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hay rick

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Member since: Thu Jan 31, 2008, 11:08 PM
Number of posts: 5,820

Journal Archives

Trump's infrastructure plan.

Joe Manchin speaks from the heart.

Donald Trump's bar tab.

Brian Mast is an embarrassment.

Brian Mast (CD 18, Florida) threw a temper tantrum before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Monday, exploiting recently deceased service members, rather than providing actual evidence, to promote a Republican lie. Mast's most recent previous venture into the national spotlight was when he cried about having to wear a mask in the House after he was vaccinated.

Ron DeSantis' roadshow.

Ron DeSantis has given up all pretense of governing on behalf of Floridians whenever it conflicts with an opportunity to posture for the MAGA base. Currently, he's fighting school boards around the state that want to enforce mask mandates while the Delta variant surges. At the same time, he's touring the state to preside over the opening of monoclonal antibody therapy treatment centers in an almost daily pursuit of photo ops. The governor wants you to know that AFTER you get sick (often because of discouraged mask use and indifferent vaccination levels) you should get to a monoclonal antibody site without delay. He's RegeneRon.

Florida is a magnet for politicians who are totally devoid of human warmth and empathy. DeSantis fits snugly in the mold of the robotic, soulless Rick Scott and the rabid, self-absorbed Former Guy. Ron DeSantis is prepared to climb over as many dead bodies as necessary to realize his personal dream of instituting an authoritarian American presidency.

A Republican guide to voter fraud.

Marco Rubio searches scripture for guidance on January 6 commission.

FOR THOSE PLAYING AT HOME: Marco can't find the verse because he's looking in his King James version of the Bible. He should be looking in what's whimsically referred to as the "King Don" version.

chez Aristus

I have been creating projects to help myself learn to use photo editing software. I am easily entertained in my declining years.

Liz Cheney confused by link between Big Lie and voter suppression bills.

Speaking truth was an abberation.

Article here: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/news/cheney-declines-to-link-gop-restrictive-voting-bills-to-big-lie

DeSantis' gambling pact allows a Trump Casino in Miami.

The Florida legislature is reconvening this week for a special session for the sole purpose of considering the 30-year gambling pact DeSantis negotiated with the Seminole tribe. The headline news is that the pact would legalize sports betting and guarantee at least $500 million a year in revenue for the state in the first 5 years. The pact also has a series of special provisions related to just Broward and Miami-Dade counties that have the effect of allowing Trump to establish gambling operations at his Doral property.

Eric Trump was talking about this in the last year but has been quiet lately. Somebody told him to STFU?
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