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Member since: Thu Dec 20, 2007, 08:22 PM
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As we debate Bernie vs Hillary, we should keep this in mind.

This is a chart put out by crowdpac, an organization that tallies right/left political leanings by tracking vote records and money.


While there is no denying that Bernie and Elizabeth are more liberal than Hillary, this chart emphasizes just how far Hillary and Bernie are from someone like Ted Cruz.

There is no comparison!

Both are excellent choices based on cold hard data. One choice is better than the other, imho, and that's Bernie. But, acting like Hillary is Ted-Cruz-Lite or a DinoTrump is just not true.

We need to all stop attacking each other and start thinking of how we can help each other reach common goals. We are getting so worked up over this primary that we are forgetting the cold hard data. We are a party of science, information, figures and fact. Let us never forget that.

Is Bernie better? Yes. Is Hillary the devil? No.

We are all democrats. We all care about the same things: income inequality, racial equality, education, climate change, gun control, lgbt rights and healthcare including affordable pharmaceuticals.

Remember. Think with your head. Not with your guts. Bush thought with his "guts" and look where that got us?
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