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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 31,099

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

One simple reason why Biden is the candidate who we are sure will win..

....Every time the name Biden is mentioned, every time mind you....Biden = Trump Corruption...

..Many people in this country who hear, "Biden" will also hear the word's ".Trump Corruption"
Thousands of times, the news has referred to Trump trying to get dirt on Biden's son. Over and over and over. Trump was impeached because of that. When Biden is nominated, it is a sure bet that most will first think of Trump's corruption, and then everything else..

This is a no brainer. We nominate someone who is sure to be elected. Think about all the times that we have already heard about Trump trying to get dirt on Biden's son. And guess what? Trump cannot deny it. That is who he is: a crook and someone who cheats. The focus will be on the cheater, and nothing else...and.....

As Trump tries to deny it, that denial will be a lie. And again the focus will be on Trump the liar, as he lies. If we want to be sure to win, that that is the strategy that forces the focus on Trump's lying and corruption.

.................One word....and one word only .......Biden


I want to add this, We must win to save this country. The above method is the winning approach. You don't need to know politics to know who is the honest one: Biden or Trump. Or who is the mean evil one. Biden or Trump, or who can be relied on to deal with other nations fairly and directly. It is a no brainer. None at all. We must win to save our country, and Joe Biden will win, because every time we hear the name "Biden",
we will also hear............"Trump Corruption"....And ...WE MUST Win.. (2 for one, focus on Trump's corruption, and focus on an outstanding candidate with sensitivity and perspective..Something Trump does not have and has never had)

...............that is something we all agree on................

Chuck Bonniwell: "Nice school shooting" guy..So where did he get the idea to say whatever he wants?

...He didn't get it from me, and he didn't get it from Mr. Obama, or Mr. Biden, or any other Democrat. I wonder who he got the idea from?..I just can't figure it out? ...

....And if you believe that one, maybe I could sell you a bridge across the Pacific Ocean to Japan? Let's make a deal....

The Republican Party is the party of hate, hate, and more hate.

...Today, Republicans prove that. They defend a person who does nothing but hate, cheat, and lie. Republicans say there is "no proof" that Trump has committed an impeachable offense. There is "proof" and that Republican statement is just another lie. By defending Trump who lies, the Republican Party also has to lie.
...No matter what happens, those who believe in telling the "truth" must vote against the Republican Party next November. There is no other way to show the Republican Party it is dead wrong for defending Donald Trump. That is the best and strongest way, and perhaps the only way. Defeat those who defended and stood by Donald Trump: liar, cheater and one who hates.

I received the most amazing "Gift Package" from..."Boys Town"

...I have ..never.. given to Boys Town, and never will. I do give to some other charities, but someone sold my name and address to "Boys Town"...A calander, pictures, crossword puzzles, diary, and more. Mail stickers on and on. All in an attempt to get me to give a donation.
... So much so that I would feel guilty if I didn't give to this charity. I will throw all of this stuff out. But I suspect one of those I did give to, sold my name, or traded it to "Boys Town." This package was a "trick" & it won't work for me. The most stuff I have ever gotten from a charity in order to get me to give, and give a lot. OH, and I will be receiving a call to follow up. After all .....It is Christmas Time...!!!

Warning:Negative on Upcoming Star Wars Movie, -IGNORE- if you desire to only get positive news on it

....I just watched a couple of reviews of the new Star Wars Movie. Both were negative for different reasons. Evidently, George Lucas's view of that movie were removed in favor of others. Specifics were given, they are not important. What is important is negative reviews are coming out ahead of time. So, Disney knows more than Lucas?
... One thing for me is important, Lucas is Star Wars. I read the Star Wars story, before I saw the first movie in 1977. I was at the library doing something, and walked into the paperback section of "new paperback books." So, I saw this book, "Star Wars" picked it up and took this book out. So, I read it in a couple of days. And saw the movie was getting incredible reviews. So, I saw the movie a couple of weeks after it opened, and I knew what was going to happen ahead of time.
...Yes, Disney knows more than Lucas. I doubt it, but if this is a bomb...and anything is possible in the "New Movie World"....We will know that Disney trusts Abrams (director of new movie) more than Lucas

So..let me get this straight. The Judge of the trial, has said he is working with the defendant...

to kind of co-ordinate the outcome. Is that right? Further, the Judge Mc C thinks he can get away with it.
Is that right? No one will oppose the Judge? I wouldn't bet on that, Yes, the Judge thinks he is not to be stopped, but like the defendant, Judge McC....will be stopped.

...So the judge made a bo-bo and he thinks he can get away with it. Does he?..Well he won't. He too has lost his direction and when it is over in November next year, the judge will be gone, and so will the so called defendant/crook. Guess what the major issue will be for a long time? The Judge, Mr. Mc.C , colluded with the defendant, Mr. Stupid, Liar/Crook . to fix the trial.
... Now, just a moment, think it over. The Judge has made himself part of the problem, and not part of the solution. Judge has bragged and bragged, but he lost his way. The issue has shifted, from the .."fair trial" aspect to a "fixed trial aspect" Now try to explain that to an ordinary citizen who has watched the defendant/crook lie and lie and cheat and cheat. He and his gang will not be punished because of Judge McC. But that is not fair? Is it? It doesn't matter, because Judge McC is now the boss.

.. But the ordinary citizen knows that the defendant/crook is guilty of lying and cheating. 60 percent, maybe 65 percent know for sure that Donald Trump is a liar and cheater of major proportions. He cheated with a foreign country to fix a our country's election. So Judge Mc.C is going to say that is OK, and I am the Judge and am working to fix the outcome.

... I do not think that will work in the long run for the Repuke Party. Most people will see how unfair and lousy that is. Most of the news, and back room discussion between Joe and Mary, average ordinary citizen, will be about how unfair the trial will be. Why? Because the Judge has colluded with the liar/crook, and in the end, we will see the liar/crook go free.

...The media will have a filed day with Judge McC. Because now he becomes a crook too. Judge McC tries to explain that is the way.."it works" and that explanation will not work.

...All this is based on the 65 per cent that wants a fair trial with evidence and truth exactly the way it is supposed to be. And when it becomes clear that Judge McC will not allow a fair trial, .then the sh*t hits the fan, and in the next election the Repuk Party pukes away their future. The scandal becomes not just the liar/crook Trump but the entire Repuk Party that is cheating and lying. What a sight to see the destruction of the Repuk Party through their lying and cheating. ..so let us have a puke for the party.

Yes, that is how I feel. Average Citizen Joe and Mary will not like the show. It will look fixed and unfair because the crook/liar goes free in the end. But Joe and Mary are angry and although they are regular Repuks, Joe and Mary say that come November, they will vote for ...whoever the other party puts up because their party is a bunch of crooks and liars.....end of rant...

As McConnell "coordinates with the White House," the truth could be much stranger.

... This is an opinion that is all.

...It is not that McConnell is coordinating with the White House, it could be that the White House is coordinating with McConnell.
... Guess who has a lot of experience? Guess who knows the ins and outs of Congress and "Impeachment"? Guess who has been through an impeachment before?..Guess who is the most sly, conniving person around? Guess who it was that kept an Obama nominee from getting a vote? It wasn't Trump or Barr or Rudy. It was Mitch McConnell who knows the ins and outs and has the experience and knowledge to do the deed.
... Yes, I am guessing that Mitch is running Trump's Impeachment show the way Mitch wants to run it. At this point McConnell could be running and controlling Trump too. Why would Trump give control to Trump? Mitch has lots of experience, knows what to do and when to do it, and has real power to control the Senate, and part of the deal is Mitch runs this, and gets Trump out of trouble, and then Mitch gets some very special favor from Mr. Trump that only the President of the United States could give Moscow Mitch.

... It occurred to me, when reading this "coordination post" that Mitch is bragging about, that the situation is reversed. Maybe Mitch is in charge, Not Donald. (below is the link to the post discussed)

....packman posted this at 9:44am today...https://www.democraticunderground.com/10142407422

If Mitch were really "in charge" then the Trump Gang would have one of the most experienced, most intelligent, most evil characters in charge of "The Show." And further, most likely to help Trump when he most needs that help. Again, this is all a guess, an opinion, not any kind of knowledge just someone who has seen politics for a while. And Mitch bragged about being in control before, and he could be in control again..

Something special the Republicans are doing, and it must be discussed over and over.

...The Republicans are protecting and lying for a person who has a strong history of lying. Mr. Trump lies over and over and over, and again and again. We all know it. Everyone knows it. Republicans are protecting and defending a well known liar, and it is something most of us would not do. It must be stated again and again that this is what they are doing, and the result will be awful for the Republicans. We all know that defending that kind of person is not good for our country. Pass it on to everyone: Republicans are lying for a habitual liar, and they know it. It is ugly, but that is exactly what Republicans are doing, and that is not a lie.

I used to teach the Holocaust in high school. This was during the 70s, 80s and 90s

...I showed a horrific film called "Night and Fog." That film defined and showed the Holocaust in ways no other did. Dead bodies, Gas Rooms, witnesses, etc. During the time I was teaching this, I would read about a very small group of "Holocaust Deniers" In spite of all the proof, and living witnesses, they still denied it happened.

...I watched part of the hearing today. I couldn't take it, so I cleaned the house I live in. I also played some quiet music. There they were live and talking up a storm, the same minded people denying the evil and illegal events that Trump and his gang carried out. The gang must protect their leader no matter what. Where are those few honest Republicans who say, "Trump is a liar, was a liar, and always has been a liar."
... "He is lying about this too."

Where are the honest ones? Are there any left? Even two or three? "Our leader is a fucking liar". Who is going to say that in the Republican Party? (or words to that effect) Everyone sees it and knows he is. Why do they follow the leader like this? With Nixon there were those who sided with those searching for the truth. How come we see no Republicans on the side of the truth? Are all the witnesses lying or is Donald Trump lying? That one is so simple. How come Republicans don't see it, but the rest of us do?

We should all be appalled by Trump's attack on Gretta Thunberg, CNN, Chris Cillizza:

Chris Cillizza, 1:41 ET 12/12/19

CNN) On Thursday morning, the President of the United States sent a tweet to his 60+ million followers blasting a 16-year-old girl with Asperger's syndrome who has rallied efforts at fighting climate change around the globe.

"Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend!" Trump wrote of teenage climate crisis activist Greta Thunberg. "Chill Greta, Chill!"

This isn't the first time Trump has gone after Thunberg. "She seems like a very happy young girl looking forward to a bright and wonderful future," Trump sarcastically tweeted following Thunberg's speech in front of the United Nations General Assembly earlier this fall. "So nice to see!"

Sadly, Trump's response is predictable in the wake of the Swedish climate activist being named as Time's Person of the Year over him. Trump is a bully. And he has shown time and again that he has no qualms about bullying anyone and everyone. Let's not forget that he poked fun at Carly Fiorina's looks when she was competing with him for the Republican nomination during the 2016 campaign. And in that same campaign, Trump mocked a New York Times reporter by crudely mimicking his physical disability. So that the president of the United States would tell a 16-year-old with Asperger's -- a condition most distinguished by difficulty with social interactions -- to make some friends and, basically, relax, fits nicely into that pattern of behavior

Thunberg responded by changing her Twitter bio to mock the President's words, referring to herself as: "A teenager working on her anger management problem. Currently chilling and watching a good old fashioned movie with a friend." Thunberg has been open about her neurological difference, acknowledging both the struggles she's had and calling it a "superpower" when it comes to her activism

Trump is Trump. He has never behaved in any other way than this. Which doesn't excuse Trump's behavior. But it makes surprise that he acts this way impossible. What's truly troubling -- and what makes me genuinely mad -- about all of this is that we won't hear condemnation from supporters of Trump (in elected office and out) for this absolutely appalling behavior.

Why? Because, at this moment in American political history, the party you identify with trumps -- ahem -- everything else including common decency. Because common decency would dictate is that, as a society, we don't condone an adult bullying a 16-year-old girl online. Because we know it's wrong. Because we know if we had a daughter, we wouldn't want her to be bullied by an adult. Much less an adult man. Much less one who is the President of the United States.

(rest of article at link above)
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