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Member since: Thu Dec 27, 2007, 01:43 AM
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It really is just because she's a woman, right?

I started a political Twitter fight the other day (sometimes I feel feisty and like scrapping with the other side) It ended up with me basically conceding "Okay you've all convinced me, I'll vote for Trump, bye" just to withdraw because I had work to do, and they were all sniggering amongst themselves that I couldn't "keep up" in real time because my responses weren't instantaneous like it was live chat.

I was fine with all the "because Hillary has murdered hundreds of people" and the "because Bill did..." lines of argument The one that I had trouble answering was "What has Hillary accomplished?" I know she's had a long life in politics, been a Senator and SoS...but somehow anything you tell them is not any kind of valid answer. I like Samantha Bee's "Oh yeah, because the First Lady of Arkansas is who they consult to write tax code" answer but that didn't really apply. She did a ton of work in those roles, and her name is on (I think she said) over 600 pieces of legislation, but that all doesn't apply because she's a "murderer whose killed people with her bare hands" and "despicable because she let Bill off the hook" and "Benghazi" and "delivered secret emails containing all teh info" directly to ISIS" whatever. As usual, any solid hit I landed on Trump resulted in a non-sequitur insult ("get a job libtard"

Is there a good comeback for the "Hillary hasn't accomplished anything" accusation? I linked them to several websites with lists, but of course they were all "lib'rul media" sites and didn't count.

I know I shouldn't pick fights because their arguments are unreasonable. The most comical part was when they were all sniggering because I hadn't responded in like five minutes because I was actually finishing a report for work on the other screen next to my laptop. "Oh he's still thinking of an answer" "Oh, he's left us cause he has no answer" and someone random chimed in "these worthless libtards need to get a job"...as I'm doing my job.

Overall my impression though is that there's this extra layer of evil frosting on their hatred for Hillary. They hate Bill too but the invective doesn't have quite the extra slime of nastiness. The only thing I can guess is because she's a woman, and they have to resist saying that.
Posted by forgotmylogin | Sat Oct 15, 2016, 10:09 AM (21 replies)

Two words for debate upgrade:

"Mute buttons"

I would pay to see Trump go silently Yosemite Sam when he realizes the mod is holding down the button.
Posted by forgotmylogin | Tue Sep 27, 2016, 01:22 PM (3 replies)

Is it as simple as this?

From Polygon, a gaming website that also does movie reviews:

If you don't have your finger on the trigger and you jump or tense up, nothing happens. If you keep your finger on the trigger when you're not ready to wreck some shit, you may end up accidentally wrecking some shit


Police are escalating to drawn guns too early, and putting their finger on the trigger before they see an actual firearm in the suspect's hand.

If the suspect's hands are in the air, the policeman's finger should be off the trigger.

Posted by forgotmylogin | Thu Sep 22, 2016, 11:39 AM (0 replies)

Rightwingers and many republicans fear the idea that people can change.

It interferes with their easy assumptions that everything is either black or white, one is "with us or against us", and "things have always been this way and always will be".

It's why "flip-flop" was made a pejorative—the progressive concept that a person can hold one opinion and then another after learning more about an evolving situation makes them crazy because it undermines the religious concept of "unshakeable belief". (Which it actually does not; learning from mistakes is one of the tenets most religious parables teach. They often eagerly conflate "faith" with "personal opinion" because they like to have faith. Lots of it.)

Also, thinking is hard and revisiting a situation objectively takes time. They'd rather go with what they know, which was learned from their parents, which has always been "the way it was, the way it is". Shades of gray are too complicated to explain to their children.

They'd much rather shoot first and believe there was no good that could have been done because that lets them sleep at night.
Posted by forgotmylogin | Sun Aug 28, 2016, 10:40 AM (1 replies)


Two witches, one perceived as "good" and the other perceived as "wicked" conspire to overthrow the dim witted manipulator and manipulated "Wizard of Oz" in his crusade to dumb down talking animals so they become a subservient underclass like he knows them from his original homeland.

Posted by forgotmylogin | Thu Jul 21, 2016, 05:36 PM (0 replies)
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