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Profile Information

Gender: Female
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: Oakland, CA
Member since: Sun Oct 21, 2007, 01:35 PM
Number of posts: 44,069

About Me

job: Administrative Assistant in UC Berkeley avocation: artist

Journal Archives

This is a picture I painted of President Obama before he turned gray

I want to make a very large one of 3 ft x 3 ft or larger some day.

It’s only two colors, black and white, which symbolizes, among other things, his mixed race parentage. I wanted to do something that represented a racially united country. Little did I know!

Trump's deal with Erdogan

Things have gotten so bad for Trump that even he is aware of it.

We all know he’s only interested in his money and growing it, but at this point something else has been added to his triangulating brain. That something is self preservation on a physical level.

I think this entire withdrawal of troops protecting the Kurds is about more than just Trump’s financial interests in Turkey. It’s about where he can escape to if he has to flee in order to save his own ass.

Just like that phone call to Ukraine’s President Zelensky this entire Turkey thing stinks of quid pro quo only the roles are reversed. Trump called Erdogan and asked if he could go to Turkey and be guaranteed no extradition to the US. Only this time it was Erdogan who said, “Yes, but I need you to do me a favor”...

Just a theory.

So Chris Hayes says Captain Kangaroo is heading the Trump witch hunt!


Trump believes to his core

that we are all like him. He knows in his much vaunted gut smarts that the only reason we hate him is that he is better at it than we are. In his mind that makes him a winner and us losers. His world is not divided into good and bad, only into losers and winners at the only game in town.

The game is who is better at lying, cheating, conning and self serving. He loves strongmen because they are the ultimate winners. They are the only humans who have more power than he does and that’s because they’re better at being utterly ruthless in their methods. It’s admirable to him, worthy of envious respect and adulation, and that’s what he’s determined to acquire. Ultimate power of life and death over everybody. He will be the winner at whatever cost. And in his dark, self worshipping imagination we will all bow our heads and kiss his ass because he was just fucking better at it than we were.

Nancy Pelosi's got this

OMG! Maxine Waters is talking about getting death threats all the time.

She says it’s a daily thing for many Congresspeople and that she gets hundreds of threats and that some of them have been convicted and put in prison. She has to pay for security and has to send others to do her grocery shopping.

I sure can!

The White House staff

Does anyone here still think our blue wave winning election didn't make a difference?

I gladly quote Nancy Pelosi on saying this in 2012: “Elections have consequences.”


Let me tell you why this Ukrainian thing is a game changer

just in our ordinary lives. A new difference in our relationships with family members and co-workers and acquaintances who went MAGA and who spewed propaganda lies force fed to them by Fox and Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and Evangelicals and Republicans.

No matter what argument they have, and no matter what fallacious opinions they spew to shut down any arguments we make to attempt to show them the truth they can no longer override us with lies.

All we have to say is that Trump is a traitor to our country. That he is willing to use our military, to put their lives on the line and endanger our country and it’s citizens just to be powerful at any cost.

We can put all our other immense list aside to use because their favorite thing about him is that he “owns” the liberals and he hurts “illegals” and that he says it like it is. They get a great deal of pleasure out of his sadistic behavior. Our outrage is their pleasure.

But the reality is if all we say is he’s a traitor to our country, to our military and to them too, that will be all that’s needed. No matter what they say they can not claim it’s OK for him to hump the flag, because that’s no longer a metaphor for love of country. It’s a metaphor for raping it.
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