ever so cheaply available as capsules in the health food stores
( My personal favorite way of buying vitamins and supplements is iherb.com)

Another pronouncement from the orange man...

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