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Shanti Mama

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Member since: Sun Oct 21, 2007, 04:19 AM
Number of posts: 1,288

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Think of us as your elders, not the elderly

Just as referring to enslaved people is more powerful than referring to slaves, the nation should refer to Our Elders no the elderly.

A seemingly small change, but important.

Been thinking a lot about abusive families

My own family was fine. My alcoholic mother was functional, not abusive. Just emotionally absent.

But imagine having to stay home with an abusive parent during this time. I cannot. I ache for all the kids out there who regularly escape their homes and physical and emotional abuse, who are now stuck at home in a high-stress environment.

Not sure anything can be done, but it's an unaddressed pressure cooker.

hand sanitizer available

I just discovered that office supply stores (e.g. Staples, Office Depot) have hand sanitizer and will sell limited quantities to each individual. I tried to order some, but the website told me they won't ship, that I have to go to the store. I'll go tomorrow.

Given my commitment to DU I want to share this info with all of you
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