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Shanti Mama

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Member since: Sun Oct 21, 2007, 04:19 AM
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Asking... why do Bernie supporters want him over Elizabeth?

I'm really serious. I'd like to hear from Bernie supporters about good reasons why.
Thank you.

I think I've decided on Amy, after too much agonizing!

I get it that Klobuchar's a moderate who knows how to compromise. I know this might alienate some of the more far left contingent. I believe I value most of the same things this group does, but I don't think the country will elect a leader who espouses a far left position right now. I think Klobuchar also values much of what the Bernie gang values, but she's willing to compromise, to see the long game.

Honestly, most of us want affordable education, fair and affordable health care, election reform, etc... There is so much more uniting the candidates than separating them. But just because you're FOR something as a candidate or president doesn't make it all come true. I get really turned off by the promises, knowing much of it won't happen because of our currently broken process.

I love what Bernie has done for the conversation, and I love Warren's thoughtful approach to real issues and solutions. I love Mayor Pete's intelligence and believe he'll be president one day, maybe our first gay one. And I love Joe and his empathy and foot-in-mouth candor.

I think Amy is the one who can win and then make things happen.
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