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Member since: Tue Nov 6, 2007, 09:55 AM
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The Republican War on Everybody Else

The Republicans have been waging a war against liberals for at least the last forty years. They have demonized us, they have shamed us into silence, and they have spewed their hateful rhetoric to avoid discussions about real solutions to very real and pressing problems.

It's true. I am sick of the lack of real political discourse in this country. I am tired of being called a socialist or communist for my political views. I am troubled by the claims that my support for the gay/transgender communities is to go against the will of God. I find disturbing their fears of anyone who isn't white. I am very uncomfortable with their ability to marginalize the poor. I have a real problem with their claims that unfettered capitalism is the altar on which we all should worship. And I am furious because, we as liberals, have let conservatives marginalize us and our core beliefs.

My America is obviously not their America, and in another time or place that would have been okay, but today they want to shape America in their image. It would be an American in which the poor would have no voice, no opportunity to rise above circumstance to succeed. Their America would be a place where gun control would not exist and everyone would be allowed to have assault rifles. Their America would be an America in which women would have no access to family planning and abortion. Their America would be an America with no safe air and water, no safe food, no safe pharmaceutical drugs, or devices. Civil rights and labor laws would become a footnote in a history text and we all would lose the rights we previously took for granted.

They have slowly made us second class citizens because of our views. They resort to name-calling and talking points, because they are unable or unwilling to engage in thoughtful or meaningful discussion on the issues challenging this country. They are mouthpieces to their rich overlords and will say anything to keep their masters happy, and will leave the rest of us swinging in the wind.

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