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Profile Information

Name: Mungo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Michigan
Home country: USA
Current location: Between rock and hard space
Member since: Wed Dec 12, 2007, 08:18 PM
Number of posts: 868

About Me

Firm believer that all corporations are as open to the same extent that corporations demand of the government. Then they must be allowed to exist when they, corporations, agree, in writing, that they are not living entities entitled to the same rights as Homo Sapiens. Equally as important is corporations, at no time and under no circumstance, are allowed to endanger the citizens nor the commons citizens inhabit. Any attempt, covert or otherwise to affect these rules by any means will be grounds for the immediate disillusion of said corporation(s) with all assets becoming the property of the commons. Lastly, when it is established, any and all elected or appointed officials that violate their sworn Oath of Office, they be removed and prosecuted for their violation(s) to the full extent of the law. Anything less is violates the Rule of Law of which is the foundation of our nation.

Journal Archives

Is it just me?


Everything else is a distraction. Failing to see it and respond now will be out demise.

Please explain, if you can....

Why are tax payers required to annually contribute $4,000.00 each, to provide support for corporations?

Never have I heard of, much less been received a rebate or corporate shares for my "contributions" while also providing direct corporate profits via the purchase of their goods and services.

To add insult to injury, to be required to pay for the "free" local fire, police, schools and all other general services provided corporations only further increases to their profits.

When will taxpayer after-tax contributions to corporate america ever be credited let alone repaid?

And now, not only will american taxpayers be obligated to domestic corporations, but will now be required to pay, in after tax income, to foreign investors.

How is this even possible? When did voluntary foreign stock investors become eligible to receive funds from the tax dollars americans pay?

We cannot feed the hungry in america but we can make the poorest 90% of america to pay for non-contributing tax payers to invest in america, increasing foreign profitability as well as corporate americas bottom line.

The United States of America id dead. Long live USA.com, the new corporate slave state.

Supreme Court STEP UP!

While watching the Republican Party, the criminal arm of the Trump Administration, move to destroy that which our forefathers (and mothers) have fought and died for, the Supreme Court has the responsibility to protect the Constitution.

All legislative actions should be frozen until the criminal investigation being conducted has been completed.

Further, all appointments to the courts and our agencies that have been made, which only serve to enable, and solidify the continuing Republican/Russian Coup-d'etat of America.

Clearly, the cost to the lowly tax payers of an additional $1.5 - $2.5 Trillion to needlessly enrich those that, arguably, to this day, have never paid their-fair-share of taxes (i.e., Social Security Cap, etc., etc....) will establish this country, for the whole world to see, as the largest Slave Owner state in the history.

While the Republicans would have us believe that "there is more room at the top", begs the question of who will clean their toilets? Raise their children? Cut their lawn? Or pay the taxes they refuse to pay?

Not them....

Republican criminal collusion

Why has no one called for the criminal indictment of republican senators?

According to the record and admitted by more than one, including the Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman, Richard Burr, were solicited, personally, by Trump, to end the investigation into Russia. However,
no mention of these requests seems to have been reported to the FBI or to the Special Counsel. Instead, we have witnessed the republicans on the Intelligence Committee do all they could to slow-play, obfuscate, misdirect or openly deny culpability of the Trump administration.

My read is that, they, Devin Nunes as a primary example, and to a lesser extent Trey Goudy, ie., Drako Malfoy, all played a roll in providing cover for the White House instead fulfilling their sworn duties of protecting the Constitution of the U.S.

By their actions and deeds, the republicans, fully aware of Trump's complicity and criminality, used such knowledge to provide cover for the largest legislative theft, (second only to the 2008 market collapse caused by their constituents on Wall Street), to enrich their donors and themselves.

As we the people, the 90% that work every day, pay, on average, $4,000 a year in taxes to subsidize corporations, while at the same time, providing profits to the same corporations for goods and services, and the same corporations paying zero tax dollars, leaving the cost of the infrastructure and the commons to the the tax payer.

The republicans, en masse, should be charged under the Rico Act as a criminal organization, no differently than would be another crime family like the Gotti's as they are all complicit in placing their party's power, goals and financial needs ahead of all other concerns.

We are now all part the Ayn Rand's (and Paul Ryan's) dystopian universe; "if you are too poor to live, then just die."
Posted by Cartaphelius | Sat Dec 2, 2017, 12:17 PM (2 replies)
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