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Profile Information

Name: Mungo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Michigan
Home country: USA
Current location: Between rock and hard space
Member since: Wed Dec 12, 2007, 08:18 PM
Number of posts: 868

About Me

Firm believer that all corporations are as open to the same extent that corporations demand of the government. Then they must be allowed to exist when they, corporations, agree, in writing, that they are not living entities entitled to the same rights as Homo Sapiens. Equally as important is corporations, at no time and under no circumstance, are allowed to endanger the citizens nor the commons citizens inhabit. Any attempt, covert or otherwise to affect these rules by any means will be grounds for the immediate disillusion of said corporation(s) with all assets becoming the property of the commons. Lastly, when it is established, any and all elected or appointed officials that violate their sworn Oath of Office, they be removed and prosecuted for their violation(s) to the full extent of the law. Anything less is violates the Rule of Law of which is the foundation of our nation.

Journal Archives

Contrived obstruction much?

I'll bet the only reason Pence and Pumpeo only went to
Turkey was for the falafels and a government paid vacation
at a Trump property.

They could have pretended this wasn't all bullshit from day
one with a simply phone call....

I'm not fooled.....

Trump side-gig

This morning I received an e-mail promoting an Agora Financial subsidiary
endorsed by Dumbold Trump as his picture was proudly portrayed. The
come on was if your income is currently "insufficient" they could help
you to receive a check with upto 5 digits (before the decimal point) in short

I wonder how much Dumbold is receiving for his bold endorsement?

Is it even legal for him to promote any commercial business?

Will anyone even give a damn?

Grover "the Grouch" Norquist

just where are you hiding?

Having achieved your aspirations of electing an idiot barely smart enough
to sign into law whatever you and your traitorous friends and cohorts
slid in front your idiot. To destroy the foundations of OUR country
so you could drown it OUR Democracy in a bath tub.

You should be all over the news dancing in the street.

But yet, you hide, like a coward. Your silence is deafening as OUR nation,
your sworn enemy is being systematically being destroyed.

You should be a permanent resident in Guantanamo with all the
amenities provided the other terrorists that brought down the Twin Towers
in New York on 9/11.

Transactionalized Slavery

At one point, the 1% probably believed those "brown" people south of
our border would augment the the losses of "imported" African people
to "serve" as slaves. However, it became increasingly difficult to sustain

The current process for increased profitability is the use of Foreigner's
shipped in, mostly at their travel costs and forced to pay
their housing and food while working in slave-like conditions at minimum

Doesn't matter where you look either. Thai's working in casino hotels in
Biloxi, Jamaicans working on Mackinaw Islands richest, most profitable
Hotels and more Thai's working at fast food restaurants in Pennsylvania.
All of which are beholden to the Company Store (owners) for their
food, shelter and other living expenses (utilities, etc., etc.,)

But none of it matters because the wealthy, with the assistance of the christians
(saving their souls) and the republicans lining their pockets deem they are worth
just what they get.

Folks, it never changes for long, and has been the PLAYBOOK of the wealthy
whether the are Communists, Socialists, Democrats, Plutocrats, Dictatorships or

Mark Meadows, are you happy now?

How about your murderous cohorts like Jim Jordan, or dumb
ass Gaetz, or the rest of your party of hate and destruction?

No need to cry for those sacrificed for absolutely nothing. Cry
because you and your party supported this slaughter and
in the process exposed your true nature.

Resign today! Take all Lindsey and the rest with you.


Give him to the Hague for crimes against HUMANITY!

Morning Joe

I was just wondering out of a deep sleep searching for coffee when
I heard Republican turned Not Republican pontificating.

He was speaking to a senator, specifically, a Lake "Ron Johnson" Bass, who over the
weekend found himself engaged into "spitting the hook". Johnson, who had issues with
Trumps Ukraine bog, and had the temerity of a Ghost of Republican Senator.
In the death-throws of pending extinction, lunker Johnson broke the surface gasping
for air, and unwittingly exposed the Trump's Administration, the Justice and the
State Department working to compromise an America Election.
Ron Johnson suspected (or knew) it was designed to cover--up Trump's criminal
actions, including crimes of a member of his Cabinet, that occurred in Ukraine. Johnson,
on national T.V. Sunday, was seen flopping around, struggling to re-join the Trump "school"
of Republican Fish, like Rubio and Jordan and receiving the blessing of Trump and supporting
Trump's fake opportunity to blame VP Biden for everything "2016", giving him the power to
absolve Putin and end Russian sanctions.
However, Morning "Joe", as his want, or some would say, as his role in the destruction of
of America by the the enemy within. For details almost two years old buried in Trumps rampant
distractive behaviors allowing furthering of the Koch Agenda.

See the article and judge for yourself.

Posted by Cartaphelius | Mon Oct 7, 2019, 09:08 AM (0 replies)

"Trump was just kidding when he said.....

1) Mexico is going to pay for the wall;
2) Only 16 dead in Puerto Rico's Hurricane;
3) Puerto Rico got $90 million in aide for the hurricane;
4) Manufacturing jobs are coming back to the US;
5) Tariffs are paid for by the government;
6) The Republican Tax cuts will give everyone a financial boost;
7) He doesn't lie;
8) He is a stable genius;
9) Putin did not interfere in our elections;
10) Adam Schiff is a traitor;

Feel free to list you "Trump was only kidding" statements...
Posted by Cartaphelius | Sun Oct 6, 2019, 12:31 PM (5 replies)

The Whistleblower is

Trump's Khashoggi.

And according to Trumps deserve the same "treatment".

If the Right agrees, as it seems to have done, they are guilty
of Aiding an Abetting. And since, hopefully, the Whistleblower
remains safe, the republicans culpability and complicity, regardless
of the final outcome by supporting the Criminal in Chief with their
implicit consent.
Posted by Cartaphelius | Wed Oct 2, 2019, 10:56 AM (2 replies)

What need to be done now, if not sooner;

1) Void Trump's Passport;
2) Seize all Trump assets (including foreign and domestic);
3) Place him under House Arrest (with an ankle monitor);
4) Seize all assets and passports of his children (foreign and domestic);
5) Seize all assets and passports of his cabinet (foreign and domestic);
6) Seize all assets and passports of his White House advisors (foreign and domestic);
7) Place all of persons under #'s 4,5 and 6 on house arrest (with ankle monitors).
8) Send him the bill for all his golf trips, stays at his properties, Secret Service protection, etc.;

These would be a great first step in restoring even a modicum of sanity to our country, but are far from exclusive.....
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