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Member since: Thu Dec 27, 2007, 01:43 AM
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"But...don't you want to support the President for the good of the country?"

What example do I have to follow? The Republicans didnít want Obama to be a great President; they succeeded in obstructing a good deal of his agenda, then when he managed to take a giant (if not perfect) step forward in providing healthcare for Americans who didnít have it, they spent $87 million dollars petulantly trying to vote to repeal it over fifty times.

They stole a Supreme Court nomination from him by not even voting on his completely reasonable nominee. During his term. For a year.

Republicans gleefully frame the Obama years as a complete failure; an outright string of lies that serves to set the bar low as possible for the inevitable next Republican President.

And then they give us Donald Trump, who won the election despite being the most inappropriate candidate qualification-wise, and a reprehensibly spoiled, narcissistic, antipathic human being in general, who bullied his way into the nomination. For doing so, they win both houses and complete control of the government.

Cooperation with the opposing party is apparently not how you win elections. ďLetís come together in our desire to destroy all the progress weíve made in the 20th centuryĒ is not an acceptable olive branch.

No. I donít want to support Trump and his policies, and by proxy the Republican agenda in any way. The Republicans have shown us that you donít support a President who isnít from your party even when they desire to move humanity forward. If they state the sky is blue, you engage in 24-hour news-channel propaganda to flood the concept that their truth is a lie. You sabotage them via obstruction, outright lies, and throwing broken glass in the path of every piece of legislation that benefits their agenda. Their agenda is screwing America for the benefit of the rich and privileged. My preferred agenda is improving the quality of life for all.

Iíd be sullenly relieved to be proven wrong if America thrives in the next four years in some strange reverse-psychology ploy, but Iím not going to give Trump or his ilk any help or support with their blatantly inhumanitarian goals and methods that I disagree with "for the good of the country".

The Republicans have taught me that's how you win.
Posted by forgotmylogin | Tue Jan 3, 2017, 01:08 PM (21 replies)
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