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Robert Reich : With his firing of the FBI director, Trump's impeachment becomes even more likely.

Remember - Mother's Day is this weekend!

A Trove on the Womens Suffrage Struggle, Found in an Old Box

A Trove on the Women’s Suffrage Struggle, Found in an Old Box

MARCH 29, 2017

It was 1874, a challenging year for Susan B. Anthony and the women’s suffrage movement. She had been convicted of illegally voting in Rochester, her hometown, and activists were split over the best way to push the movement forward.

On April 9, Anthony wrote to a fellow activist named Isabella Beecher Hooker, looking ahead to better days.

“Now wouldn’t it be splendid for us to be free & equal citizens, with the power of the ballot to back our hearts, heads & hands,” Anthony wrote, envisioning a time when women could also fight for “the poor, the insane, the criminal,” armed not just with moral suasion but “with power too.”

“I can hardly wait,” she continued. “The good fates though are working together to bring us into this freedom.”

More: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/29/arts/womens-suffrage-collection-susan-b-anthony.html?_r=0

I hope these documents are published so we can all read details of the struggle for women's rights that still continues today.

David Crosby on Kanye, Congress, and outlasting Bill O'Reilly

David Crosby on Kanye, Congress, and outlasting Bill O'Reilly
The Man Behind the Stache

by Stratton Lawrence
May 10, 2017

Crosby, Stills & Nash were the sum of their parts, but the man whose name came first was arguably the torchbearer, not just for the band but for the hippie generation's entire folk scene. He dated Joni Mitchell, helped launch Jackson Browne's career, and in his free time, he jammed with Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh under the moniker, David & the Dorks. Crosby received a liver transplant in 1994, and he even did nine months in a Texas pen for drug charges, a true product — and survivor — of the free-loving but hard-living culture he emerged from the heart of.

When Crosby released his first solo album, 1971's If I Could Only Remember My Name, the list of contributors played like a who's who of West Coast musical luminaries, from Santana and Jefferson Airplane to Neil Young, Garcia, and Mitchell. The album's leadoff track, "Music is Love," closes with the lines, "Put on your colors and run come see; Everybody says that music's for free," a verse that's now at odds with his vocal position as a Spotify and music-streaming critic.

Today, with CSN claiming they've wrapped their final tour, Crosby's attention is fully focused on his solo career, amidst a prolific period of late-life songwriting. 2014's Croz kicked off a trio of albums, including 2016's Lighthouse, a stripped-down, ethereal folk record, and the forthcoming Sky Trails, a brassy full-band collection that he's featuring on his current tour. Always the musician/activist, he still subscribes to the idea of the songwriter as the town crier, relaying the state of the world to his audience.

City Paper caught up with Crosby before he hit the road to get the scoop on what motivates him to keep recording and performing at age 75.

Interview transcript follows: http://m.charlestoncitypaper.com/charleston/david-crosby-on-kanye-congress-and-outlasting-bill-oreilly/Content?oid=8236880

Note - the interviewer is the nephew of a friend of my husband.

Amazing dancing!

America's National Parks celebrated on silk

America's National Parks celebrated on silk
By Madelyn Shaw, August 2, 2016


In the autumn of 1926 one of the leading American silk textile manufacturers, H.R. Mallinson & Co., Inc. introduced a new series of printed dress silks for the Spring 1927 season. Inspiration for the series was drawn from the magnificent landscapes of several American national parks. Customers could choose from 12 different designs, each available in from eight to 12 colorways (combinations of colors) on three different fabrics (Mallinson’s trademarked fabrics: Pussy Willow, Khaki-Kool, and Indestructible Chiffon Voile). The silk fabrics were sold by the yard through specialty shops and department stores, and to custom dressmakers and ready-made clothing manufacturers. In the 1920s the ready-to-wear apparel industry was beginning to elbow aside the small dressmaker, tailor, and home sewer, but it had not yet taken over the market completely. Textile manufacturers still appealed to the ultimate consumer of their products through originality and quality, not just to the garment maker middlemen through price.

Paradise Valley, Mount Ranier Park, Washington.

The genesis of the idea to create a National Parks themed set of printed silks likely stemmed from the tour of the Western parks that Mallinson's vice president, E. Irving Hanson, took with his family in 1923. Hanson's responsibilities included oversight of the firm's Design Department, the output of which ensured that the company set the trends for others to follow. Hiram Mallinson had hired Hanson away from another American silk manufacturer in 1913, with the goal of producing the nation's most innovative silks and competing successfully with the best European makers. Their first foray into silk designs inspired by American art and culture was a line called "Mexixe" in 1913, based on objects from Mexico and the American Southwest studied at New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, and Brooklyn Museum. The company was at the forefront of the "Designed in America" campaign that swept the country during World War I, sponsored by industry and cultural institutions who felt that the U.S. had outgrown the need to follow European styles in consumer goods. By 1926 Mallinson's was a recognized leader in American design and in textile manufacturing.

Bridalveil Fall, Yosemite Valley, California. When people visit Yosemite Valley, this is often the first waterfall they get to see.

More: http://americanhistory.si.edu/blog/national-parks-silk

The original Hampsterdance Song is a sped up version of the opening song from Disney's Robin Hood

Oddball fact: the original Hampsterdance Song is a sped up version of the opening song from Disney's Robin Hood, specifically beginning at 29 seconds:

For reference:

This fact brought to you from the comments on this story from Not Always Right:

Friend: “Is it possible to get a song stuck in your head by just looking at an image?”

(He then sends me a picture of “Mahna Mahna” from “The Muppet Show.”)

Me: “Go f*** yourself.”

(He was right. I ended up singing it for hours.)

From the other comments it proves that an earworm can get stuck just by reading a story about an image!

Just in case that didn't work...

Who knew canned anchovies could go bad?!!

It's been months since my husband and I had pizza. Since we're going out of town Friday and had used up our leftovers I decided that tonight would be a good pizza night. I had the crusts ready with sauce and cheese. I'd found a container of my husband's favorite pizza toppings in the freezer that needed to be used and got out one of the two cans of anchovies in the pantry for my pizza.

I opened the can a little and dripped the oil all over my pizza before pulling the top off completely to get the anchovies out. A little oil kind splushed out, but anchovy cans do that. The kicker was that the fish fillets did not look right - they were all shrunken and not the right color. We checked the can still in the pantry - it was bulging badly. I smelled the can - but how do you tell if anchovies have gone off?

Rather than take a chance on the anchovies being bad, I threw out my pizza and the unopened can of anchovies.

At least I had a salad for dinner and that was certainly healthier for me. But I am still craving an anchovy pizza...
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