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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 30,364

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

How to Stop the Gun Carnage....A Proposal:

Yes, I know this cannot pass, it is ..".A Proposal "

....Federal Program to Turn In Guns..
1.Proof of ownership of gun. ...you get $100 to $200...depending on what Congress decides..

2.Any old gun turned in ..............$25 to $50........depending on what Congress decides...then proof of turning in gun required.

3.Hand Guns become illegal after a certain date far into the future..

4.Federal program to register rifles and other similar weapons

5.Constitutional Amendment modifying 2nd Amendment making handguns illegal

6. Universal Background Checks..added by: MarineCombatEngineer

7. Proof of Insurance added by: jmbar2

You Can't Change The Past....

...That one is simple and easy to understand..But we want to change the past, because it hurt us and
made us feel bad. (and much worse)...I have never been able to "Change The Past" ..and neither has
my HP.

... That is why acceptance is so important. We can learn from the past, and when that situation
comes again, we can do something different, but no matter how much we try, we cannot change the
past...That one seems easy to accept, but many of us think we can change it, but we can't.

...You think that I have got that one by now, but...Not totally, just ..."One Day At A Time"..or
"One Moment At A Time"

Great Post For All to Watch...Got 1min 22secs? Rec to all. (not mine), One of Greatest Ever.


Title of Post...January 6 By The Numbers...worth the time...(not my post)

I believe everyone should see this.....apologize to original poster (catbyte) for not asking....

I had to put it up right away...One of the Greatest Posts Ever!! (in my opinion)

Originator of post:............The Lincoln Project.... One of Their Best .......

please watch this..hit link above...Thank You for Reading This.......Stuart G

A prediction: Joe Biden will do something significant about gun control

...I don't know when or how , but Joe Biden cares about people, and cares about the U.S.A. and I believe that he will do something about gun control. Also, what he does will be somewhat effective in controlling this awful out of control problem. Joe knows the ropes and knows how congress works, so whatever he proposes will take time, because Joe will want that proposal to be passed by congress.

But I do believe that he will do something significant because he deeply cares about people in the U.S.A. This last sentence is why Joe will be successful. Yes, this will take time, but I do think this gun control issue will be dealt with in an effective way...This is the essence of Joe Biden.

Mask Wearing in Illinois..Everyone does it, at least at the foodstore I went to today.

...I left the Jewel in the suburb of Skokie about an hour and a half ago.. Everyone wore a mask. There
is a sign upon entering that says, "Masks are required to enter" All employees had masks, children
had masks and comers and goers had them. (Yes, I had one too, double mask & gloves)..This is not a
game, and people who don't wear them are not only stupid but don't really care about their own health.
...Right now in the last year and 2 months..(is that correct?) in the time that Covid 19 has been around
over 500,000 have died...that is 14 times the number killed in auto accident.. To prevent the disease
from spreading, you wear a mask...all the time you are somewhere with strangers...
....Is wearing a mask that much more difficult than wearing a seatbelt? How hard is it to put on a seatbelt?
You didn't know this, but from research....55,000 were killed before seat belts became "The Law".
.Now even though there are twice the number of cars...35,000 are killed...40 percent less..
....How difficult is wearing a mask if wearing one saves your life?..Think about it...& pass it on to
those who do not wear masks.. I do guess that everyone puts on a seatbelt when you get into the car...
Is that correct?

I strongly believe that the New York Atty General will indict Donald Trump

...And that will happen within a week or two of this post...

...........Well....have at it, and tell me that I am wrong?.....
...........Ain't the first time, and won't be the last time.......

I learned about a new sport I had never heard of: "Ultimate"

...I was doing some research on Senator John Ossoff, (because he was mentioned here at DU,
and the story said he and his wife had played this sport in high school.. I didn't know what .."Ultimate"... is and found out it is played with a disc, and seems to be somewhat similar to succor. I still am not sure about the sport, but it seems that it was created in the late 60s. One team throws the disc around and tries to get it in a goal, or past some line or whatever......................

...I might add one more idea: You never know what you are going to learn at Democratic Underground, even if you are not looking for an idea, but you see some term or idea that you have never ever heard of. I had some curiosity about that term, and I found out about a sport I had never, ever heard of or known about.. Yes, there really is a sport called..."Ultimate." ..Maybe you too have never heard of it..

Look up ..."Ultimate The Sport" :Originally.."Ultimate Frisbee" at link below:

3 Ways to Downsize Life to Save Money, Time, and Stress.

(Could Work, but I haven't tried them yet....maybe tomorrow or ...later) found this in a pile of
long kept address, info, and articles...


New York Times: Boehner lays blame for 'that bloody insurrection' at Trump's feet

Source: CNN

(CNN)Former House Speaker John Boehner said former President Donald Trump "incited that bloody insurrection" at the US Capitol and blamed his false election claims for the GOP losing control of Congress, according to excerpts from his forthcoming book obtained by The New York Times.

.....Republicans have wobbled over whether to embrace the 45th President's legacy as an electoral strategy, and Boehner's scathing rebuke amounts to the latest plea by the former de facto head of the GOP to resist Trump's influence as it defines itself in the Biden era.

......Trump's "refusal to accept the result of the election not only cost Republicans the Senate but led to mob violence," the former speaker writes in his forthcoming book, "On the House: A Washington Memoir," adding, "It was painful to watch," the Times reported Wednesday.

.....Boehner also said the former president "incited that bloody insurrection for nothing more than selfish reasons, perpetuated by the bullshit he'd been shoveling since he lost a fair election the previous November."

....."He claimed voter fraud without any evidence, and repeated those claims, taking advantage of the trust placed in him by his supporters and ultimately betraying that trust," Boehner said, according to the newspaper.

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/07/politics/john-boehner-donald-trump-insurrection/index.html

....I am glad Boehner has written this book and saying the above. This is so clear to everyone, that at least one former Republican
leader is calling out Trump totally.

This sentence says it all........."He claimed voter fraud without any evidence, and repeated those claims, taking advantage of the trust placed in him by his supporters and ultimately betraying that trust,"

Nearly 40,000 fans sit side-by-side at Texas Rangers home opener

Source: abc13.com

ARLINGTON, Texas (KTRK) -- In what can be considered a first for major league sports in the U.S. during the pandemic, the Texas Rangers held their home opener Monday allowing a full-capacity crowd to sit side-by-side.

Due to the state of Texas lifting last month coronavirus protections, including those limiting capacity at businesses and doing away with a mask mandate, the Rangers were able to open their 1-year-old Globe Life Field venue to the full 40,000-fan capacity.

ABC News reports fewer than 1,000 tickets were still available for the Rangers' series-opening game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

There were some rules and protections put into place. Fans were told to wear masks unless eating or drinking. Concessions are cashless, and staff were told to clean surfaces as often as possible.

Still, images taken from inside the ballpark and during the game's regional telecast showed many fans not eating or drinking opting not to wear masks.

Read more: https://abc13.com/texas-rangers-globe-life-park-mandates-no-in/10488577/

Stupid is still ....STUPID.....................................................................................
.If you hit the link above you will see a picture at the stadium. This story is all over the
internet. Most in the picture do not wear a mask...I guess they think the pandemic is over...It ain't over
till it is over...And the pandemic is not over..Below is another link- Boston .com

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