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Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: Sw corner of Ala. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 49,733

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Happily retired and now enjoy being the "Queen of Everything" in our house in the woods. (Mr. Dixie is the Prince of What's Left) but................ Golden Retrievers RULE!!!

Journal Archives

THIS is why the United States Attorneys General were fired:

According to NPR...which reported this on Wed:

Ethics Watchdogs Want U.S. Attorney To Investigate Trump's Business Interests

The executive director of Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington, sued Trump in Jan. for violating the Emoluments Clause, and sent a letter to U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, asking him to pursue a case.

The Justice Department has a "broad mandate" to ensure compliance with the Emoluments Clause,
the letter says. It also notes that Bharara has jurisdiction over the issue because he is the U.S. attorney of the southern district of New York, where the Trump Organization is headquartered, the letter says.


So, cut to Friday, today....and 45 other United States Attorneys General are fired to cover up firing Bharara.

Folks. ...ITMFA!!! gear is available

Juanita Jean posted this on her website
I am not affiliated with her in any way except via admiration for her stepping into Molly Ivin's shoes ( and that tells you how old I am)
just in case you are interested in knowing what ITMFA means ( remember Bush???)
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I'mgonna look for a bumper sticker ITMFA

It is LEGAL when the Attorney General asks US Attorneys General to resign....

There is a report floating around DU that Sessions is asking for resignation of some? all? Attorneys General.
and I have seen I have seen more than a few outraged responses in several threads.

This is normal at the start of a new term of a new party in the WH.

U.S. Attorneys hold a "political" office, and therefore they are considered to "serve at the pleasure of the President."
At the beginning of a new presidential administration, it is traditional for all 93 U.S. Attorneys to submit a letter of resignation. When a new President is from a different political party, almost all of the resignations will be eventually accepted.
The attorneys are then replaced by new political appointees, typically from the new President's party.


Some of us remember when Bush did it and all hell broke loose.
That is because he did it MID-TERM, he did it to only 8 of the US Attorney Generals and he was doing it for political reasons.

Interestingly, while President Obama replace the Attorneys when he came into office, there was one he did not replace,, here in Ala. and SHE was responsible for later having Don Siegleman arrested, and her husband was/is the head of republican organization in this state ( not the Republican party, but the over arching organization).
She left her office a few years after Obama's term.

1,000 words, for sure

These 8 people are responsible for seeing that the Russia-Trump investigation is done correctly

They are known as The Gang of Eight.
We need to pressure them to be accountable, esp. Pelosi.

One of the least understood aspects of congressional oversight is the elite group of elected politicians who are charged with congressional oversight over all intelligence activity.

The Gang of Eight are briefed on every covert operation that our various intelligence agencies carry out.
They are directly responsible for oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI).

The Go8 are responsible for overseeing all executive office policy as it relates to intelligence gathering and corresponding activity.

In short these eight elected representatives are in charge of all oversight of all U.S. intelligence operations, open and covert.

jared Kushner also has not divested some of his properties

Kushner’s decision to keep some of his business, ethics lawyers say, raises questions about how he will recuse himself from government matters that could affect his own bank account.

“What mechanism will the White House use to ensure that Kushner will not participate in matters that affect his retained financial interests?” asked Kathleen Clark, an ethics law expert and professor at Washington University School of Law. “We, the public, should have information about what types of matters Kushner is going to have to recuse from.”

article is dated Feb. 27, 2017

Best line of the day, so far:


Trump Tower shut down its Russia email server just before FISA warrant was allegedly granted

Snip..........there is evidence that a federal judge granted a FISA eavesdropping warrant to the FBI for Trump Tower’s Russian email server shortly before the election. And it appears Trump Tower knew that warrant was coming.

there was evidence a FISA warrant had been granted for the Trump Tower Russian email server in October. But as it turns out, Daily Kos has determined that the email server had been shut off for good on September 23rd. This suggests that the operator of the email server was aware the FBI was onto it, and shut it off to prevent its data from being monitored. There is also a Carter Page connection.

As I pointed out earlier today, the Trump Tower Russian email server saw its biggest data spikes while Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was visiting Russia, suggesting it was used to communicate with him abroad. But three days after the email server was shut down, Page announced he had left the campaign amid increasing questions about his Russia ties.

This now paints a picture of Trump Tower realizing that the FBI was closing in on its Russia connections, quickly shutting down its Russia email server just before an eavesdropping warrant could be granted, and also abruptly ejecting Russian operative Carter Page from the campaign entirely because he had become too much of a liability. But now Page is asserting that Donald Trump himself was behind the Republican National Convention plot to change the party platform to benefit Russia.

If this is all true, and I have no reason to think it is not, I am betting Page shuold avoid tall buildings, small planes, and un-tested food. and women with spray bottles.

UP-date on latest dead Russian-American conspirator

As of now, this is what is known about him.

His name was Alex Oronov, he had been a naturalized United States citizen for twenty years.

According to a co-conspirator, Andrey Artemenko, Oronov was one of the organizers of the plot that had the Kremlin pressuring Trump to oust the president of the Ukraine, so Artemenko could become president and give Crimea to Russia.

Oronov arranged a meeting between Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and Trump’s Russian former business partner Felix Sater, with the assistance of Artemenko.
That meeting resulted in Cohen delivering a Kremlin-backed proposal to National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s office just before he--Flynn- resigned.

Artemenko is currently facing potential treason charges in Ukraine for his role in the Trump-Russia scandal.

Oronov is also an in-law of Trump’s personal attorney Michael Cohen, another conspirator in the Ukraine plot.

Oronov, shortly after the Soviet Union fell, moved into a Trump condo in Hollywood Florida, but it was not until THIS Jan.
that 2 of Trump's Mar Lego buddies sold it to him for 1.5 million.
AFTER said sale has been pending for 2 years.
and 3 weeks BEFORE Oronov set up the conspirator meeting.

Most of the above was gleaned from several stories at palmerreport.com

Another Russian...# 8...just died.

Alex Oronov, organizer of Russia-Ukraine blackmail plan sent to Donald Trump, dies suspiciously

Yet another key figure in the Trump-Russia scandal has suddenly dropped dead. A meeting was organized between Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen, Russian mafia figure Felix Sater, and Ukrainian traitor Andrii Artemenko. They crafted a Kremlin-backed plan which involved Trump using Russian blackmail to oust the president of the Ukraine. That plan was delivered to Michael Flynn’s just before he resigned. The meeting was organized by Alex Oronov – and now he’s dead.

Alex Oronov was the father in law of Michael Cohen’s brother, making them extended family.
Oronov did business in the Ukraine and was connected to Artemenko. It was Artemenko who angrily announced today in an extended Russian-language rant on his Facebook page that Oronov has died. And while he doesn’t say specifically how Oronov died, he directly blames the New York Times article which first exposed the secret plan for causing his death. In other words, he’s vaguely suggesting that Oronov was murdered (perhaps by Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin) as a result of having been publicly exposed.

Talking Points Memo has more details on the death of Alex Oronov, who died two days ago. This makes him at least the fourth Trump-Russia conspirator to die during the scandal. In all, seven prominent Russian operatives have died since the scandal began. Palmer Report has been documenting a running list.

Sergei Krivov died at the Russian consulate in New York on election day with his skull bashed in. Oleg Erovinkin, a former KGB agent who contributed intel to the Trump-Russia dossier, was found dead in the back of a car. Sergei Mikhailov, another Russian intel agent, was dragged out of a meeting with a bag on his head.

**** See our full list of Russian operatives who have died during the Trump-Russia scandal for the full rundown.
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