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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 30,177

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Trump's legacy..."thousands of children in detention of the U.S.A. .."

That is it, right now, that is what this horrific man is totally responsible for. Simply put, stealing children from their parents, and putting them into prisons..(oh they don't call it that, but that is what it is)..Call it something else, but that is what it is. It is very sad that Trump in the name of the U.S.A. has done this....He is too stupid to know that this is as mean and stupid a thing that anyone can do.
..... "Take children from their parents.".....??? ...In the name of what??...

A fireplace video...11 hours...it is somewhat hypnotizing, but quiet and rexlaxing

I watched a few minutes, I think it is all the somewhat the same..good luck..Yes, it does take a while to get going, so you have to be very patient in the beginning, then it goes on and on and on and on and on.....

Song from the 60s, "Eve of Destruction"

I listened to this while I was in college..
You decide if most of this is just as true now, as then.(yes, some out of date, worth a watch anyway}

For Trump 'A War Everyday, Fought Increasingly Alone' - New York Times.

By Peter Baker and Maggie Haberman
Dec. 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — When President Trump grows frustrated with advisers during meetings, which is not an uncommon occurrence, he sits back in his chair, crosses his arms and scowls. Often he erupts. “Freaking idiots!” he calls his aides. Except he uses a more pungent word than “freaking.”

For two years, Mr. Trump has waged war against his own government, convinced that people around him are fools. Angry that they resist his wishes, uninterested in the details of their briefings, he becomes especially agitated when they tell him he does not have the power to do what he wants, which makes him suspicious that they are secretly undermining him.

Now, the president who once declared that “I alone can fix” the system increasingly stands alone in a system that seems as broken as ever. The swirl of recent days — a government shutdown, spiraling scandals, tumbling stock markets, abrupt troop withdrawals and the resignation of his alienated defense secretary — has left the impression of a presidency at risk of spinning out of control.

At the midpoint of his term, Mr. Trump has grown more sure of his own judgment and more cut off from anyone else’s than at any point since taking office. He spends ever more time in front of a television, often retreating to his residence out of concern that he is being watched too closely. As he sheds advisers at a head-spinning rate, he reaches out to old associates, complaining that few of the people around him were there at the beginning.

Mr. Trump is said by advisers to be consumed by the multiplying investigations that have taken down his personal lawyer, campaign chairman, national security adviser and family foundation. He rails against enemies, who often were once friends, nursing a deep sense of betrayal and grievance as they turn on him.

I guess Trump thinks he can "control this shutdown" and it's consequences. He can't

They won't be pleasant. Especially for him, and he really doesn't have "a clue."

Posted: Feb 12, 2012, .Just as true today, "Republicans are sick evil people." by maryellen99..

I did not get permission to repost this. I hope that maryellen99 approves
Some things change, but some things do not change..

maryellen99 (2,682 posts)

Republicans are sick evil people

They don't give two shits about you
They think you should pay $900 dollars for prescriptions and like it.
They think you should go to your neighbors and beg for money for cancer treatments etc.
They think poor women should not get mammograms
They think it ok to be dumb and ignorant

Taking a stance on a "border wall" proves Trump is stupid.

Are there other concepts that Trump could take a stance on? Here are a few: child abuse, political corruption, funding for the military, funding for national parks, funding for justice department, many other kinds of "funding", highway safety, reforms of justice department, and so on. Many can be added that everyone can understand. Taking such a stance on a "border wall" that a lot people on the border do not want for lots of good reasons is stupid. Closing the government down for this proves that Trump is stupid and does not have his priorities correct. He is incompetent as well as stupid.

With extremely important decisions, shouldn't those most affected know ahead of time?

That is before you announce it to the entire world?

If that decision deals with the soldiers and the diplomats, and you are the President of the United States, you should tell the heads of those departments ahead of time before you announce it to the entire world. That is not a sign of weakness, it is a sign of courtesy and respect for those who have to carry out the decision. The leaders in the Defense Department and the State Department have served a lifetime to the U.S.A. Don't they need to know what is going to happen, if possible, to ready the rest of their people for the impact of an important decision? Not treating the Defense Department and the State Department with the respect that these leaders deserve is in my opinion one of the stupidest things that Trump has done. Could be the stupidest. If he doesn't respect the generals and the ambassadors, and those who work for all of us, then who does he care about? (besides himself)

Brand New One...Russian Cargo Ship Runs Aground On UK Beach...

Hit the link below, you got to see this one to believe it....No, I did not make this up.


OK...not new.....New One For Me....

..........don't know much about ships..............

"No Collusion No Collusion No Collusion" Where did Trump get the idea to repeat lies over and over?

Joseph Goebbels..:If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." So, let's pass this idea around to our friends and everyone. Trump's idea to repeat a lie over and over like "No Collusion", "No Collusion" "No Collusion".. is an idea that he got from Nazi Propaganda leader Joeseph Goebbels. Trump is hoping that some of his minions will believe it, simply because he says it enough. Yes, over and over and over. That is where this idea came from. Tell everyone everywhere. Trump uses an idea from Hitler's propaganda leader, Joseph Goebbles. See if that one gets around.. This could make him very mad. Good! He got found out again...
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