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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
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What we have to look forward to


Well, this may be why some are not getting their vaccination appointments!

I am in need of my second dose but do not have an appointment. When will I receive my second dose?

If you received your first dose through DOH Leon, we will contact you to schedule your second dose. Be sure to answer your phone when it rings, as vaccine volunteers will not leave voicemail messages. Volunteers may call from non-850 area codes or may appear as “no caller ID” or as “unknown."

If you did not receive your first dose from DOH-Leon, you will need to get your second dose from wherever you received your first dose, or by some other option.

What happens if I am not able to answer my phone when a vaccine representative calls me?

Even if you're not able to answer your phone when a vaccine volunteer representative calls to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine appointment, your name will remain on the master list. Volunteers will periodically call back to attempt to schedule an appointment but will not leave voicemails. So, be sure to answer your phone when it rings if you're waiting for COVID-19 vaccine.


I've given up answering the phone most of the time unless I recognize the number. But this changes things - it seems as though in order to get an appointment, I will have to answer every call. This sucks since I will have to put up with talking to many scammers.

I need recommendations for a tasty dry cat food

Problem is, I have three cats with different needs. Sabra, our black kitty, needs to be on a diet and she will eat anything put in front of her. Lucas is about the perfect weight, the most dominant cat, and is only slightly picky. Maya, the smallest, is very picky about her food and last time she was at the vet she'd lost weight.

Sabra weighed 12.5 pounds last time at the vet - she has very small feet, tail, and head and should probably weigh less than ten pounds. The vet talked to me about Sabra's weight so we've been cutting back on her food.

Lucas weighed 12 pound when we got him, 9.5 when he return after getting loose, and is now about eleven pounds. He's a long, lean cat and looks about the right weight to me.

Maya weighed 7.5 pounds when we adopted her, but last vet visit she only weighed 7.2 pounds. She is very picky about her food.

We've been feeding IAMs indoor adult dry food, but none of the cats particularly like it. Once a week we split a can of food among them and they all go nuts over it. They are the little Fancy Feast cans, since none of the cats will eat much canned food at one meal. Maya has been getting Temptations treats since she won't eat much of the IAMs and Lucas has been picking on her so she won't eat in the kitchen when he is there.

I can keep feeding Maya separately but I'm not that sure about the Temptations, though they do say it is a complete cat food.

Any suggestions for a tasty dry cat food that will also be good for a cat on a restricted diet?

Perfect Pitch (Valentine's Special) - Simon's Cat

MARJORIE TAYLOR GREENE - A Randy Rainbow Song Parody

I called 911 for the first time tonight

My husband was fixing his salad while we talked about the day and what will happen tomorrow. Somehow he inhaled a piece of bacon. While he could pull in air, his throat was spasming and he couldn't seem to breath normally. He was making horrible gasping noises and finally had to sit and looked as though he might fall to the floor. A Heimlich maneuver was not the answer since his throat was not blocked.

So I called 911. By the time they answered and I talked to the woman for a minute, his breathing had gotten better and he did not want an ambulance to come. I told the operator that he was OK and we disconnected. Then the emergency system called back. My husband spoke to them and they recommended that an EMS team come out to check him, so he agreed.

The team arrived about a half hour later, checked his BP, blood sugar, pulse oxygen, and listened to his lungs. Everything was fine - in fact his blood sugar was a fantastic 76! We talked for a few minutes (it must have been a slow night but I also think it is part of their evaluation) and then they went on their way.

While the EMS visit was really unnecessary, at our ages (he just turned 69) it's good to know that if something goes wrong they are on call. By the way, I asked about insurance or payment - if they don't transport a patient, there is no charge.

I'd called the Sheriff's Department non-emergency number in the past, I never had a situation that needed 911 - before. At least this time it turned out fine, though my husband's throat is still a little scratched feeling.

Randy Rainbow made his name satirising Trump - now what?

Randy Rainbow made his name satirising Trump - now what?
By Vincent Dowd
Arts correspondent, BBC News

Those with cause to lament Donald Trump's departure from the White House may include America's satirists - the people he gave comic material to almost daily. In those four years the videos of Randy Rainbow delighted countless followers with satire chiefly using the improbable medium of Broadway show tunes. But the curtain's not down yet.

Randy Rainbow - it's his real name - grew up outside New York City and at 10 moved with his family to south Florida. Returning to New York at 22 he was intent on a performing career.

"But I knew I was a pretty young 22," he recalls. "I'd been on stage as a kid and I thought I just had to grow into myself as a person before I began a career for real. To fill in I did jobs such as working in restaurants and behind the desk at production offices."

To fend off boredom he started writing a blog which picked up on trends in popular culture and especially in musical comedy. "That led me to YouTube and once I had some eyeballs on me I got a job providing content for the BroadwayWorld website," he says.

More: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55751804

So long as he can produce videos like the one below, he will have a place in US entertainment and political commentary.

Dang - just got a call from Rasmussen Report wanting me to take part in a poll

I was eager to be in their poll since they usually skew them and I wanted to see if my opinion messed up their attempt.

Unfortunately it was not to be. Something went wrong with their software and it was not taking my entries in their system.

Oh well, I will fuck with their polls some other day!

UPDATE - For those who were enthusing about the fashions at the inauguration

From post #3:
A better explanation - Pictures of the ladies in their oufits were arranged as a rainbow!

Michelle Obama in magenta, Lady Gaga in red, Amanda Gorman in yellow, Meena Harris (Kamala's niece) in green, Dr. Jill Biden in teal blue, Laura Bush in blue, Vice President Kamala Harris in purple, and ? in pink. They've cut off the pink wearing lady and I don't recognize the half face that is shown.

Most of the outfits are shown in this article: https://www.vanityfair.com/style/2021/01/joe-biden-kamala-harris-inauguration-fashion

The McCall's & Simplicity Group on Facebook has a nice line up of the clothes - in a really nice color array:


Sorry I can't post the image directly here, but it is lovely.

ETA - I just realized that it is a private group so the image may not be available to those not on Facebook and/or in the group. I'm sorry - since that is the case I do not feel comfortable copying the image and posting even if I could.

Dawn - Lincoln Project

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