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Stuart G

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Gender: Male
Hometown: no where
Current location: ????
Member since: Tue Dec 18, 2007, 12:07 PM
Number of posts: 34,371

About Me

I thought I knew a lot, and I found out... how little I knew about what I know. And how much more there is to learn, if I listen and read what others have to say.

Journal Archives

"Taking Arms Against the Government" which one? ..Federal, State or local?

Against the National park system?
Against the local School Board?
Against the local traffic cops?
Against the teachers in the school.....Yes, they are government workers too.
against the mail man...he is paid by the government..isn't he?'
Against the Army?...I wouldn't do that
Against certain colleges? ...Many are government funded & controlled
Against the road repair people...many are government workers.
Guess what?....Libraries are funded by the government, and most are government agencies.
Against those employees who help to provide ..."food stamps"
Against the stop lignts?...controlled and paid for by local governments
Against the national guard...see sentence about the Army
Navy same as Army
Marines, same as Army
Some government agencies operate museums ...I don't think so.
Local Police Detectives..NO

I guess silly Stu doesn't know which government agency or workers they wish to take arms against.............

Therefore the idiots need to decide which part of the government they are fighting against?
........Define the government, & who you want to shoot at...& why? The government is everywhere

....................OH MY.................time to hide again... or maybe nuke .......

About ...."Pessimism" Currently We Have a President That Has Seen

The Best and The Worst.
This is true in his political life, and his entire life.

He deeply cares about the United States and is showing that to everyone.
I also believe that he will do what is right for this country & the world.
Joe is not new, and he has seen a great deal.
Joe was in the room when we got Osama bin Laden.
Joe was in Congress on 9/11.
Joe is a gift to us all. Please don't underestimate Joe Biden.
He is the best person for this time in our history.

Something great about the 1/6 Committee: it is acting as if these hearings are to save our democracy

You can observe how much work the members have put in to make the testimony honest, relevant and complete. It is obvious to me that the members and their staff have put in as much work as possible to convince all of us, that the committee is presenting the truth and all of the truth, about all the people in the events of 1/6. All of the players, not just a few. All of the events and not just a few!!

The most important idea of all, this is a simple question, "Who do you believe Hutchenson or Trump?"

I wonder if Trump knows that the question is, "Who do you believe Hutchenson or Me?" Trump is too
Stuart G

Time is the major player in all decisions.

So, Biden isn't ready to increase the Supreme Court...... Now?

Maybe later?

Maybe in a few months he will be ready, after more important decisions are given that take away rights?
....Time will tell, and over time people change their opinions. Yes, you & I know that is true.

Important Point: At NO point have We Heard Trump Asking, "Is This Against The Law?"

From what I have heard, Trump NEVER asked that question. No one has said that. In conclusion:
Trump must have assumed that he was going to get away with what he was doing, or he didn't care about the law.

In the car, at the White House, at the Eclipse, and so on, we never hear that question. I can only guess that
Donald Trump didn't care about the law, or even think that there were laws to prevent him from doing something.

......Repeat: Trump was so sure he was going to get away with what he did that he never asked the important
question about something being against the law. Even putting his hands on the driver/secret service person, towards
his neck, meant nothing to Trump. Nothing at all.

.......In one portion of a report I viewed, it was said by someone, that if anyone else had put his hands on a secret
service person/driver, he/she would have been immediately arrested.

Do you think that Donald Trump will be indicted?..And tried, & convicted? Of course , your opinion?

I think DONNIE BOY ...WILL BE TRIED AND CONVICTED.for some crimes, but no jail time.....

I will admit that my crystal ball is a bit fuzzy on this one. Actually I don't have a clue, says Stu

Please take a look at this one .."Life's Simple Pleasures" posted by brooklynite in Discussion at

link below....Yes, you will laugh, I did...58 seconds..that's all. ..Please watch the last 20 seconds
ENJOY!!........very funny indeed............................


10 dead and 40 wounded in Kremenchuk shopping mall airstrike, official says

10 dead and 40 wounded in Kremenchuk shopping mall airstrike, official says
From CNN's Kostan Nechyporenko

Dmytro Lunin, the head of the Poltava region military administration, revised the death toll from Monday’s airstrike on a shopping mall in Kremenchuk to 10 dead and 40 injured.

This report comes after Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy head of the office of the president of Ukraine, said earlier on Monday that two people had died and that 20 people have been wounded — of which nine were in a serious condition — following the airstrike.

Initial reports from President Volodymyr Zelensky suggest that at least 1,000 people may have been in the building when it was struck.


About "Interstate Travel to do ???.ANYTHING?..(.for all to know)

...Before the U.S. Constitution, travel & business between states was difficult. States set up their own laws &
regulations. The Constitution solved those problems of commerce & business.
....No one can regulate interstate business or interstate travel. When you enter a state, there is a sign that says you
are entering, no check point or cops checking to see if you are a "resident" OF THAT STATE OR NOT. (just a sign)

...............Yes, I taught the U.S. Constitution in high school as part of U.S.History class & it was required to teach that...

.......(therefore, I had to read up on the reasons that the Constitution was adopted to teach the class)

Maybe you don't believe it...then read up the reasons that the Constitution replaces the previous set of laws.

.................I think the previous set was called, "Articles of the Confederation" (not sure of name, it has been
a long time, over 20 years, since I taught that stuff)
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