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Member since: Thu Jan 3, 2008, 07:44 PM
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The right

Has glommed onto the Halloween ball as a gotcha moment to prove that the Obama's are corrupt, the big ball coverup, spending the taxpayers money on fun and games.


Is there a link to the Flickr site?

Just read this

On the Idaho repug Facebook chat site:
(yes, I am trolling them )

‎- Newsflash: The Barack Obama re-election team is facing a significant hurdle as they cannot get all of their "made in China" Obama gear off the boats and through customs. They were going to use American companies, but realized the unions they support have driven up costs and the 35% corporate tax rate they support has driven companies overseas. What a dilemma!!!

Any comments or information? I would hope there is nothing for sale except "made in USA".
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