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Journal Archives

Saving the House of the Furies

December 9, 2015
Saving the House of the Furies
By: Jenna Sauber

When Robert Pohl and his wife moved into their home in the Washington, DC neighborhood of Capitol Hill in 2004, Pohl conducted a Google search to find out if there was anything special about the house. He immediately came across a page from a local LGBT organization called the Rainbow History Project that named his “new” house as the operational center and main residence for a small lesbian feminist collective in the early 1970s called The Furies.


“I wanted a project to keep me semi-coherent intellectually, and the Furies was a great hook,” he says. That research rabbit-hole ultimately led to Pohl transitioning from his career as a computer programmer to a tour guide, historian, and writer.

Now, Pohl’s research is playing a role in a nomination to make the house at 219 11th Street Southeast a historic landmark, with the help of Rainbow Heritage Network co-founder Mark Meinke.


While there were three sites in DC that the Furies lived and worked at, the 11th Street house had the biggest basement, which the women used to host meetings and create their newspaper, called The Furies: Lesbian/Feminist Monthly. The ten issues of the paper included a mix of poetry, political analyses, and ideological essays, all with the goal of expressing the Furies’ commitment, according to the first issue, to “the growing movement to destroy sexism” and to “building an ideology which is the basis of action.”


The Furies Collective

The Furies Collective, 219 11th Street Southeast, Washington, D.C. The Furies Collective, 219 11th Street Southeast, Washington, D.C.

Photographer: Patsy Lynch

Quick Facts
219 11th Street SE
Listed in the National Register of Historic Places

The Furies Collective house is directly connected with the early expression of the character, role, and ideology of the lesbian community as a social and political community in the 1970s. The house became the operational center of the“Furies,” a lesbian feminist separatist collective, which between 1971 and 1973 created and led the debate over lesbians’ place in society. The 12 women in the collective published a lesbian feminist edition of motive magazine, a youth magazine of the United Methodist Church, and a tabloid-size newspaper titled The Furies, which over a period of two years addressed major questions of women’s identity and women’s relationships with other women, with men, and with society at large. Together, The Furies and motive set the issues and agenda of lesbian and feminist discussion for many years to come.

National Register of Historic Places information:

Property Name: The Furies Collective
Reference Number: 16000211
State: District of Columbia
County: District of Columbia
Town: Washington
Street Address: 219 11th St., SE
Multiple Property Submission Name: N/A
Status: Listed 05/02/2016
Areas of Significance: Social History

Things you find while looking up other things...

Someting you don't see very often

Cosplayers Go Snowboarding

Originally found at: http://www.neatorama.com/2017/03/04/Cosplayers-Go-Snowboarding/

Update on April the Giraffe - basically nothing new

Animal Adventure Park has a video update with lots of information:

The official webcam site for live feed:

The others are not official - watch the top video for more informaiton

The big "news" is that they are wondering if April conceived a cycle later than they originally thought. Giraffe's cycle every 17 days - if she had conceived when they thought, she would have been due about February 24/25. If it was a cycle later, it could be two weeks before she has her baby.

She is NOT in labor yet - any bumps seen in her abdomen are just the baby moving around. Everything is normal, nothing to worry about, just a lot of waiting around for those few minutes of excitement!

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum says hes running for governor

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum says he’s running for governor
Jim Rosica
17 hours ago

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, a Democrat, Tuesday said he will run for Florida governor in 2018.

In a conference call with supporters, Gillum said he had a “clear and authentic voice to break through … and have an agenda for opportunity” for voters to identify with. He said he will focus on jobs and education.


Gillum, a 37-year-old, has been the capital’s mayor since 2014. He first was a city commissioner, the youngest person ever elected to that body and is among the youngest people to run for governor.


On the Democratic side, former Congresswoman Gwen Graham, also of Tallahassee, has announced she is considering running. Other names mentioned include Democratic mayors Bob Buckhorn of Tampa and Philip Levine of Miami Beach.

April the giraffe still has not had her baby!

Streaming video at:

I watched a couple of hours last night and stopped because I didn't think she was going to have her baby soon. I've never watched a giraffe have a baby except on video but from my experience monitoring my mares foaling I didn't think April was within a day or two.

Tonight she is much more restless and she's not spending any time hanging out with the giraffe outside her stall. The position of the baby has changed, which can be another sign birth is closer. I'm not sure she'll have her baby tonight but will watch for a while!

White House Joint Address Issue Survey:

Just got this email from the White House:

In just two days, President Donald J. Trump will deliver his highly anticipated first Address to a Joint Session of Congress.

There is an incredible spirit of optimism sweeping across the Nation, and in preparation for this address, the President has hosted numerous listening sessions at the White House. During these meetings he has heard from men and women from all over the country about issues that are impacting American families, communities, and workers.

Now is your chance to give your input. We want to know what issues you want President Trump to focus on and your ideas for the future of our country.

It will only take a couple minutes to complete the survey.


The President is checking off the promises he made to the American people, and he won’t stop until the job is done.

The forgotten men and women of this great Nation will be forgotten no longer. That is the heart of this movement. As President Trump has made clear, this is your country and this is your Government, and now we want to hear from you.

It's not as stupidly designed as the other Trump surveys but there are still places for comments. It accepted my fake name and email so you don't have to give them real information.

An easier way to cook rolled flake cereal - even not cook it at all!

Even with a warmer winter, I like having cooked oatmeal for breakfast. Recently at our local food co-op I saw rolled barley flakes and decided to try that instead or in combination with my oatmeal. I love the flavor but barley just doesn't cook the same way that rolled oats do. Even the organic rolled oats from the food co-op don't cook the same as the barley does.

My usual way to cook one serving of old fashioned oatmeal from the grocery (Quaker or the store brand) is to put 1/2 cup of oatmeal, 1/2 cup of milk, some cinnamon, and a shake of salt into a bowl. I microwave it for 1 minute, stir, then microwave at 30 second intervals stirring at each break until the oatmeal is thick and done. Then I add a teaspoon of butter, stir that in and add anything else I might want - fruit, honey, whatever. It works just as good for the organic rolled oat flakes from the food co-op.

The barley flakes just don't do well this way. The barley is much slower to absorb the liquid which means I have to watch the cereal cook so that it doesn't boil over. I have to break up the cooking times, let the cereal sit to let the barley absorb the milk, and pay way closer attention than I want to first thing in the morning.

Yesterday my husband was throwing out my last container of Quaker oatmeal. He mentioned that the box had a recipe for making cold oatmeal. I looked it up (at http://www.quakerovernightoats.com). Their recipe is to put equal amounts of old fashioned oatmeal and a dairy product: "Use a one-to-one ratio of raw oats and your choice of milk, yogurt, or any other dairy substitutes." Add fruit or whatever additions and let it soak in the refrigerator overnight - they recommend at least eight hours. If you like it cold, just pull it out and eat.

While I don't want cold oatmeal, I decided to adapt the recipe - I put my mix of barley and oat flakes in a bowl, added the milk (equal parts cereal and milk), covered it and let it soak overnight. This morning most of the milk was absorbed into the cereal, so much so that I added a little bit more milk, then microwaved as usual. It worked perfectly! No boiling over, perfectly cooked barley and oat meal for breakfast without a mess! And while even with closely watched barley flakes before there was more chewiness, with soaking overnight the texture was much better in my opinion - still some chewiness, but not as "raw" seeming.

Later today I will go buy some more rolled oat and barley flakes and maybe some rolled rye and wheat flakes to change out my breakfast choices.

25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K - The Slow Mo Guys

Dangerous group claims responsibility for Swedish attack!

Rep. Gerrold Nadler files resolution that could be first legislative step towards impeachment

Headline on banner right now on MSNBC. Katy Tur interviewing Nadler (D-NY) - resolution of inquiry relating to intelligence about emoluments clause, business interests & violations of 18 different laws.

Must be taken up by committee in 14 days.
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