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TBF's Journal
TBF's Journal
March 31, 2014

Si Se Peude

Marchers say 'Si se puede' on 18th annual César Chávez event
By Elaine Ayala : March 27, 2014 : Updated: March 27, 2014 10:47pm

SAN ANTONIO — Forecasters have predicted only a 10 percent chance of rain Saturday, when thousands of people are expected to join the 18th annual César E. Chávez March for Justice.

Even if it pours, organizers plan to weather temperatures and precipitation.

“We're marching regardless,” said Jaime Martinez, founder and president of the César E. Chávez Legacy and Educational Fund, which co-sponsors the annual march with the City of San Antonio.

As in years past, the march's route will start on the city's West Side at 10 a.m. and end at Alamo Plaza. Organizers said marchers are expected not only from San Antonio and South Texas but several points east, including Washington, D.C., and west, including Albuquerque, N.M.

The march traditionally hosts a member of the Chávez family. This year it's Christine Chávez, granddaughter of the late union leader and civil rights icon, who works as a farmworker coordinator in the U.S. Department Agriculture in Washington ...

More here - http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/religion/article/Marchers-say-Si-se-puede-on-18th-annual-C-sar-5355627.php

March 7, 2014

KKE Statement on Ukraine

Joint Statement of Communist and Workers’ Parties on the recent developments in Ukraine (Proposed by the KKE and DKP):

Feb 27, 2014

Statement on the reactionary developments in Ukraine

The recent dramatic developments in Ukraine do not constitute the “victory of democracy” by the alleged “revolutionaries”, as it is being described by the mass media of the USA and the EU, but is a dangerous development, above all for the people of Ukraine themselves.

Reactionary political forces, ideological descendents of the Nazis, have risen to the political “surface” with the assistance of the EU and the USA. These are forces which apart from destroying the offices of their opponents, are planning political persecutions, and the banning of parties, above all against the communists, and even racist legislation at the expense of the Russian-speaking population, like what has been in force for the last 20 years in the countries of the “European” Baltic, with the blatant political support of the EU.

The communist and workers’ parties that sign this Joint Statement:

Express our solidarity and support with the communists of Ukraine, above all with those who in many instances went on to the streets in order to defend the monuments of Lenin and the other Soviet and ant-fascist monuments, which found themselves “targeted” by the ideological “cleansing” of history being attempted by the nationalist-fascist armed groups ...

Much more here: http://inter.kke.gr/en/articles/Joint-Statement-of-Communist-and-Workers-Parties-on-the-recent-developments-in-Ukraine-Proposed-by-the-KKE-and-DKP/

March 3, 2014

Trotsky on Ukraine

The Editors 3 March 2014

Trotsky on ‘The Ukrainian Question’ in Socialist Appeal, 22 April 1939 (via Counterpunch):

The Ukrainian question, which many governments and many “socialists” and even “communists” have tried to forget or to relegate to the deep strongbox of history, has once again been placed on the order of the day and this time with redoubled force…

In the conception of the old Bolshevik party Soviet Ukraine was destined to become a powerful axis around which the other sections of the Ukrainian people would unite. It is indisputable that in the first period of its existence Soviet Ukraine exerted a mighty attractive force, in national respects as well, and aroused to struggle the workers, peasants, and revolutionary intelligentsia of Western Ukraine enslaved by Poland. But during the years of Thermidorian reaction, the position of Soviet Ukraine and together with it the posing of the Ukrainian question as a whole changed sharply. The more profound the hopes aroused, the keener was the disillusionment. The bureaucracy strangled and plundered the people within Great Russia, too. But in the Ukraine matters were further complicated by the massacre of national hopes. Nowhere did restrictions, purges, repressions and in general all forms of bureaucratic hooliganism assume such murderous sweep as they did in the Ukraine in the struggle against the powerful, deeply-rooted longings of the Ukrainian masses for greater freedom and independence ...


The question of the fate of the Ukraine has been posed in its full scope. A clear and definite slogan is necessary that corresponds to the new situation. In my opinion there can be at the present time only one such slogan: A united, free and independent workers’ and peasants’ Soviet Ukraine.

Read the entire article here: http://www.lrb.co.uk/blog/2014/03/03/the-editors/trotsky-on-ukraine/#sthash.wUVCCUs1.dpuf

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