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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 27,191

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

Post Number 1 in a series......Do You Know ? Theresa Greenfield ?

She is running against Joni Ernst for the senate seat in Iowa on November 3..

Below is an address and phone number for information and for giving a donation to her campaign:

Join Theresa Greenfield for Iowa. 515-346-8477 PO Box 685, Des Moines IA 50303.

I had a talk with a more "mature friend" about the .."polio vaccine"

...Something us.."more mature" people might remember..I recall that "polio" was an extremely dangerous disease that no one wanted to get. Not only did it kill, it could destroy one's life for the rest of the time that someone was alive. Some who lived through it, lived in iron lungs for the rest of their lives..
...Today, 60 years later there is no fear of the current virus like there was for polio back then.
..Trump encourages that lack of fear. We all know that. But in the early 50s, polio was clearly a "fear" to all, and when the vaccine was discovered by Jonas Salk in the mid 50s, it was an incredible, and wonderful event that everyone knew about.
...Yes, Donald Trump encourages death and danger. His stupidity and lack of caring for others will always be remembered. The hundred & 20 thousand deaths, or whatever the final number will be, will also be remembered.

About the republican party being destoryed. An historical perspective - 1972

...I was young and smart and knew everything:

..Actually I knew very little about very little. That year I worked for George McGovern, and I worked very hard. I wrote position papers for the Illinois McGovern chairman, worked the streets & went door to door. I even got some old McGovern political pamphlets..yes from 72..(would you like one?)
..Anyway it was quite an experience, and the day the votes were counted I was terribly dismayed. What is going to happen to our party and our beliefs?. George McGovern won one state, (Mass) & Nixon won the rest.

..Electoral votes: Nixon 520,.........McGovern 49
Popular vote.........47,100,000 ....29,100,000

..I thought it was the destruction of the Democratic Party..I was wrong. It was not the destruction of our party,
it was a one time horrible campaign by McGovern, & good campaign by the incumbent Nixon. Watergate was
still a minor break in that had little to go on. I remember talking to some people and one fellow slammed the door when I mentioned, "Watergate."...

We lost so bad, that I were sure we would never win again. We did win 4 years later (1976) with Jimmy Carter.

What is the point about this. The republican party will not be destroyed by a single loss. There is lots and lots of money there, and republicans will take this loss, and the blame will go where it belongs: to Donald Trump.
No one knows what will happen in the future....Anything can happen and already has.
......( This is just a perspective of 2020 looking back at 72) ...

Chris Hayes.July 2, Thursday- 5:26

Steve Schmidt on Lawrence O'Donnel:.. July 2, 2020, 4min :10 secs

Chris Hayes:"The President Has Gotten People Killed, "Needs to Resign" 4min, 7/1/ Weds.


Total Proof that Trump only cares about himself, & NO ONE ELSE..Tonight's Rally..

Tonight's Rally- No social distancing, no masks required, (yes provided, but not required)..seats right next to each other & the whole idea of a mass rally during this pandemic. If Trump cared, there would be some kind of distance between people, and masks required..(or...no rally at all)
..Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself. He puts his followers and friends at risk because he doesn't want to admit the truth about deaths caused by this pandemic.

...If someone is trying to convince others that Trump doesn't care about anyone but himself, the above 2 paragraphs are total truth & total proof to all..

SMILE: Most wonderful video, only a camera could capture..posted by Detlefk in lounge..20 seconds..


Why Trump hasn't got a clue..Donald Trump has conned himself into thinking he can win this election.

..It isn't complicated. Now Trump has to face the total truth: He will lose & lose by a big margin. Given a chance to be a leader, he follows Putin, and lies more about more. He doubles down on his stupidest comments, like the virus will go away, and obviously doesn't listen to advisors who tell him to stop tweeting, and keep his mouth shut. I am sure they tell him to be brief and talk to the point.
..Donald Trump still thinks he knows it all, and he has proven he knows nothing. Trump will not win, because Biden in an honest reliable person and Trump is the opposite.

Today, Donald Trump repeated one of the stupidest thing he ever said.."It will disappear"

Hit the link below, this is in the ..".Latest Breaking News"...posted there by SouthernCal Dem


Say it once..well maybe a mistake..Say it again 4 months later...proof of insanity..

Here is what Donald Trump said on February 28

Feb 28
Its going to disappear. One day, its like a miracle, it will disappear.
No..You cannot make this up...

Currently 2.74 million confirmed cases in United States...
Currently 130,000 deaths in United States, ... due to virus..Numbers at this link below:

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