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grantcart's Journal
grantcart's Journal
June 30, 2020

Re: Taliban Bountygate, we have moved from the crime to the coverup

NYT is reporting that intelligence sources were tipped off by transfers to known Afghan crime figures who were known to do business with the Taliban.

They raided the homes and not only caught the perpetrators but recovered the money. The perpetrators were arrested and immediately copped to what was done. Some of those who were being pursued fled to Russia.

Now the administration is trying to say that the lead was not followed up because 1) there was no actionable intelligence and 2) that the quality of the information was not promising

These, clearly, are outright lies and prove an attempt to cover up because:

1) The intelligence was acted on and obtained 100% proof that the original question raised by the transfers was valid.

2) The information led to arrests and recovery of the money, and it was only then that the reason for the transfers was known. So the intelligence wasn't a guess on what was happening it was an explanation for facts already in evidence.

It would be as if after the Watergate burglars were caught that the Nixon administration said that we shouldn't hear what they have to say because there is no actionable options for burglars in handcuffs and the quality of the intelligence from the police department isn't good.


In a raid in Kunduz City in the north about six months ago, 13 people were arrested in a joint operation by American forces and the Afghan intelligence agency, the National Directorate of Security, according to Safiullah Amiry, the deputy provincial council chief there. Two of the main targets of the raid had already fled — one to Tajikistan and one to Russia, Mr. Amiry said — but it was in the Kabul home of one of them where security forces found a half-million dollars. He said the Afghan intelligence agency had told him the raids were related to Russian money being dispersed to militants.

June 25, 2020

Apparently there were 8 to 12 pro Confederate voters who were still on the fence about Trump

How else to explain Trump not simply being against taking down Confederate statues but advocating that they be put back up?


President Donald Trump personally requested that a statue of a Confederate general be put back up, less than a week after cheering protesters toppled it and set it on fire in a Washington, D.C., park, NBC News reports.

Trump called Interior Sec. David Bernhardt and asked the Park Service to restore a statue of Brigadier General Albert Pike, two sources told NBC News.

Having now secured 100% of the pro Confederacy vote, and 95% of the pro pestilence and pandemic vote he is now free to pursue the pro Spanish Inquisition segment of the population although it really is hard to see how many dozens of people are there who support the Spanish Inquisition and don't also support either the Confederacy or are "pro pestilence and pandemic virus" vote.

On another but similar issue I suggest that we rent a Denny's in Indiana and fly the 5 dozen truly undecided voters in the country to have it out there on camera and save the country the $ 300 billion that will be spent on trying to persuade the "undecideds".

At this point can there really be anyone who is undecided who woke up today and said it was really 50-50 but today Trump said he wants to restore a Confederate statute and now I am for (or against) him. There are no real undecideds left. Trump's only strategy is to try and get everyone so disgusted that Democrats and undecideds to stay home. He's just making everyone more determined to get rid of him.

In 131 days we are going to hear the following:

"The polls have just closed in Florida and our decision desk is ready to make a prediction . . ." and with that we will know that if Florida is not too close to delay that it can only be a Biden win and without Florida Trump has no path to win.

The Trump White House will then swing into full Pardon Mode

"Get me the name of every Republican we know"

June 8, 2020

This is the week when Trump will really lose his shit

1) Trump will blow a fuse when he sees all of the favorable news regarding Romney joining BLM walk.

2) He will look out and see the fence blocking the entire wall around the White House

3) On Monday the Labor Department will be revising the unemployment statistics.

4) Colin Powell's interview will be replayed at length.

And that is Monday before lunch.

It will continue and the demonstrations will build until next Sunday thousands of pics will flood his twitter feed.

All of the cities that are contemplating hosting the Republican Convention will figure that any attempt to hold a convention will draw hundreds of thousands of protesters and all will bow out.

Seven days of constant attack and Trump will lose what little mind he has left.

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