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Member since: Fri Jan 18, 2008, 04:32 PM
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All those outraged by Made in China Olympic uniforms, where were you in 2002?

Olympic Torch Bearers uniforms made in Burma

"Activists here first became aware of the uniform's origin when an escaped Sudanese slave living in Massachusetts, Francis Bok, was chosen as one of the more than 11,500 official torchbearers who carried the Olympic torch on its U.S. tour.
Like Burma, Sudan is one of the tiny handful of countries where forced labor or slavery is practiced.

He and his friends noticed that the uniform's pants and shell top bore "Made in Myanmar" labels.

In the last few days, more than a thousand activists have e-mailed complaints to the IOC.

The IOC, however, has insisted that it bears no responsibility for the order and that all arrangements for the torch relay to Salt Lake City had been made by the local organizing committee, the SLOC.

Most of them received email replies signed in the name of the SLOC's Media relations Committee, which indicated that it thought Burma and Myanmar were two different countries."

Who would have been the person in charge of this outrage? Oh yeah, Mitt.

Anyone else at the state convention in Springfield today?

What did you think of Deval Patrick's speech?
Elizabeth Warren's 95% endorsement vote?
The lack of access to food?
The amount of time it took to count votes?

14 Arrested at Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station

Today (Sunday, May 20) about a dozen peaceful demonstrators were arrested by Plymouth Police after crossing the barrier at the Access Road to the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station off of State Road in Manomet. The protest was organized in order to present an Entergy Corporation (Pilgrim owner) representative with a letter requesting that the plant remain closed until the fixes recommended in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster were addressed.

The demonstration was a response by members of the Pilgrim Coalition to the numerous resolutions passed by the residents of towns near the plant. Plymouth was the ninth town in the area surrounding the Pilgrim reactor to vote to block the relicensing. Voters in Dennis and Harwich will have similar questions on their election ballots.

Duxbury, Provincetown, Kingston, Scituate, Marshfield, Truro, Mashpee and Brewster, have already approved non-binding resolutions at their annual town meetings.

Video of arrests at link

"Stand Your Ground" bill wending its way thru MA legislature

Bill S.661 proposed by Stephen M. Brewer (a Democrat) is making its way through the legislature. Here is a list of the co-sponsors in case they are your representatives:

Shaunna N. O'Connell, Angelo J. Puppolo, Cleon H. Turner, Elizabeth A. Poirier, Susan W. Gifford, Nicholas A. Boldyga, Thomas A. Golden, Paul K. Frost, Matthew A. Beaton, Demetrius J. Atsalis, Daniel B. Winslow, Bradley H. Jones, Dennis A. Rosa, Viriato M. deMacedo, George T. Ross, Michael O. Moore, Bruce E. Tarr, George N. Peterson, Todd M. Smola, Marc T. Lombardo, Anne M. Gobi, Randy Hunt, Christine E. Canavan, John J. Binienda, Donald F. Humason, Richard Bastien

SECTION 1. Chapter 278: Section 8A. Killing or injuring a person defense of self or others;

Section 8A. It shall be an act of lawful defense if a person, who is an occupant of a dwelling or in any place that they have a right to be, used deadly force, or less than deadly force, if he or she acted in the reasonable belief that an assailant was about to inflict great bodily injury or death upon themselves or upon another person who also had a right to be in the location. There shall be no duty on a person to retreat from any place that they have a right to be. An act of lawful defense as outlined in this section shall not be cause for arrest or prosecution. Further, an act of lawful defense under this section shall not be cause for the revocation of a license issued under sections, 122, 123, 129B or 131 of Chapter 140.

SECTION 2. Chapter 231: Section 85U. Death or injury to assailants; liability of defender

Section 85U. No person who has committed an act of lawful defense as outlined in section 8A of chapter 278 shall be held liable in an action for damages for death or injuries to an assailant.

This should be nipped in the bud. Write or call NOW before it has to be repealed.

Grassroots legal question - can you help me?

A friend and I were collecting signatures for 2 Democratic candidates outside the library in our town when a woman who worked at the library came out and told us that there was no "political" activity allowed on the library property and that we had to leave. If there were any questions, we should contact the library director on Monday.

This is after we were refused access to the local supermarket parking lot for nomination papers. Since that was private property, we went to the library.

I know that it is mandatory that post offices allow you to collect signatures as long as you don't block the door (can't wait 'til their privatized, eh?) but what about libraries, town hall and other publicly owned properties? Does anyone know what the law is?

Thank you in advance.

Is there a group for families of prisoners or something similar?

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