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Hands down best name I've ever found in genealogy research!

Unfortunately it's not one of my ancestors, but he's probably a distant cousin of some sort.

Preserved Fish. Born in Dartmouth, MA in 1731.

Not only is that his name, he has a son, grandson, nephews, great nephews, etc. with the same name.

What would you call these two recipes? As a bonus - Rhubarb Custard Pie!

I was given a cookbook that my great grandmother owned - the Cloverland Cook Book by The Young Women’s Auxillary of the First Presbyterian Church, Escanaba, Michigan. There were a few recipes printed in the book attributed to her but there were two handwritten recipes on a piece of paper stuck in the book with no recipe names on them.

What would you call these recipes?
4 pkg cream cheese
1 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsps lemon juice
1 tsp salt
1 cup crushed pineapples
3 cups pitted cherries (dark sweet)
2 cups whipped cream or large can evaporated milk, sugar to sweeten

Blend cheese and mayonnaise, add lemon juice, salt and fruit. Fold in whipped cram, place in tray. Freeze.

Serves 20 people.

1 cup lemon juice
2-2/3 cups orange juice
8 eggs, beaten
2 cups sugar
1 small can evaporated milk, whipped

Heat fruit juices in top of double boiler. Combine eggs and sugar, beat well. Add to fruit juice; cook until thick. Cool. When ready to serve add whipped cream.

There are also several recipes cut from magazines, newspapers and product labels - including some gelatine recipes and one for "Bohemian tea". And since there was a discussion about rhubarb pie, here is my great grandmother's recipe:
Rhubarb Custard Pie
1 cup sugar
1 tablespoon flour
1 cup milk
yolks of two eggs
1 cup sliced rhubarb
Pour into crust and bake. Cover with meringue of whites of eggs.

Found a reference for this cookbook - I think you can download the whole thing in PDF format: http://mmm.lib.msu.edu/record.php?id=45187

Ordered certificates from the British General Records Office

And I'm kind of disappointed.

The first certificate I received was from Lincolnshire for death of the brother of my gr-gr-gr-grandmother. While I knew their father's name, I don't have their mother's name, not even her first name. I was hoping that the death certificate would have some information. Nothing, not even the relationship of the person providing the little information on the death certificate. All I got was the exact date of death rather than the quarter of the year in which he died.

Then I got the birth certificate for my great grandfather from Wales. The birth date I had in my records was actually the date his birth was registered and not his birthday! While it verified his parents' names it didn't add a lot but I didn't expect much more.

I also got his parents' wedding certificate and the wedding certificate for his father when he remarried after my great grandmother died. The new information I got was the actual wedding date, which we didn't previously have, the church where they married (the only church in the tiny village where they lived), and both fathers' names. No mothers' names, which is disappointing. Their wedding certificate does not even have their birth dates or ages, which would have been nice - they are just listed as "of age"!

The wedding certificate for my great grandfather's second wedding does list his age and since his father's name is the same and he's listed as a widower, it verifies that it is the same man. I was not sure - nothing in our family history had him remarrying, so it's nice to be sure.

Now to see if I can leverage these little tidbits into going back another generation. Looking for Mary Morgan in Wales is harder than sorting out John Smiths in this country - knowing that her father was named David might possibly help.

The big problem is that that next generation puts me back before Great Britain kept official records. I guess I need to find out how to get the parish records from that church in that little village....

At roughly 10 Euros per certificate, I wish I had gotten more for my money but at least not all the certificates were a total waste of money.

Dream Defenders protest in Florida Governor's office

Governor Scott Says No To Demands-- Protesters Remain
By: Bailey Myers; Lanetra Bennett Email
Updated: Wed 9:54 PM, Jul 17, 2013
By Matt Horn
July 17, 2013

Tallahassee, FL - After nearly 36 hours protestors still fill the Governor’s Office demanding change in Florida. When talking to the protestors, they say the crowd will continue to grow.

Chants continue to fill Governor Rick Scott’s office – as the second day of the sit-in protest is underway. Protestors continue to wait for the Governor, who is back in Florida. They want to meet with Rick Scott after the George Zimmerman verdict this past weekend. They have three demands they want addressed: racial profiling, the Stand Your Ground law, and the War on Youth.

Executive Director for Dream Defenders Phillip Agnew says, “People from around the country are watching. I think the Governor has an interesting opportunity to prove his commitment to the future of youth in this state.”

According the Governor’s Press Office, the governor is not scheduled to be back in the capitol anytime Wednesday.

More: http://www.wctv.tv/news/floridanews/headlines/Group-To-Hold-Day-of-Action-in-Florida-for-Trayvon-Martin-215589411.html

#TakeOverTuesday has begun

VIDEO Recap of Day 1 and 2 of #takeoverFL

About the Dream Defenders: "We are a human rights organization, directed by Black & Brown youth who confront Inequality & the Criminalizing of our Generation with nonviolent Direct Action and building of collective power in our communities."

I am not a member of this group or part of the demographic this group represents. I am trying to figure out how to help them, though.

Their petition to Gov. Scott:
Gov. Scott: Prove Your Commitment to the Youth with the 'Trayvon Martin Act'

Erins go bragh-less (?!), horrifying locals with topless brawl in Doon

Topless brawl horrifies locals in quiet County Limerick village
By Donal O’Regan
Published on 14/06/2013 09:03

TWO WOMEN have been arrested by gardai following a topless brawl in front of children.

The fight broke out at around 9.15am when parents are bringing their children to schools and child-minding facilities in Doon last Friday morning.

One eye-witness told the Leader that it was like watching wrestling on television.

“It was surreal, completely unbelievable. They just went at each other.

“Biting, scratching, pulling hair, kicking, everything, you name it,” said the eye-witness, who didn’t wish to be named.

More: http://www.limerickleader.ie/news/leader-local/topless-brawl-horrifies-locals-in-quiet-county-limerick-village-1-5187874

Appeals court rules man can challenge Oklahoma 'rain god' plate

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 that a judge in Oklahoma City erred by throwing out the lawsuit of Keith Cressman, pastor of St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Bethany.
BY ROBERT BOCZKIEWICZ • Published: June 11, 2013

DENVER — An appeals court gave new life Tuesday to a lawsuit of a Bethany pastor who claims an American Indian image on Oklahoma's standard license plates violates his religious rights as a Christian.

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 3-0 that a judge in Oklahoma City erred by throwing out the lawsuit of Keith Cressman, pastor of St. Mark's United Methodist Church in Bethany.

Cressman objects to the image of an American Indian shooting an arrow toward the sky to bring down rain.

He claims the image unconstitutionally contradicts his Christian beliefs by depicting Indian religious beliefs, and that he shouldn't have to display the image.

More: http://newsok.com/appeals-court-rules-man-can-challenge-oklahoma-rain-god-plate/article/3844473

Poor oppressed pastor.

This blog has some fun with it:
Our license plates are infringing on our freedom
Being an Oklahoman is pretty cool. We have a very interesting history, crazy weather, and no matter how bad things get, at least we’re not Florida. Plus, we have a pretty rich Native American history, so much so that my out-of-state cousins think I live in a teepee. We’ve got a lot of symbols, statues and unfinished heritage centers that come from our Native American history and traditions.

More: http://www.thelostogle.com/2013/06/12/our-license-plates-are-infringing-on-our-freedom/

"The President's Analyst" warned us that The Phone Company was spying

On us all and that TPC wanted to control us all.

The 1967 satire, The President's Analyst warned about government and corporate spying. Sure, it was just a funny little movie but it had it right 45 years ago! It even includes gun toting Americans, commentary on race relations, and a lot of other things that haven't changed much since the movie was made.

Taken to TPC's headquarters in New Jersey, he [Dr. Schaefer] is introduced to the head of TPC (Pat Harrington, Jr.), who wants Dr. Schaefer's help in carrying out their plan. TPC has developed a "modern electronic miracle", the Cerebrum Communicator (CC), a microelectronic device that can communicate wirelessly with any other CC in the world. Once implanted in the brain, the user need only think of the number of the person they wish to reach, and are instantly connected, thus eliminating the need for The Phone Company's massive and expensive-to-maintain wired infrastructure. (The operation of the CC is shown in animation that parodies the animated sequences in the Bell Telephone Science Series television programs.)

For this to work, every human being will be assigned a number instead of a name, and the CC prenatally implanted. Dr. Schaefer is "requested" to assist TPC by blackmailing the President into pushing through the required legislation.

Masters and Kropotkin use their superspy abilities to come to Schaefer's rescue. They hand Schaefer an M16 rifle that Schaefer gleefully uses on The Phone Company's security staff. The three emerge victorious from the ensuing bloodbath, but months later, as Dr. Schaefer and his spy friends are enjoying a Christmas reunion, animatronic executives from TPC look on approvingly, while "Joy to the World" plays in the background.

RTE Sells ‘Genealogy Roadshow’ Format Rights to PBS for US Remake

31 May 2013 : By Kevin Cronin
In a major international format sale for RTE, one of their original commissions produced by Big Mountain Productions - ‘Genealogy Roadshow’, originally presented by Derek Mooney - has been licensed to PBS in the US.

A new version of the programme, in which a team of travelling experts attempt to piece together ordinary people’s family histories, will now premiere in the US in September.

Big Mountain’s US agent Pat Quinn negotiated the deal with PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) in the US, marking the first international license for the format with several other territories also currently in discussion.


The US version will be produced by Krasnow Productions (‘The Weakest Link’, ‘Average Joe’) and will initially focus on participants from Nashville, Austin, Detroit and San Francisco.

More with a video clip from the Irish version: http://www.iftn.ie/news/?act1=record&only=1&aid=73&rid=4286139&tpl=archnews&force=1

‘Who Do You Think You Are’ Heads to TLC

After being cancelled by NBC a year ago, “Who Do You Think You Are” is finding life again on TLC.

The cabler has ordered eight hourlong episodes of the family history reality skein and will begin bowing the segs on July 23. Fresh run on cable will include celebs like Christina Applegate, Cindy Crawford, Zooey Dechanel and Chris O’Donnell delving into their lineage with the help of ancestry and history experts.

Lisa Kudrow and Dan Bucatinsky direct and exec produce the series.

“I’ve never stopped hearing about how much people love ‘Who Do You Think You Are?,’ and I’ve always known that we’ve had more great stories to share,” said Kudrow.


DU pilots - need help identifying some old planes **DIALUP WARNING**

I'm scanning a photo album from my Dad's family. The album starts in 1916 and I am up to 1939. There are two groups with airplanes but with no identifying information as to exactly when and where they were taken. My Dad and uncle could be among the boys in front of the plane.

The first picture of a plane was from a series taken at an airfield. Most of the shots were of this plane. There is at least one other plane but that photo is so bad I am not posting it - the photos are tiny, about 1.5 square. I'm scanning them at 1200 dpi to get them big enough to really look at.

The photos were taken between 1934 and 1938 (years from the photos before and after). There is a possibility this airplane was associated with the Chicago Exposition of 1934-35 - pictures on the same page of the album were of electrical arcs with the name "General Electric" visible. Here's the first photo:

The other pictures I'm posting here are of a crashed plane. Again, no information, but the photos were around 1938. The location is most likely Polk County, Florida, but it could be Upper Peninsula Michigan during a summer visit or just about anywhere. There is one shot on that page of the album that could not have been taken in Florida - a rocky outcrop that could not be Florida geology. Another shot shows what happened to the missing wing - it is in pieces hanging from the tree the plane is next to.

Any information on these planes would be great! Thanks in advance!

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