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Member since: Thu Dec 20, 2007, 09:22 PM
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Why won't Biden answer the "court packing" question?

The next time someone asks Biden that question, this is what he should say:

"You're asking this because you're worried about the integrity of our courts, but there is irony stuck between the teeth of your concerns. You weren't worried about protecting the integrity of our courts when you unconstitutionally blocked Merrick Garland for nearly a year; you weren't worried about protecting the integrity of our courts when you removed the filibuster for Supreme Court nominees, and you sure as hell weren't worried about the integrity of our courts when you prevented a rightfully sitting president from appointing 105 justices your constituents were entitled to.

But now... NOW, you want to talk about the court's integrity? The only court you care about is the court of public opinion and how you can obfuscate and manipulate compassionate Americans into voting for an anti-gay, anti-woman agenda they don't agree with.

You don't care about our court's integrity, but I do. I want a court that represents both sides of this country, balances the scales of justice for all, and is blind to politics. I plan to do everything in my power to restore the integrity you ripped from the throat of this court, and if that means supporting reasonable reforms backed by the majority of my fellow citizens so be it.

I will not "pack the court" for the left, but what I will do is remove the boulder of partisanship you've placed on the shoulders of Lady Justice. I will make sure our courts value democracy over theocracy, and I will institute reforms to insure the Supreme Court will never again have the pockets of its dignity picked by the likes of you."

Answering "yes" would help Biden, not hurt him.
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