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Member since: Thu Jan 3, 2008, 07:44 PM
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I found this trolling

The Idaho Repug Facebook chat group.
They are a bunch of tin foil hat haters. I can hardly wait for the election so I can tell them to fuck off:


Unemployment Rate Drops To 7.8 Percent, Nearly 4-Year Low
By Lucia MutikaniWASHINGTON, Oct 5 (Reuters) - The U.S. unemployment rate dropped to a near four-year low of 7.8 percent in September, a potential
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Eva Harper they chose a different survey to get these results....you are right...what a crock!!
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Leo Anthony Geis http://www.shadowstats.com/alternate_data/unemployment-charts
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Debbie Gop So many people I know can't find a job. They give the jobs as fast food to the young if you are over 50 good luck. In our paper today we had 23 jobs openings. We in Blaine County continue to see at least 10 homes a week going up for auction. That may not seem much but we have a population under 20,000. We depend on tourist in our area and they aren't coming. We have empty store fronts, another local business closed its doors this week. Another 10 people out of work.
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James W Thomas Do email reuters and tell them to report true unemployment rate else our undereducated D friends get confused. It use to be all Americans were looking for work. We need to know how many are looking AND how many are couch potatoes. Afterall, the D's "great society" welfare system has morphed from a "safety net" to a hammock.
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Lyn Lynch And jobs to people who are unqualified. Specifically, customer service jobs at call centers. How about teaching Customer Service, "if a customer calls you with a problem--it ain't personal!!"
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Jon Colson We need to expose this fraud as yet another desperate attempt by the lapdog media to pump up Obama. It is pathetic that he is losing SO badly that they have to resort to such radical statistical acrobatics in order to try to give him SOMETHING to claim is working.
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Debbie Gop James I have said it many times I don't beleive in welfare BUT we have Americans who have lost jobs, homes and can't feed there children. Middle Class Americans who need help right now. They aren't out spending money, some parents I know don't know how they will buy even one Christmas gift for there children. Its the illegals who are taking a toll on our system. Get them off Welfare, and yes we do have those that sit home and do nothing, those that continue to have children but I don't believe they are the largest part of our problem. I understand welfare should not be a give away progam to all those that don't want to work BUT more important are those that come to this county and work for cash and make darn good money and still collect welfare. I agree with Lyn call centers need to come back to America people on welfare could work and it could be part of the welfare progam or even for those who can't find a job. We have a serious problem in the county and until we the AMERICAN people say we're not going to take it anymore it will continue. I again will go back to those we have elected they live off the American people and do very well, make them pay for there own offices, staff, insurance, cars, office equiptment, travel, gas, and in some cases second homes. Did you know that our elected official cost us 100,000 per office? Now to me that's a real problem.
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Parrish Miller They're cookin' the books now!
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Jon Colson Debbie, two points:
1. All entitlement programs should be revamped so that they punish sloth and reward effort. Currently they are INTENTIONALLY designed to punish any effort to get off of the system so taking low paying jobs actually cause people to LOSE money.

2. Congress should be done via teleconference. With today's technology, there is no reason why legislators could not do their job with ONE office in their home state. This would cut the expense of staffing multiple offices, plus eliminate the need for $$$ Millions of taxpayer funded travel.
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Jon Colson Parrish Miller This is not new. They have been cooking the polls the whole time....to the point that I think that it is clear than even the pollsters are colluding to get favorable numbers.

Hell, when Gallup did not play the game, they were threatened by this administration.
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Robert Paul Perez many of those employed are "part-time" now, the other side of their time is housing, medical, and food stamps! It is a net loss and still the wrong direction. I sure hope Sheeple don't think this is "recovery".
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Parrish Miller Oh I know! Unemployment numbers have *always* been a political tool and the definition and methodology of determining them are changed as needed to suit the political goals of thos...See More
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Jon Colson Parrish Miller I agree, they SHOULD go away. They are not going to. So, as long as they are a reality, they should be designed to encourage effort, not to thwart it.
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Parrish Miller You can't encourage people to earn their own money by stealing the money people do earn and giving it to those who don't earn. It actually disincentivizes productivity on both ends...See More
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Jon Colson Parrish Miller I agree. I agree 100%.

However, we do have entitlement programs and they are not going away. Currently, they not only disincentivize by giving money, they punish...See More
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Parrish Miller There is a difference between turning on a dime and running into a brick wall. The first may be impossible, but the latter is not. I guess the difference between our perspectives i...See More
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Jon Colson Well, I agree to a point, but it is not possible to just cut down all entitlements...especially where you consider social security an entitlement (as you are aware, I do not).

I am looking to eliminate, too. But I realize that you cannot turn a battleship on a dime.
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Mark Wallace To the original post, let's keep the focus on the size of the Food Stamp population. It's much harder to play games with that number.
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Jon Colson That is definitely true, Mark.
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James W Thomas SELF SUFFICIENCY CENTER pilot program. We're working with the legislature to authorize this pilot. It is a humane way to wean folks off entitlements and back into the work force.

If you'd like a description of the program, email me [email protected]
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The right

Has glommed onto the Halloween ball as a gotcha moment to prove that the Obama's are corrupt, the big ball coverup, spending the taxpayers money on fun and games.


Is there a link to the Flickr site?

Just read this

On the Idaho repug Facebook chat site:
(yes, I am trolling them )

‎- Newsflash: The Barack Obama re-election team is facing a significant hurdle as they cannot get all of their "made in China" Obama gear off the boats and through customs. They were going to use American companies, but realized the unions they support have driven up costs and the 35% corporate tax rate they support has driven companies overseas. What a dilemma!!!

Any comments or information? I would hope there is nothing for sale except "made in USA".
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