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Stuart G

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 30,197

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Three Great Journalists are here to help: Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstien, Keith Olbermann

Now Woodward and Bernstein have been around & interviewed often. Bob has been writing great books,
and Carl is interviewed often and his interviews are often right here. (in fact an interview is up today)..
But the trio: Woodward, Bernstein and Olbermann is incredible.
And they are here to try save this old country..
........................ The United States of America!......................

Got to add this: These 3 are NOT alone
Many others have joined this fight to save the U.S.A.

Question to consider about Trump vs Biden..Very simple

Whose supporters on each side will be more motivated to vote? Biden's supporters for a change in leadership?
Or supporters of Trump's leadership of the U.S.A.'s National Government, that has lead to the deaths of
more than 200,000 of people in the U.S.A. and millions of cases of the 19 Virus. Yes millions of cases and
more deaths to come. Again, whose supporters will be more motivated to vote?
..My opinion is Biden' supporters, & those families who were hurt and destroyed by Trump's failure to contain the virus. What is your opinion?

Trump showed his worst personality trait. He showed us all that he cares only about himself.

Donald Trump interrupted, lied, talked too long, mocked his opponent and infuriated the moderator. In the debate he did one thing he should have avoided at all costs. He showed himself to be a selfish, self centered, self absorbed person to the entire country. He didn't even try to fake caring about anyone but himself. Perhaps, Trump was told what to do, but he was who he is: a selfish asshole through and through.

Why the Lincoln Project produces such outstanding videos. Survival of the U.S.A.

These people know Trump is a danger to the U.S.A. That is why these professionals do the very
best they can to produce the best 1 to 4 minute ads possible. That is the reason why, and that is
the total truth. Trump must lose, and he will lose for lots of reasons. These ads are one among many
reasons Trump will lose. We must all work together to make Trump's defeat a certainty. And we must Vote.

Thought for Today...About my my mind,...Have I lost my mind???

Thought # 1,....Yes there will be more...Don't know how many more...

Did you ever think like you lost your mind, somewhere out there?...When you put the facts together, you realize that you really haven't lost your mind, your mind may work slower than before, but it still works and that is good. I start thinking about my mind and my thinking, and then I compare my thinking with other people's thinking and I see the clarity and sensitivity in that brain/mind that reminds me that my mind may be a bit older [just a bit, pleae] ...but it works a whole lot better than the President of the United States. Now, I never thought that I would say anything like that, but honesty is honesty. And when one think about my brain/mind, that for some reason (I am not sure why?) it likes to be honest with other people. I guess I learned that one pretty young so it is ingrained in there pretty far in. ....................................

Sooooo....yes it is still working, and it isn't lost, and that is really a gift..If you got this far, I thank you for reading this. Well, it ain't the Gettysburg Address, but it is long enough to ........Oh, Stuart that is enough for today.........

The joy ride yesterday is proof that Trump cares only about himself..

...He was told, ((I think, I do NOT know, this is an opinion only.).) not to go, but he went otherwise. I think the doctors told him NO, so he went anyway. Trump does what he wants to do, no matter what the consequences are to anyone and that including himself.
...So if you were in the hospital, and all doctors and nurses and experts told you to stay, would you leave?

If Trump knew he had Covid 19, it makes him look stupider & even more self centered.

...How is that possible? Trump must have been told he had the disease, and went out and dealt
with people anyway. If he was tested a couple of times a day, then he must have been told to stay
"at home" but he went out anyway and infected many more people close to him. Think about that.
Someone infected and sick, is told to stay in, and goes out anyway. Going out will infect others, if they don't know he is infected. Perhaps he covered up the infection, for ego reasons,
but, that action is still unbelievable.
...The selfishness of that one action will define Trump forever. He went to rallies, discussions, etc, and
was infected, and he knew, but he went anyway. So, you want proof?..Even after he was admitted
to the hospital, he still had to take a ride around the block to see his supporters and wave. That proves
this is the stupidest most self centered person around.

October 4, 1957..A day in history that is affecting you at this very moment..

..Sputnik ..Russians launch the first space satellite. Those of us who were alive remember because the U.S.A was thought to be the leader in the "Space Race" and the Russians beat us to the first satellite, and wewere shocked that we didn't do it first. We were the leaders in science and technology, but they did it first..

...Those who were alive and old enough remember the shock and feeling of loss that we did not do it first. But how did that affect us right now?

...Here is how: That day resulted in a "Space Race" We would go on this voyage, and they would do that
voyage. Without getting into details, each rocket had to lift more and more equipment and the capsules,
needed to weigh more and were much larger and more to lift more stuff into outer space. As we moved along, doing exactly that scientists realized if they downsized the equipment to fit in the space capsules, they could lift more stuff into outer space. More stuff means more time in space and longer flights. We eventually got to the moon but that is a different story.

...A result of .."downsizing stuff" was that early computers that were very large and didn't do much, were ..."downsized" and did more. The space race advanced computer development through newer and
smaller computers and additional equipment to support those early computers that eventually went to the moon in the early 70s. Early computers took up the size of a room, and did not do much. As they down-sized them for the space race, the computers got smaller and smaller and were developed, so
they could do more & have larger memories. No computer in the 60s and 70s could do what the one
that you are viewing this is doing now..

...The most important aspect of the above "Space Race" is that it motivated scientists to downsize and lighten computers in a way that was unthinkable at the time. Computers continued to get smaller with more memory and other "stuff" and eventually in the early 80s they went on sale to the public. Early home computers cost thousands of dollars.

Downsizing and miniaturization continues until today. Once in the early 80s I took a course in understanding what computers were and would be, the professor said that one day you would be able to hold a computer in your hand. Of course I thought that was impossible, since then computers were only available to the government and certain colleges, and they were very large back then...

Nevertheless, that downsizing has continued until right now. I remember the first time I saw someone walking around the track with a "cell phone' (late 90s or early 00s) I said to myself that
thing is so expensive that I will never own one. Well I own one, and am typing on a
computer right now. All this was speeded up because of October 4, 1957. No one knows how much
faster, but without October 4, 1957, I doubt we would be where we are now.

Real Reason almost no one cares for Trump: He is a Mean, Vicious, Cruel, Lying Bully.

...Yes, it is that simple. Even in the debate he wouldn't shut up and follow the rules. The rules are
simple: This one talks so long, and that one talks so long. Each gets same time. Donald Trump
doesn't care about anyone but himself. Rules and following rules, don't matter. It is all about
Donald Trump. Of course there are those like him, and those people will vote for him.

...But the rest of us, dislike and hate bullies. Bullies push you around. Don't care if they hurt you.
Take advantage of all situations, and they think they are above the rules. Whatever the rules, someone
will take care of it for him. It doesn't matter what it is,, someone will take care of it for him. And
someone has taken care of it for him. But not this time because Trump has shown himself to all of us. He is a mean and vicious bully and the debate proves it. Most of us at DU knew this ahead of time.
But some who watched him do his bully stuff, were turned off, because they didn't know.

...In high school a very long time ago, I remembered the bullies, and I also remember kind people.
All of us have that view of long times past. The bullies stand out because they are so bad, & the kind
people stand out because they are so kind. When Trump loses the election and complains that no one
cares about him, and his situation, that is his view and a lie. We know his situation, many of us have
been through situations like his. He will lose because he is a bully and people don't like bullies. Donald
Trump hasn't got a clue, because he is so mean and vicious, that nothing else gets through to his Bully Brain.

Not wearing masks, & you know that you are infecting others could be the most horrific story of all.

If that group of people knew they were infected & could be spreading the virus at the debate,
and that group did not wear masks because that group didn't want to look bad ( or whatever) could
be the most horrific aspect of this incredible story? If they knew they could infect others, and didn't
try to prevent that by wearing masks, then it highlights who & what they are...evil, horrible, vicious,
people...That is the most incredible aspect of this story. If they knew, and still spread the virus at
the debate, the entire group should be locked up today..Yes,I am speculating and saying," If they knew"

....I want to be totally clear on that, I don't know if they knew..
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