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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Washington state, for half my life
Home country: USA
Current location: SW Alabama. for the rest of my life
Member since: Wed Feb 27, 2008, 02:09 PM
Number of posts: 58,808

About Me

Retired Mental Health/Sub. Abuse therapist, happily moldering in "Maycomb", 2 notches from the buckle of the Bible Belt. One cat away from crazy.

Journal Archives

Here's a trick to save on the rising prices of drugs.

One of my generic meds jumped from 10.00 for 90 day supply to 54.00.
Taht is a difference of 40.00 a year versus 216.!

The pharmacist suggested a very similar drug, same drug family, generic.
I called my Dr. office today, and asked if they they could prescribe it, and they did.
12.00 for 90 day supply.

Worth a chat with your pharmacist and phone call to doc if one of your meds suddenly zooms into the stratosphere.

The Iowa chairman for Rick Perry's faltering Republican presidential bid steps down

(and slinks off in embarrassment for ever even thinking of a Perry campaign.)

Sam Clovis said Monday that he had stepped down as Perry's state chairman. The former Texas governor has stopped paying his staff. Clovis said he left because the campaign was in transition and because future compensation was uncertain.
But he added that it was about more than the money.

Europe does not have a migrant crisis. It has a REFUGEE crisis.

Excerpts from "Where is morality in the ‘migrant crisis’?"

The UN Convention defines the term “migrant” as “where the decision to migrate is taken freely (…) and without intervention of an external compelling factor". This is a definition which clearly distinguishes migrants from refugees or others compelled to leave their homes. This is no “flood of migrants”. It is a refugee crisis brought on by a state of profound global economic and social imbalance.

In the international response to the so-called “migrant crisis” that is finally obvious from European suites, there is no global discussion over the roots of the problem, no unified solutions envisaged, and no willingness to recognise the true causes and devise a long term strategy to reverse them.

Instead, short term visions have dominated with discussions focused on the Faustian question of whether to send rescue boats to aid drowning people, debates over how many “African” migrants European societies can absorb and the construction of ever higher walls.

So far, solutions to the crisis have been framed by discussions of marauding “hordes” at the doors of fortress Europe, threatening our “standard of living”.
And yet, the truth is the majority of migrants who have reached the EU so far this year have come from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Somalia and Syria, countries profoundly affected by conflict and human rights abuses. They are not so much criminals as victims, who according to Judith Sunderland, a researcher for HRW, make the crossing “because they have to, not because they want”.

Despite Europe’s grandstanding on the issue of absorbing migrants, it is actually the world’s poorest nations which have so far shouldered the burden of dealing with millions of refugees, while Europe has offered to resettle a mere 20,000.
Meanwhile, thousands have died at sea thanks to what French-Senegalese author Fatou Diome has denounced as a “dissuasion tactic,”
Europe’s unofficial “let them drown” policy, as even limited rescue efforts have been hampered by cooperation issues between different countries.


I am so old I remember when the Naugahydes went extinct. How old are you?

Angry Chinese Investors Capture Head Of Metals Exchange In Predawn Hotel Raid

the head of Fanya Metals Exchange and he was captured in a daring predawn raid in Shanghai on Saturday.
Fanya is a forum for trading minor metals like indium and bismuth that has also functioned as a shadow banking conduit — not only leveraging metal deposited with the exchange as collateral for loans, but offering high interest investment products to retail investors."

in the event investors are forced to take losses, "the key issue is what those investors will do next."

Well, now we know.

First they will stage angry protests and then, if their money is not returned to them in about a month, they will travel from all corners of the country, stake out a hotel, kidnap the issuer of the WMP and haul him away to jail. in the event investors are forced to take losses, "the key issue is what those investors will do next."

ANOTHER Chinese chemical plant explodes.

An explosion has been reported at a chemical plant in China's eastern province of Shandong.
The People's Daily said a warehouse at the Runxing Chemical plant exploded and firefighters are at the scene.

Strange co-incidence..............

My generic drug went from 10.00 to 54.00 for a 90 day supply.

Sticker shock when I picked up the refill today.
Local ( and fairly trustworthy) pharmacy tells me of the 3 generic brands of this drug, ALL have increased the price.
We commiserated over the fact that there is no functioning watch dog organization to look into possible collusion.

The only good news is that the pharmacist found that Wal-Mart is still selling for the 10.00 price and she was willing to match this and give me credit for this
90 day cycle.
The bad news is that this is the only drug I can use for what I need it for.

Actual Jeb Bush quotes ( pic)

John Oliver would be proud: Church opens gun range ministry ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’

JEMISON, Ala. (WIAT) – What started out as an overgrown gully behind the Rocky Mount United Methodist Church has turned into a ministry, complete with guns, bullets and the Bible.

“We had quite a number of church members, some elderly ladies, for example, and some not so elderly women that had purchased guns, but didn’t know how to use them,” Guin said.

Originally, the range was used to teach firearm safety. But about a year ago, that changed. The thought of a ministry started becoming more and more clear.

Guin says there are many in the congregation who either hunt or are gun enthusiasts. The safety training morphed into the Rocky Mount Hunt and Gun Club as a way to try and bring more members to the church.
“This is an opportunity for us to reach out in the name of Jesus Christ in a setting that is completely unique. Even odd by some people’s standards. But who’s to say that church can’t happen right here,” Guin said, pointing at the red clay dirt of the range.

Fears of deadly cyanide gas reaction as rain forecast for Tianjin

City's vice-mayor admits the chemical has spread 1km from blast site, amid concerns it will react with rain to produce deadly compound

The explosions in Tianjin last week scattered sodium cyanide as far as 1km from the blast site, the city's vice-mayor admitted on Monday, as fears rose that rain forecast over the next few days could react with the chemical to release highly poisonous hydrogen cyanide gas.

Making his first public appearance since Wednesday's blasts, He Shushan, who is in charge of work safety in the city, explained his absence as due to a desperate attempt to search for and remove the chemical over the past few days.

He played down fears over its presence, saying that military specialists and government staff had twice scoured a 1km radius from the centre of the blast.

The death toll from the disaster rose to 114 on Monday, with 70 still missing, most of them "contract firefighters".

The relatives of some victims said they had been grounded in hotels, to prevent protests.

Authorities have been tight-lipped about the presence of sodium cyanide at the site. The first official confirmation of its existence there came from a Beijing military official on Sunday.
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