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hay rick

hay rick's Journal
hay rick's Journal
March 27, 2021

DeSantis' "anti-riot" bill advances.

The Florida House passed this bill on Friday along strictly partisan lines. DeSantis formulated this bill during the George Floyd riots. His cronies filed the legislation on January 6, seizing the thinnest of disguises to hide their racist intent. The companion bill in the Florida Senate, SB 484, must now be passed before DeSantis can sign the bill. SB 484 is currently tied up in committee, but this is a top priority of the governor.

Some features of the bill:

The bill will encourage violence against protesters peacefully exercising their first amendment rights by allowing a counter-protester to escape civil liability for injuring or killing a protester with their car, with a gun, or by any other means.

It would elevate consequences for battery, assault, or inciting a riot.

It would require a person arrested for the minor charge of unlawful assembly to remain in custody until their first appearance for bail.

The legislation would create a new “mob intimidation” offense that could be applied to three or more people who act “with a common intent, to compel or induce, or attempt to compel or induce, another person by force, or threat of force, to do any act or to assume or abandon a particular viewpoint."

The bill would enhance penalties for defacing public monuments, including confederate monuments.

The bill would allow citizens to sue local governments trying to reduce local law-enforcement budgets and give the governor and cabinet the authority to overturn spending reductions.

The measure enhances punishments for blocking or obstructing a vehicle during an "unlawful assembly."

DeSantis was a Navy JAG and served in Guantanamo and Fallujah. He is prepared to treat BLM protestors as enemy combatants.
March 21, 2021

DeSantis is Trump's flying monkey, pushing voter suppression in Florida.

DeSantis supports SB 90, currently working its way through the Florida legislature. The bill would place restrictions on drop boxes and change the vote by mail applications so that they are only good for one year instead of the current two general election cycles. The most outrageous feature is that it would invalidate current vote by mail registrations for 2022 retroactively. This would wipe out Democrats current 900,000 voter advantage in that category.

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