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Member since: Wed Dec 12, 2007, 11:59 PM
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PHOTO: Biden meets mini Ryan.... or caption it yourself

Some how I thought of Ryan and Biden in the debates.... cute photo
Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Sat Sep 15, 2012, 04:53 AM (2 replies)

The Fermi paradox vs the “Undetectability Conjecture,”

“Evolutionary selection, acting on a cosmic scale, tends to extinguish species which conspicuously advertise themselves and their habitats,” according to Adrian Kent, Centre for Quantum Computation, University of Cambridge.

The Fermi paradox is the apparent contradiction between high estimates of the probability of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and the lack of evidence for, or contact with, such civilizations. As Enrico Fermi asked if the Universe is conducive to intelligent life, “Where is everybody?”

An answer proposed by Adrian Kent of the University of Cambridge and Perimeter Institute, is that extraterrestial life sufficiently advanced to be capable of interstellar travel or communication must be rare, since otherwise we would have seen evidence of it by now. This in turn is sometimes taken as indirect evidence for the improbability of life evolving at all in our universe.

“Intelligent species might reasonably worry about the possible dangers of self-advertisement and hence incline towards discretion” -- the “Undetectability Conjecture,” put forth by Beatriz Gato-Rivera, a theoretical physicist at the Instituto de Fisica Fundamental (previously Instituto de Matematicas y Fisica Fundamental) of the CSIC (Spanish Scientific Research Council) in Madrid.
According to Gato-Rivera, we may find ourselves in a universe in which there exist intelligent technological civilizations but they have chosen to be undetectable, camouflaging themselves mainly for security reasons (because advanced civilizations could also be aggressive).

“It often seems, Kent concludes, "to be implicitly assumed, and sometimes is explicitly argued, that colonising or otherwise exploiting the resources of other planets and other solar systems will solve our problems when the Earth’s resources can no longer sustain our consumption. It might perhaps be worth contemplating more seriously the possibility that there may be limits to the territory we can safely colonise and to the resources we can safely exploit, and to consider whether and how it might be possible to evolve towards a way of living that can be sustained (almost) indefinitely on the resources of (say) our solar system alone.”

Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Sat Sep 15, 2012, 04:35 AM (22 replies)

Findings of the Tandem satellites probe the Moon's interior


The first is that the Moon’s crust seems to be thinner than thought. When lunar geologists first estimated the thickness of the Moon’s crust, using data from seismometers placed by the Apollo astronauts, they concluded that it was around 60 kilometres thick. Subsequent re-analyses of those data brought the estimate down to around 45 kilometres. Now, GRAIL’s results suggest that the crust’s average thickness is only 30 kilometres, says Zuber.


The second finding is that there is a high correlation between variations in the Moon’s gravitational field and its topography. “This, to me, is one of the most surprising things we found,” says Zuber. The result suggests that the gravitational field of the Moon is dominated by its deep craters rather than the structure of its interior. This relationship between topography and gravity was closer for the Moon than for other terrestrial bodies such as Mars, Venus and Earth, Zuber says. “It actually makes you wonder how well we understand the other terrestrial planets.”


Third, Zuber reported that GRAIL has not been able to confirm some of the larger and older impact basins hypothesized to exist on the Moon’s surface. Lunar scientists examining the Moon’s surface have tried to unravel the history of asteroid impacts — which would illuminate the evolution of not only the Moon but also other bodies of the inner Solar System — by defining areas where large impact basins might underlie more visible and obvious craters. But GRAIL hasn’t found many of the hypothetical basins, Zuber says.



Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Sat Sep 15, 2012, 04:17 AM (0 replies)

US beats Libya for the hottest place on Earth

The World Meteorological Organization announced it now considers Death Valley National Park the hottest place on Earth.

The highest recorded surface temperature of 134 degrees (56.7 degrees Celsius) ) was measured on July 10, 1913, at Greenland Ranch, now fittingly called Furnace Creek.

That was apparently surpassed on Sept. 13, 1922, with a recording of 136.4 degrees (58 C) in what is now Libya.

But that reading has long been disputed. An international panel investigated and found a number of mistakes made at the time by an inexperienced observer. Consequently, the temperature reading was adjusted upward.

The record reading at Death Valley came during a week of extreme heat in which the high reached at least 127 degrees each day.


One of the many mysterious moving stones in death valley
Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Fri Sep 14, 2012, 09:47 AM (1 replies)

Romney made his wealth from China ..quit bashing us officials say

In a strongly worded English-language commentary, Xinhua said Romney's anti-China rhetoric, if converted into policy upon him assuming office, would trigger a catastrophic trade war and damage the already weak global economic recovery.

"It is rather ironic that a considerable portion of this China-battering politician's wealth was actually obtained by doing business with Chinese companies before he entered politics," Xinhua wrote.

"Such blaming-China-on-everything remarks are as false as they are foolish, for it has never been a myth that pushing up the value of China's currency would be of little use to boost the chronically slack job market of the world's sole superpower, not to mention to magically turn the poor U.S. economic performance around."


And the dynamite goes boom
Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Fri Sep 14, 2012, 08:55 AM (1 replies)

I don't want a Hospice near my home it drives down property value

First, a few facts. Like every other community, rich and not, Belmont could use cash, so local officials came up with the seemingly bright idea of selling a town-owned 5.5-acre wooded parcel in the midst of upscale Belmont Hill.

Local officials received an inquiry this spring from Integra Medical Properties, a Georgia-based company interested in building a residential hospice facility on the town land adjacent to the country club and in the woods deep behind Tagg Romney’s street. It was to be one-story, about 15,000 square feet, set far back from the neighborhood.

Belmont planners seized on it. The town needed the revenue, the site was well buffered, and residents, they thought, might appreciate the service.

Belmont Hill was also home to Mitt and Ann Romney, before they sold their tasteful colonial. It’s currently the neighborhood of Tagg and Jennifer Romney, who built a 14-room, 8,000-square-foot house in 2007 that the town has assessed for $3.9 million.

At an August selectmen’s meeting, according to a video posted by the Belmont Citizen-Herald, Tagg Romney stood and told the board, “I certainly would not have built my house if I thought there was a possibility of a hospice going there. The value of all our homes will decrease dramatically.”

Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Fri Sep 14, 2012, 08:36 AM (43 replies)

Ann Romney to hold fundraiser at dim son's house in Dallas

Ann Romney will attend a fundraising lunch to raise money for husband's presidential campaign at the home of former President George W. Bush next Tuesday, a Romney campaign spokesperson confirmed. Former First Lady Laura Bush will host the lunch, which is part of a Romney fundraising swing through the GOP donor-rich state of Texas, at the couple's home in the Preston Hollow neighborhood of Dallas.

Romney campaign aides said Thursday they were unsure whether former president Bush would appear at the lunchtime event at his home, or at a separate finance event with Romney later that evening at a Dallas hotel. A Bush spokesperson did not immediately return a request for comment on the former president's schedule, but one Texas Republican close to Bush said he will be in Dallas on Tuesday.

Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Fri Sep 14, 2012, 07:41 AM (1 replies)

More Cowbell: Christopher Walken endorses Obama

Back in 2009, America had an economy-tanking fever, and the only prescription for it was more Barack Obama.

Or so says this guy:

Actor Christopher Walken thinks that President Obama deserves another term in the White House.

"I think what [Bill] Clinton said the other night is absolutely true: Nobody could fix this in four years," he recently told Moviefone. "Obama's really done remarkably. The Dow Jones -- look at how things have come along. The auto companies are back. It's interesting that nobody gives him credit."

"How could he [fix it] when you think about what it was?" Walken went on. "I remember very clearly because I was worried about it myself. People were scared. Now they're concerned, but they're not scared. It could have really been bad. I do believe that everything is getting better now."

Game. Changer.

The man famous for serenading John Travolta, shooting Dennis Hopper in the face, and delivering a stunning rendition of "Poker Face" has officially endorsed the president.


Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Fri Sep 14, 2012, 07:33 AM (7 replies)

London Olympics look like the pinnacle of modern diplomacy R

NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—One day after he was roundly criticized by both parties for his comments about Libya, Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney attempted to burnish his foreign-policy credentials today, telling reporters that

“no one has spent more time overseas than my money has.”

“My money has served in banks from Switzerland to Bermuda, and from Bermuda to the Cayman Islands,” Mr. Romney said.

“I challenge my opponent’s money to equal that record of service.”

Doubling down on his latest theme, Mr. Romney promised that “on Day One of my Presidency, I will ensure that American money is safe and secure in secret vaults and underground caves around the world.”

Mr. Romney’s recent foray into foreign policy may have hurt him in a new poll, in which a majority of likely voters agreed with the statement, “Mitt Romney is starting to make his trip to the London Olympics look like the pinnacle of modern diplomacy.”

An official statement from the Romney campaign did not refer to his latest comments, but indicated that between now and the election Mr. Romney’s schedule would deëmphasize events where he might be called upon to open his mouth.

Read more http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/borowitzreport/2012/09/attacked-on-foreign-policy-romney-cites-his-moneys-experience-abroad.html#ixzz26MgNd52c
Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Thu Sep 13, 2012, 11:41 AM (1 replies)

Romney Asked VP Shortlisters for Ten Years of Tax Returns

As part of its vetting, the Romney campaign required at least some of the candidates on the short list—including the eventual winner of the GOP veepstakes, Ryan—to submit fully 10 years of tax returns, according to a knowledgeable source.

The requirement was consistent with the past practices of both Republican and Democratic campaigns. Indeed, in 2008, Mitt Romney turned over 23 years of taxes to John Mccain’s campaign when he was under consideration to be the Arizona senator’s running mate.

But this year, the vetting of tax returns has had particular political resonance because of Romney’s refusal to release more than two years of his own tax filings. The Obama campaign has waged a withering assault on Romney for his failure to be more transparent about his personal finances, part of a larger narrative seeking to portray the Republican nominee as a privileged plutocrat who has been able to mine the tax code for loopholes and other tricks unavailable to average middle—class Americans. For months, Chicago and its allies have hammered Romney on taxes, suggesting he must be hiding something.

In response to questions about the 10-year requirement, Romney campaign press secretary Andrea Saul declined comment. “We do not discuss the VP selection process,” she wrote in an email.
Posted by Ichingcarpenter | Thu Sep 13, 2012, 11:32 AM (0 replies)
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