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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
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Moving Day - The Lincoln Project

Seasons of Trump - Randy Rainbow


From the Washington Post - a timeline with videos from the seige of the US Capitol

OMG! I'm surrounded!

There is a herd of eight deer surrounding the house! Sorry, no pics. If I tried to take them from inside, my camera would just focus on the screens. If I went outside, they'd run away.

It seems to be seven mature does and an immature buck with tiny little nubs where his antlers will be next fall. This just reinforces that I will have to plant stuff that the deer will not eat. This is important since I am transplanting plants around the house that we moved before the addition and will soon be buying plants to fill in the beds.

I consulted with a landscaper and he recommended herbs in the upper terrace - Since the young buck was grazing along the edges of the lower terrace, I'm worried that edibles will just entice the deer up to the top.

BTW, the cats are completely unimpressed and are ignoring the deer.

One of the US Capitol invaders was also at the Oregon Sate Capitol invasion

Right now I can't post screen shots, but he is at 2:16 in this video from the US Capitol:

In the video of the Oregon state representative letting in the rioters he can be seen at 3:13 with a good face shot at 4:21:

He needs to be identified!

Randy Rainbow has a great idea (not a song this time)

Randy Rainbow

3h ·
Joe and Kamala should run off to Vegas and get inaugurated without telling us.


Sedition! - A Randy Rainbow Parody

Today was a health care day

The toe I stubbed the shit out of the first week of November still hurts up into the foot so I finally dragged myself in to see my doctor's new PA. I set up the X-ray for this afternoon and since their vaccine clinic is in the same building I made appointments for my husband and me to get our flu shots.

First off, I did break my toe. The third bone from the end is pretty splintered. I'm not sure what can be done about it, I'll probably have to visit the orthopedic clinic and see their foot specialist. I know about the break since they gave me a CD of the X-rays and it is obvious from every angle that bone is broken.

The flu shots were a breeze. You check in they call you back, go over the paperwork and they stab you. I talked to the nurse giving the shots since they were also giving Covid vaccines in the same clinic, but not the same room. Right now they are giving shots to the 1A group - health care workers and over 70.

ETA - Got interrupted.

On the way into the clinic outside the door, they have someone to check your temp and ask about Covid symptoms. Then in the hall just inside they have a new desk set up to check in. All the normal check in people do is verify address and insurance. Same for upstairs for the vaccine clinic, new desk in hall, minimal contact with the office workers. All very smooth.

NOW are we at the point of seditious conspiracy?

In a discussion last week I was told that to charge seditious conspiracy there has to be a plan for or actual violence.

Since there has obviously been violence and since there is evidence that this has been planned for some time, does this not now meet that definition?

My sister's cat

No, I'm not lost from the Pets Group. I've posted before about the species for which my sister found the paratype fossil and which was named for her. Now the University of Florida Natural History Museum has a page about it:

Rhizosmilodon fiteae

UF 124634, holotype right mandible

Quick Facts

Common Name: Fite’s saber-tooth cat

Rhizosmilodon fiteae is a small-sized, saber-toothed cat known only from Florida; but most species of felids have large geographic ranges, so it would not be surprising to find its fossils in other areas of North America.

Rhizosmilodon fitae weighed about 165 lbs., the same as a medium-sized, modern jaguar (Panthera onca) or slightly larger than an average modern cougar (Puma concolor).

It was most likely primarily an ambush predator, and probably preferred prey such as deer, peccaries, small tapirs, and small horses.

Age Range

Early Pliocene Epoch; late Hemphillian land mammal age
About 4.5 to 5 million years ago

Scientific Name and Classification

Rhizosmilodon fiteae Wallace & Hulbert, 2013

Source of Species Name: named for Barbara Fite of Lutz, Florida, who donated the paratype specimen to the Florida Museum of Natural History.

Classification: Mammalia, Eutheria, Laurasiatheria, Carnivora, Feliformia, Aeluroidea, Felidae, Machairodontinae, Smilodontini

Alternate Species Names: Megantereon hesperus sensu Berta and Galiano (1983)

More: https://www.floridamuseum.ufl.edu/florida-vertebrate-fossils/species/rhizosmilodon-fiteae/
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