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Profile Information

Name: Mungo
Gender: Male
Hometown: Michigan
Home country: USA
Current location: Between rock and hard space
Member since: Wed Dec 12, 2007, 08:18 PM
Number of posts: 868

About Me

Firm believer that all corporations are as open to the same extent that corporations demand of the government. Then they must be allowed to exist when they, corporations, agree, in writing, that they are not living entities entitled to the same rights as Homo Sapiens. Equally as important is corporations, at no time and under no circumstance, are allowed to endanger the citizens nor the commons citizens inhabit. Any attempt, covert or otherwise to affect these rules by any means will be grounds for the immediate disillusion of said corporation(s) with all assets becoming the property of the commons. Lastly, when it is established, any and all elected or appointed officials that violate their sworn Oath of Office, they be removed and prosecuted for their violation(s) to the full extent of the law. Anything less is violates the Rule of Law of which is the foundation of our nation.

Journal Archives

Barrett claims she is not hostile

to the ACA in her response with Cornyn.

But clearly, she is religiously hostile toward Roe, LGBT and the ACA.

Yet, ignoring the rights of christians and non-christians alike because her
religion and her fellow "christians" demands the exclusion of rights to
the poor above all else to cement power for the future Religious regime.

It is unconstitutionally to place any

religion ABOVE the rights of individuals!

I am waiting for

even MORE Fascist Senators to announce their
infection by a totally made-up democratic disease.

Just a couple more and Mitch, Trump's Bitch is toast
and can no longer protect der Fuhrer.
Posted by Cartaphelius | Sat Oct 3, 2020, 10:16 AM (0 replies)

So Bannon stole $1 million to buy a rug.

Besides Bannon and the triple amputee Veteran receiving $350,000 (estimated)

where in the hell did the remaining $23,650,000 go?

Inquiring minds want to know!


With the election rapidly approaching, it has become an imperative
to ensure that when Trump looses he is immediately removed from

The citizenry has had to endure almost four years of unprecedented
abuse almost on a daily basis. When he is defeated in November he
will make sure to inflict as much damage to this nation that he can
muster. With the assistance of the ungodly criminals he has appointed
the destruction will be beyond repair.

In order to do this the Congress MUST immediately impeach Trump
again and again until he is removed from office as quickly as possible
to save what little remains of our sanity, our economy and our country.

If TWITTER can't effectively

overcome Trumps hate-filled, lies, then how can they
justify targeting yours or mine for far less egregious violations?

If they can't then the FCC should shut them down, NOW!

Dr. Birx, Trumps own Josef Mengele,

has disavowed her sworn Hippocratic Oath to "do no harm".
Choosing instead to further the evil, murderous machinations
of another psychopathic megalomaniac for fun and profit.

At what point does the charge of

First Degree Murder by Trump and his sycophants and supporters
become sufficient enough to hold the republican party, responsible?

Trump has declared openly, repeatedly, time and time again, profits
are the sole factor in every life saving action suggested as
necessary to combat Corona Virus 19 and the out-of-control death

Your life, like mine and all those we know and love, are forfeit in the
eyes and deeds of the republican party as long as they are profitting.

Why isn't Betsie DeVoss

behind bars?

For the last three plus years she has been in violation
of the law passed under Obama to forgive certain
student loans. Yet to date she has refused to follow
the law.

Indeed, she has reused the Federal Courts orders to
comply time and time again.

Call you representative and senator and demand the
law we of the 99% are required to follow, is likewise
followed by the 1%. And more importantly, that scofflaws
like De Voss should be jailed for ignoring her legal mandate
and the courts for failing to comply.
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