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Deny and Shred

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Is evolving good? Is it possible?

When Hillary evolves, some see it as good. When Bernie tries to get some Trump supporters to evolve, the same people see it as bad.

Some Trump supporters are probably enthusiastic about him. Many are probably amused by him and know that liking him in a phone poll is not the same as pulling the lever. Trump is running at 39%. His support among many of them is tenuous at best. He is running as an outsider and doing well among Republicans.

Is every single Trump supporter unreachable? Is the brainwashing so complete that they are all lost causes? If they were devout Republicans, then an outsider like Trump wouldn't be polling so well against the other staunch party guys.

The 50 state strategy was a good idea. Those who rejected it are more than happy to have the resulting converts to the Democratic party. Same idea at play here.

This whole 'Bernie's Bad for trying to appeal to Trump voters' thing does boggle the mind. To paraphrase what I've read, ' We don't want Trump's bigots to consider any alternative - we just want them to go on living in their pathetic bubble and voting for the opposition.'

I've spoken to many Bernie supporters who are opposed to the rightward lurch the party has taken over the past many years. Its odd that those who support the candidate representing that lurch to the right are opposed to courting some just a bit further to the right. Its like a 'we've gone this far, but not a step further.'

Last I checked, Democrats were the Big Tent. If its big enough for some converts, it should be big enough for even more.
Posted by Deny and Shred | Tue Dec 29, 2015, 10:21 AM (1 replies)
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