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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 59,688

About Me

Long time political activist, working to tint my lil "Mayberry" more blue. Collector of strays of various species and minds.

Journal Archives

WTF? ???.... Jeb: 'I hope I run. I want to. But I haven't made the final decision yet'

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer. minutes ago.

"I hope I run"??????

Sounds as if he is waiting to surprise himself.
and hasn't he already declared twice that he IS running?

Denis Leary returns to tv!!!!!!!!!!

Have no idea if this is gonna be a hit or a miss, but will gamble on Leary's pulling it off.


Denis Leary plays a middle-aged rocker still trying to get rich and famous with help from Elizabeth Gillies and John Corbett.
Premieres Thursday, July 16 at 10 p.m. on FX.

Poll: Does this look like fun, or like living hell, to you?

McDonald’s defy quantum physics with sign

Bet you've not heard of THIS Republican Pres. candidate for the 2016 race.

Michael Bickelmeyer boasts over 40 years on work experience in the private sector in business, commerce, and industry. His educational credentials include an Associate of Arts degree from Cuyahoga Community College, a Bachelor of Science degree in General Business Administration from David N. Myers College, and as recently as 2013, a Master of Management degree from the University of Phoenix Online.

An eccentric fellow who enjoys coming up with some very creative inventions, Bickelmeyer is running for the GOP nomination in 2016. He has a very dim view of terrorists and drug traffickers – in fact, he wants to deploy weapons to fry them from orbit.

Bickelmeyer is something of a dreamer, and has formulated some creative inventions that are interesting, to say the least. He is particularly proud of three such ideas, which he advocates as important Federal Projects, and for which he is in the process of securing patents.
The first is a square shaped airport with steam-heated runways and an industrial facility at the center. The industrial structure would be used for recycling, die casting, and manufacturing.
His second proposal is an independent industrial recycling plant utilizing five high-volume furnaces, which would be used for the recycling of a variety of materials including glass, plastic, and steel. Crucially to Bickelmeyer's platform, both of these facilities would be powered strictly via clean energy generation, producing no carbon emissions and thus no contribution to global warming.
The third of Bickelmeyer's concepts is arguably the most noteworthy. In what he calls “a gift for children”, Bickelmeyer proposes an orbital weapons platform that would function by the collection of solar radiation, which would then be magnified and directed to the surface as a lethal beam. He claims that this weapon could potentially be as precise as to eliminate a single personal target, or as broad as to effect entire countries. Bickelmeyer advocates the use of this platform against terrorism and in pursuit of the war on drugs. He stresses that, because this is not a nuclear weapon, there is no danger of radioactive fallout.

Aside from his eccentricity and environmental concerns, Bickelmeyer opposes legalization of marijuana, arguing that “we already have enough people with thinking problems in this country.” He has stated that, in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the tragic passing of his father due to cancer, he now views former President George W Bush as his “new Father.” .

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina slams starving migrants as 'mentally sick'

Bangladesh has slammed thousands of starving migrants and asylum seekers stranded at sea, calling them "mentally sick" and accusing them of damaging the country's image.

Images of distressed Rohingya and Bangladeshi boat people have prompted outrage across the world as regional countries prepare to attend a Thailand-hosted 17-nation summit on Friday to discuss what has become a humanitarian crisis across the Bay of Bengal and in South-East Asian waters.

Up to 6000 people could still be adrift in boats after Indonesia and Malaysia last week reversed policies to push boats back out to sea.

Malaysia admitted on Sunday it had found a series of mass graves in a remote area at its border with Thailand that are believed to contain hundreds of Rohingya Muslims and Bangladeshis, despite earlier denials any existed.
An estimated 25,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi migrants and asylum-seekers fled Myanmar and Bangladesh in the first three months of this year, part of the largest movement of people across south-east Asia since the fall of southern Vietnam 40 years ago.

Link leads to Sydney Morning Herald

GM: That Car You Bought? We’re Really The Ones Who Own It.

Congratulations! You just bought a new Chevy, GMC, or Cadillac. You really like driving it. And it’s purchased, not leased, and all paid off with no liens, so it’s all yours… isn’t it? Well, no, actually: according to GM, it’s still theirs. You just have a license to use it.

At least, that’s what an attorney for GM said at a hearing this week, Autoblog reports. Specifically, attorney Harry Lightsey said, “It is [GM’s] position the software in the vehicle is licensed by the owner of the vehicle.”

GM’s claim is all about copyright and software code, and it’s the same claim John Deere is making about their tractors. The TL;DR version of the argument goes something like this:

Cars work because software tells all the parts how to operate
The software that tells all the parts to operate is customized code
That code is subject to copyright
GM owns the copyright on that code and that software
A modern car cannot run without that software; it is integral to all systems
Therefore, the purchase or use of that car is a licensing agreement
And since it is subject to a licensing agreement, GM is the owner and can allow/disallow certain uses or access.

LA Firefighter Found Guilty Of Beating Woman Who Was Feeding Stray Cats

Pic at link...

Eulian had approached Rebecca Stafford on Sept. 14, 2013 as she sat in her parked car, then leaned in and yelled at her about feeding the stray cats. When she threw cat kibble at him, Eulian punched her twice, then pulled her out of the car and hit her again as she fell to the ground, where she lay unconscious.

Video played at the trial showed the attack, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Eulian, who faces up to seven years in state prison, is scheduled to be sentenced on June 30.

West Virginia man, 94, graduates from college: 'I've waited a long time for this'

Anthony Brutto first enrolled for classes in 1939, when tuition cost $50 – and he came back more than three-quarters of a century later to claim his degree.

World War 2, marriage, family interrupted his education.

I love this line from the article:
As for his plans after graduation, Brutto said he’d consider a master’s degree in time: “I’d like to study math, even if everything’s done by computers now. I was good at art when I was young too. There’s a lot I’d like to do. There’s plenty of time.”

North Korea publicly executed defense chief after he was seen falling asleep during military event.

This is from Breaking news earlier today..

the takeaway is ..........

He slept.

We have officials in this country who have repeatedly lied, embezzled, covered up, conspired, colluded, been responsible for an incredible number of deaths...
with no consequences.

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