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Profile Information

Name: Mungo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Michigan
Home country: USA
Current location: Between rock and hard space
Member since: Wed Dec 12, 2007, 08:18 PM
Number of posts: 868

About Me

Firm believer that all corporations are as open to the same extent that corporations demand of the government. Then they must be allowed to exist when they, corporations, agree, in writing, that they are not living entities entitled to the same rights as Homo Sapiens. Equally as important is corporations, at no time and under no circumstance, are allowed to endanger the citizens nor the commons citizens inhabit. Any attempt, covert or otherwise to affect these rules by any means will be grounds for the immediate disillusion of said corporation(s) with all assets becoming the property of the commons. Lastly, when it is established, any and all elected or appointed officials that violate their sworn Oath of Office, they be removed and prosecuted for their violation(s) to the full extent of the law. Anything less is violates the Rule of Law of which is the foundation of our nation.

Journal Archives

Can the GOP

be impeached along with their fellow "ratfucker" Donald Trump? It would seem rather unfair to allow those that backed him and still due,
allow Donald to swing alone.

But then again, isn't that what "ratfuckers" do?
Posted by Cartaphelius | Wed Aug 2, 2017, 05:19 PM (3 replies)

khrystians (fake Christians) and real Nazi's

In AMERICA'S White House!

How can this be?

We see a huckleberry in the briefing room claiming the mantle of a deeply religious khrystian, (fake Christian) openly and proudly supporting the destruction of the lives of million by championing the evil desire to kill health care. And for what? To stand and support a serial liar, a misogynist, a proven thief, an admitted crook and the embodiment of chaos?

For a paycheck? Can't be. For a true Christian to deprive others that are so much less fortunate or who believes in a different god, or just plain decency would be insult to their god. The khrystian bigots we are witnessing require a special level of hatred to serve, for just the emotional rush from helping their masters administer the pain and suffering inflicted upon their sycophants and the balance of the rational citizenry.

You might think this is a stretch. Could be.

What's the address of Jared's underwater Building? 666?

What is the devils purpose?

To destroy all that is good, by any means necessary and regardless of the result.

How is this devil different from the Nazi's?

We are all Jewish.....

Posted by Cartaphelius | Tue Aug 1, 2017, 04:17 PM (0 replies)
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