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Member since: Sat Jan 5, 2008, 08:45 PM
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Obama to Romney re Super Tuesday results: "Good Luck . . . . Really"

The Comedian in Chief isn't just comfortable in his own skin (something Romney never has been despite paying several people to show him how to wear his own skin) he has a very light comedic touch on cue in front of millions.

From his news conference today;

Toward the end of his news conference at the White House today, President Obama was asked about Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney's charge in today's Washington Post that the Democratic president has been the nation's "most feckless" leader since President Carter.

"What would you like to say to Mr. Romney?" Obama was asked by CBS News' Norah O'Donnell.

"Uh, good luck tonight," the president said with a smile and to chuckles from the White House news corps.

(After the chuckles die down a reporter yells "no really"


NPR has the entire PC at the link but has the video cued up for the funny response.


Now that was pretty funny at the time.

Now that Romney has lost TN and is about to lose Ohio, and trigger a panic among the Republican establishment when Romney could not take out the hapless Santorum, the President's dismissive put down of Romney before the results is really beyond priceless.

Did the President's campaign have polls that showed how bad Romney was doing or was it just the President's uncanny reading of the field.

In either case the worse Romney does the funnier it is.

Hit the link and watch the clip and then watch the entire press conference and watch what a real President is like.

ProFlowers is the enemy. They are owned by Liberty Media.

edited to add: ProFlowers has suspended advertising of Limbaugh


ProFlowers is never going to drop Limbaugh, they are Limbaugh.

Liberty Media is the single largest shareholder of Murdoch's News Corporation.


Boycott ProFlowers and never ever go back. Tell your friends.

"That woman is a wanton shameless hussy."

Romney has said,

"I'll just say this, which is, it's not the language I would have used".

Since he doesn't distance himself from the intent or sentiment used it seems that Romney is objectioning simply to the vocabulary.

I have followed Romney for some time and have become something of a scholar on his mangled syntax, antiquated vocabulary and faux patrician voice.

I believe that the phrase "That woman is a wanton shameless hussy" best captures Willard Romney's most likely chosen phrase to express the same sentiment as Limbaugh's famous line. (Of course the fact that his reply was "it's not the language I would have used" is probably a better indicator of his poor communication skills than what he actually thought on the subject, but with Romney he mangles everything so much that all we can be sure of is that he likes the height of Michigan trees.)

I know that there are other informed Romney watchers out there so I challenge you to find the phrase that you think best expresses Mitts rendition of "The woman is a slut" comment.

Winner gets $ 10,000.

Mark your calendars for May14th.

The White House called a University and asked them if he could deliver their commencement address.

They said, "Yes".

Barnard College is a women's college that is one of the "Seven Sisters" and is closely tied to the President's alma mater.

The Republican Party, the pretend Republican candidates for the Presidency, Male Republican Senators and Congressman, Rush Limbaugh, Out of Touch Catholic Bishops, and a whole bunch of other clueless dolts are just about to be on the receiving end of;

A whole bunch of Presidential Whup Ass.

That you don't tug on Superman's cape
You don't spit into the wind
You don't pull the mask off an 'ole Lone Ranger
And you don't mess around with a threatening women's right to access to medical care while we got a President named Barack Obama.


Update and Tribute thread to a great American, Shirley Sherrod.

Sometimes a truely great American pops on to the public radar and then fades and we don't hear about them for a long time.

One of those people that we don't want to forget is Shirley Sherrod.

Shirley Sherrod devoted her life to obtaining justice for those forgotten by the civil rights movement, minority rural farmers.

Shirley life was touched early by hatred when at the age of 17 her father was killed by a white farmer in Georgia. An all white grand jury refused to indict her father's murderer and several months later a cross was burned with the widow, four daughters and a new born son, who would never see his father, inside.

She went on to be one of the first students to integrate an all white school and was the first black woman elected to a county office in her county. She went on to finish college while working for SNCC and getting her masters.

She was a pioneer in civil rights action against the USDA discriminatory action against minority farmers and the class action lawsuit she filed was settled for $ 1 billion.

She joined the USDA as the first African American to serve as Director of Rural Development for Georgia.

She always served with grace and courage.

In 2010 she was the victim of a heavilly edited video by an unscrupulous and vile parasite who used the public square to market lies and engage in defamatory assissination of people that were much classier, more intelligent, more courageous and more honorable.

Two weeks ago the Federal District Judge threw out the bombastic blogger's motion to stop Shirley Sherrod's lawsuit to bring the cretin to the halls of justice and the unscrupulous predator of hate's estate will have to defend the lawsuit in Federal Court.

Justice may be delayed but when it is served it is very very sweet.



Brooks: "Republican politicians aren't RINOs but Opossums." Let the finger pointing begin.

Like Claude Raines in Casablanca the Republican chattering class is "shocked, just shocked" that the radical Tea Party movement is now devouring the most conservative politicians in the Republican Party.

The Tea Party was like crack cocaine for the Republican Party getting all of its endorphins out at one moment and now comes the problem with addiction and lower and lower returns on their hit.

Now as the Republican establishment wakes up from its year long party of heated hate filled rhetoric they now find that they are on the menu and with Romney's inability to bring home a confirming victory tonight we officially enter the period of 'finger pointing'.

Start us off David:


The wingers call their Republican opponents RINOs, or Republican In Name Only. But that’s an insult to the rhino, which is a tough, noble beast. If RINOs were like rhinos, they’d stand up to those who seek to destroy them. Actually, what the country needs is some real Rhino Republicans. But the professional Republicans never do that. They’re not rhinos. They’re Opossum Republicans. They tremble for a few seconds then slip into an involuntary coma every time they’re challenged aggressively from the right.

Without real opposition, the wingers go from strength to strength. Under their influence, we’ve had a primary campaign that isn’t really an argument about issues. It’s a series of heresy trials in which each of the candidates accuse the others of tribal impurity. Two kinds of candidates emerge from this process: first, those who are forceful but outside the mainstream; second, those who started out mainstream but look weak and unprincipled because they have spent so much time genuflecting before those who despise them.

. . .

Leaders of a party are supposed to educate the party, to police against its worst indulgences, to guard against insular information loops. They’re supposed to define a creed and establish boundaries. Republican leaders haven’t done that. Now the old pious cliché applies:

First they went after the Rockefeller Republicans, but I was not a Rockefeller Republican. Then they went after the compassionate conservatives, but I was not a compassionate conservative. Then they went after the mainstream conservatives, and there was no one left to speak for me.

Intrade votes re Michigan: Santorum 52% Romney 47%, Romney's chance of GE down to 28%

Edit: Since I posted the headline it has reversed to Romney 51 and Santorum 49.

Still volatile.


The President chance of winning the GE up to 61%

Latest MI polls 3 show Romney ahead and 2 show Santorum ahead

Can't be looking good for Romney. Polls tend to ask likely Republican voters and not take into account Dems and Inds that want to embarass Romney.


Though a Public Policy Polling survey released late last night showed Mitt Romney regaining the lead over Rick Santorum in the Michigan GOP primary, 39% to 37%, a new Mitchell Research/Rosetta Stone poll shows Santorum taking over the lead back from Romney, 37% to 35%.

A new We Ask America poll shows Romney ahead 37% to 33%.

A new American Research Group survey shows Santorum just ahead, 36% to 35%.

A new Rasmussen survey shows Romney leading, 38% to 36%.

PPP 2/26 poll for MI Romney 39 Santorum 37

edited to add Romney has a 20 point lead in AZ.


Mitt Romney's taken a small lead over Rick Santorum in PPP's newest Michigan poll. He's at 39% to 37% for Santorum, 13% for Ron Paul, and 9% for Newt Gingrich. Compared to a week ago Romney's gained 6 points, while Santorum's just stayed in place.

Romney will go into election day with a large lead in the bank. Only 16% of Michigan voters say they've already cast their ballots, but Romney has a whooping 62-29 advantage over Santorum with that group. Santorum actually leads Romney 39-34 with those who are planning to cast their votes on Tuesday, but he'd need to win election day voters by even more than that to neutralize the advantage Romney's built up.

The last week of the campaign in Michigan has seen significant damage to Santorum's image with GOP voters in the state. His net favorability has declined 29 points from +44 (67/23) to now only +15 (54/39). Negative attacks on Romney meanwhile have had no negative effect with his favorability steady at +20 (57/37). Two weeks ago Santorum's net favorability in Michigan was 34 points better than Romney's. Now Romney's is 5 points better than Santorum's. Those kinds of wild swings are the story of the GOP race

The cross tabs show that only 7% of liberals indicated that they are voting. If just a couple percent more vote for Santorum, or if there were just a couple answering in a deceptive way then Santorum would be ahead.

Crosstabs here


"Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans, but I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners"

This guy is so cringe inducing its like watching Michael Scott conduct business at Dunder Mifflen.

He is becoming a caricature of a caricature of the smarmy politician.


Mitt Romney went to the races today, and instead of putting his pedal to the metal, seems to have put his foot in his mouth.

Asked by a reporter from the Associated Press about whether or not he follows NASCAR, Romney reportedly responded "Not as closely as some of the most ardent fans," he said, continuing, "But I have some friends who are NASCAR team owners."

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