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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 26,020

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Best archives in Washington state for maps & history of Seattle?

I know of a map of Seattle from 1890 that should go to an archive in the state. According to WorldCat.org, the only place that has this map archived is Harvard University. While the map is not mine, I can probably convince the owners to donate it to a historical archive or association.

If anyone here has contacts with locations in Washington state appropriate for a historical piece like this, please let me know!

Red Hot Nickel Ball In Water (Nice Reaction)

Be sure to have the sound on - it's neat!

U.S. programmer outsources own job to China, surfs cat videos

NOT the Onion!

U.S. programmer outsources own job to China, surfs cat videos
By Ramy Inocencio, for CNN
updated 12:33 AM EST, Thu January 17, 2013

After a U.S.-based "critical infrastructure" company discovered in 2012 its computer systems were being accessed from China, its security personnel caught the culprit ultimately responsible: Not a hacker from the Middle Kingdom but one of the company's own employees sitting right at his desk in the United States.


Investigators then discovered Bob had "physically FedExed his RSA token to China so that the third-party contractor could log-in under his credentials during the workday," wrote Andrew Valentine, a senior forensic investigator for Verizon.

Bob had hired a programming firm in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang to do his work. His helpers half a world away worked overnight on a schedule imitating an average 9-to-5 workday in the United States. He paid them one-fifth of his six-figure salary, according to Verizon.

And over the past several years, Bob received excellent performance reviews of his "clean, well written" coding. He had even been noted as "the best developer in the building."

More: http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/17/business/us-outsource-job-china/

I'm surprised Verizon didn't give Bob a promotion for this!

Found a way to get the "Microsoft Service Center" Indians guys

To get off the phone fast.

I have a lot of people that call me who either have blocked their numbers or whose numbers I don't have in my system, so I have to answer even if it's an unrecognized number. So I get to talk to the Indian guys who claim that they are calling from the "Microsoft Service Center" to help me for free.

I've told them not to call, put in complaints with the Do Not Call List, cussed at them and hung up on them. Nothing worked - once a "supervisor" called back to try to convince me that my (non-existent) problem with my computer was serious enough to allow him to access my computer.

A month or so ago I was sort of loopy on pain drugs and when they called I cracked up and laughed at the guy. He got pissed and hung up. Just now, another of them called, same thing. That's the quickest results I've gotten from anything having to do with them.

LAUGH at them. They seem to have no sense of humor and can't take it!

Exploring Victoria & Southern Vancouver Island

Not my video - but it is really nice and relaxing. The link was sent to me since my great great grandfather had a sawmill in the area between Cowichan Lake and Duncan on Vancouver Island.

If you can spare 19 minutes to watch a video of a flight around the southern tip of Vancouver Island you won’t be disappointed ……..

Well worth watching. Excellent captioning of geographical locations.

Airplane fans will appreciate this as will lovers of Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands.

NOTE - Vimeo will not let me link to the video. Go to http://vimeo.com/ and search for Vancouver Island - the video is entitled "The Best Seat on the Planet - for exploring Victoria & Southern
Vancouver Island"

Just before our wet weather began I had the Mustang ll out on a
Beautiful afternoon flight with a couple of wing-mounted cameras going.
This video is the result of that afternoon’s flight.

No I don’t work for the BC Tourist department. I just love the land
(and water) that I am so privileged to fly over, and made so much more
enjoyable by the greatest airplane design around. Do I sound a bit
biased? ha.

I started out with an hour and twenty minutes and ended up with
nineteen. I just couldn't get it any shorter and even so we miss some
great stuff. Still, I think the nineteen minutes is worth it.

The Best Seat on the Planet - for exploring Victoria & Southern
Vancouver Island

Belgium seeks conviction of Church of Scientology

Belgium seeks conviction of Church of Scientology
Fri 28/12/2012 - 10:21 Belgium's federal public prosecutors have decided to prosecute the Church of Scientology in Belgium and several of its high-ranking members. The organisation and several of its members face charges in connection with extortion, fraud, illegal practice of medicine and violations of privacy legislation.

Federal public prosecutors want the church of Scientology to be condemned as a criminal organisation.

The decision follows years of investigation that was triggered by a complaint by the Labour Mediation Service in the Brussels Region. Labour mediators were unhappy with a number of labour contracts.

More: http://www.deredactie.be/cm/vrtnieuws.english/news/121228_Church_of_Scientology_belgium_criminal_organisation_federal_prosecutors

Belgium does not recognize Scientology as a church and there are not a lot of members in the country. But this would be a nice precedent!

ETA - HuffPost also has an article with a little more info: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/28/belgium-prosecutes-scientology-extortion-fraud_n_2375823.html

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Busted By Federal Agents

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Busted By Federal Agents
Felon who claimed to be gunman Adam Lanza's uncle is collared

DECEMBER 26--A convicted felon who traveled to Newtown, Connecticut and masqueraded as the uncle of Sandy Hook Elementary School gunman Adam Lanza has been arrested on a federal probation violation charge, The Smoking Gun has learned.

Jonathan Lee Riches was busted late last week and booked into the Chester County jail. Riches, 35, has been living in West Chester, Pennsylvania since his release earlier this year from federal prison, where he spent a decade in custody for conspiracy and wire fraud.


Riches, however, did turn up at a makeshift memorial site in Newtown, where he identified himself to reporters as “Jonathan Lanza,” uncle of the school shooter. As reported by the New York Daily News and other media outlets, he told journalists that the killer had been taking Fanapt, an antipsychotic drug prescribed for the treatment of schizophrenia. As photographers snapped away, Riches (seen below) dropped to a knee and feigned praying for the young victims.

According to a U.S. District Court filing, Riches--who is serving a five-year federal probation term--is not allowed to leave Pennsylvania’s Eastern District judicial boundaries without permission from a judge or his probation officers.

More: http://www.thesmokinggun.com/documents/jonathan-lee-riches-violated-687543

Emphasis added.

This is the one and only source of the claim that the Sandy Hook shooter was on Fanapt.

Christmas Greeting from Blountstown, Florida

From a few years ago.

ETA - down the road was a sign advertising "Baby camo" - maybe the babies needed to blend into the underbrush?

Need recommendations for domain registrar

A friend wants a web site and needs to register his domain name. In the distant past I used GoDaddy for my domains, but don't want to use them any longer for several reasons.

He'll either 'rent' some of my webspace - I get more than I can use from my webhost - or better than that, he will need webhosting also. I had it recommended long ago to register my domain names from a different source than my webhosting. Is that still the best advice or should we look for one place for registration and hosting?

Who is good, cheap, won't spam, and is politically decent?

NASA Release for 12-22-2012

Why the World Didn't End Yesterday

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