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csziggy's Journal
csziggy's Journal
July 21, 2019

THe first three photos I've edited in Lightroom CC

It's easier than I expected - once you find out how to do it. Mostly I wanted to simply resize the pictures. Well, after well over an hour looking up how in the instructions I found that it is basically a batch operation when you export (or save the photos to a different location).

For descriptions, see my last blog entry before I leave the country for a few months: http://woodswell.com/wp/2019/07/20/last-night-before-our-next-adventure/

July 15, 2019

Is this where Trump got the idea for the ever lasting IRS audit?

I was watching "Eerie, Indiana" last night - old (1991-1992) comedy series that only lasted one season - the episode was "Zombies in P.J.s."

The plot is that a local store owner (played by John Astin) is dreading an IRS audit since he had forgotten to file his taxes for twelve years.

Radford: I forgot to pay my income tax. For twelve years. Mea culpa, already! It slipped my mind.

Simon Holmes: It's an honest mistake. I'm sure they'd understand.

Radford: Understand? The IRS? They are ruthless, heartless bureaucrats with one goal in life: making me pay. Why, the average IRS agent would make the Devil Himself seem like Mr Rogers.

Thus setting up the plot for the show. A con artist, "The Donald" (played by Rene Auberjois) shows up, encouraging the shop owner to offer credit so he could sell everything in his store. Of course, it get weirder than that, this being Eerie, Indiana.

At the end when The Donald gets his due, having been outsmarted by a fake IRS auditor, there is a comment that an audit could last forever. Did Don the Con see this back in the day and remember that comment?

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