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Hometown: Leon County, Florida
Member since: Tue Feb 12, 2008, 10:18 PM
Number of posts: 22,996

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Why is it OK to post links to other forums as original sources?

While I don't consider it egregious enough to alert I am getting tired of clicking on a DU post on a subject I am interested in only to find that the only content of that post is a link to another forum site.

The most recent one I've seen is: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10027713434

The poster could have clicked through to the original story which is in that forum post and linked to it. I consider that the posts are click-bait to increase traffic at the other site.

If this is not against policy for them to do this I will just add that poster to my Ignore list - but they do have some interesting posts so I hate to do that.

We're planting trees!

They are tiny bare root seedlings from the Arbor Day Foundation they we got as a "gift" for donating money. They sent us:
3 white dogwoods
3 redbuds
2 Washington hawthornes
2 crabapples
+ "not trees" - 2 crape myrtles.

We're scattering them around the house, some along the driveway, some on the south side for a screen, and a grouping on the north side in front of the house.

When we first bought this farm we planted several thousand bare root seedlings - dogwoods, Southern red cedar, loblolly pines, and sawtooth oaks. Most of them survived and still growing. But that was almost forty years ago. About thirty five years ago we planted a bunch of sycamores and they are seriously huge and impressive.

We haven't planted many trees since - a few living "Christmas" trees, and an American holly for the front yard of the new house. The "Christmas" trees and holly were large when we planted them, unlike the bare root trees. So it is exciting to be planting these tiny little twigs and planning for them to get big.

I hope I live long enough to see these flowering trees reach their full maturity!

Guinea Pigs React to Donald Trump

Pony Dressed as Unicorn Leads CHP on Wild Chase Near Fresno

A fairy-tale photo shoot turned into an episode of “COPS” when a “unicorn” made a break for it.

Wednesday night, Juliette, a white pony adorned with a fake horn, was posing with kids during a children’s photo shoot in Madera Ranchos, California, near Fresno. She escaped twice during the festivities, while her owner was busy taking the photos.

The first time the pony escaped it was captured quickly by its handler.

The second time, Juliette didn’t mess around. She dashed for the streets of Madera Ranchos. The family hosting the photo shoot alerted the California Highway Patrol, which spent hours trying to find the runaway pony.

Video at link is well worth watching!

I got a rice steamer for Christmas

Not something I would have ever bought for myself since I have some pans with tight fitting lids that make perfectly good rice with very little trouble. The box says it works as a slow cooker but I already have one with three different size bowls that handles everything I need for slow cooking - and it sits idle most of the time since I don't often slow cook.

The one thing the rice steamer shows on the box that I might could use is as a steamer. Any tips for what works well for steaming - other than rice?

Back from trip and now my computer won't boot -UPDATE

I just got home from a trip to visit my Mom. As usual I shut off my computer and everything but the UPS before I left. Come back and the computer will not boot. When I turn on the power supply there is a light at the network cable connection on the motherboard so power is getting that far. But when I try to power the computer on with the power button on the front nothing happens. No flicker, nothing. Other devices connected to the UPS are fine and power up.

Would this be my power supply or the motherboard?

Sorry about any typos - posting this with my tablet - which has a cute little chicklet keyboard but is still not great.

UPDATE - I carried it into the shop and my friend tried another power supply - nothing. He tried another video card - nothing. He was getting ready to take the mobo out to see if there was a short when he realized the power connector was not hooked up - this case has a setup to connect to the power supply to a central line that then connects to the devices.

Apparently the last time my husband took the case outside to blow out the dust and cat hair the power connection was loosened. Over time with warming and cooling it must have worked almost all the way off and with the cooling over my vacation it came completely loose.

Whatever - it's working fine now! But good thing I carried it in first thing this morning - the computer shop will be closed from now until January 12th. My computer friend is taking a vacation for a while.

Anyone ever heard of a "tilet"?

I'm transcribing a will by a woman whose husband died twenty years before she did in 1838. Apparently the only things she could leave were personal possessions. She leaves things like "counterpins" - probably counterpains or bed covers, watey or watery, a culglap, and a bred basket.

The thing that shows up most often is a tilet. She leaves one cousin a "pine table painted tilet" and a number of women one tilet each.

Does anyone here have any clue what any of the mystery items might be?

George Takei on MSNBC at 2 PM to talk about Trump's "plan"

I wish they would stop calling it his plan. It's not a plan - it is a bigoted throwback to the fascism that should be left in the past.

Looking forward to what George Takei has to say. It can't help but to be a note of sanity in these crazy political days.

Workplace killings - the origin of the phrase "going postal"

People here seem surprised that someone would kill so many of their fellow workers as if that had never been done before yesterday. The phrase "going postal" comes from a series of workplace killings by postal workers during the 1980s and 1990s:

Edmond, Oklahoma in 1986
On August 20, 1986, 14 employees were shot and killed and six wounded at the Edmond, Oklahoma, post office by Patrick Sherrill, a postman who then committed suicide with a shot to the forehead.

Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1991
A former United States postal worker, Joseph M. Harris, killed his former supervisor, Carol Ott, and killed her boyfriend, Cornelius Kasten Jr., at their home. The following morning, on October 10, 1991, Harris shot and killed two mail handlers, Joseph M. VanderPaauw, 59, of Prospect Park, N.J., and Donald McNaught, 63, of Pompton Lakes,
N.J. at the Ridgewood, New Jersey Post Office.

Royal Oak, Michigan in 1991
On November 14, 1991 in Royal Oak, Michigan, Thomas McIlvane killed five people, including himself, with a Ruger 10/22 rifle in Royal Oak's post office, after being fired from the Postal Service for "insubordination." He had been previously suspended for getting into altercations with postal customers on his route.

Double event in 1993
Two shootings took place on the same day, May 6, 1993, a few hours apart. At a post office in Dearborn, Michigan, Lawrence Jasion wounded three and killed one, and subsequently killed himself. In Dana Point, California, Mark Richard Hilbun killed his mother, then shot two postal workers dead.

Goleta, California, in 2006
Jennifer San Marco, a former postal employee, killed six postal employees before committing suicide with a handgun, on the evening of January 30, 2006, at a large postal processing facility in Goleta, California.
Police later also identified a seventh victim dead in a condominium complex in Goleta where San Marco once lived.

Baker City, Oregon, in 2006
Grant Gallaher, a letter carrier in Baker City, Oregon, pleaded guilty to the April 4, 2006 murder of his supervisor. He reportedly brought his .357 Magnum revolver to the city post office with the intention of killing his postmaster. Arriving at the parking lot, he reportedly ran over his supervisor several times. Subsequently he went into the post office looking for his postmaster. Not finding the postmaster, he went back out to the parking lot and shot his supervisor several times at close range, ostensibly to make sure she was dead. He then reportedly fired several more bullets into the supervisor's car.

Although "going postal" became the term for workplace killing: "Researchers have found that the homicide rates at postal facilities were lower than at other workplaces. In major industries, the highest rate of 2.1 homicides per 100,000 workers per year was in retail. The next highest rate of 1.66 was in public administration, which includes police officers. The homicide rate for postal workers was 1.48 per 100,000." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Going_postal#Analysis

This latest incident of American gun violence could NOT be terrorism. Farook and his wife could have been indulging in a family version of "going postal." The accouterments they selected - their outfits and the weapons - could just have been today's variation on a theme.

Wow - guest on CNN just labeled Trump's views as fascism!

On Ashleigh Banfield's show just now, guest Sally Kohn just detailed Trump's bigoted views and called them fascism. Then the discussion segued over into how what Trump says are lies. Banfield challenged Trump to put up a bounty for the first person to find the video of the "Muslims cheering in the streets of New Jersey."

Banfield was a news editor with MSNBC on 9/11/2001. She was on the streets reporting when the towers came down. She would have seen and would remember if there had been video of "Muslims cheering in the streets of New Jersey." She KNOWS there is not video and is calling Trump out on it.

As I typed this in the segment ended and Banfield again challenged Trump to put up a reward for anyone who could come up with the video Trump claims he saw.

No link - just now live on air.
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