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Shanti Mama

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Member since: Sun Oct 21, 2007, 04:19 AM
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The death of personal responsibility

In addition to destroying norms and civil discourse (what little was left), 45 is killing off "the buck stops here."
I've never known of someone quicker to blame another, at least not an adult.

What is one of the first things that most people -- especially conservatives -- want their children to absorb, practice and preach? Personal responsibility!

I don't get very much about how they can support that ignoramus in the White House, but I REALLY don't get how they accept his constant blaming. I think it needs to be pointed out that he takes no personal responsibility for ANYTHING.

I'd love to see news media add this idea to every report they do about his activities and attitudes.


A Republican

If nothing else, his clearly articulated partisan views disqualify him.

The Supreme Court MUST be above partisanship. It is a fundamental principle of the court.

We all knew he's a political operative. Yesterday he blasted it across the "airwaves."

This disqualifies him. We can stop debating, at least for now, his guilt or innocence, his judicial temperament, or lack thereof, his veracity.

I don't think anyone can challenge the idea this he is an ideologue and has no place serving on our highest court.
We can debate the rest later.

I have been hurt directly by Chinese tarrifs

My little tiny company, trying to gain traction in the market, closed a deal to ship some product (a raw material) to China for use by a company there to manufacture a final product to be shipped back to the US for sale. This sale was a really big deal for us, right when we need it most.

Chinese customs would not clear it. They made all kinds of weak excuses that had no standing in the rules and regs. It was clear to all that they were simply being obstructionist as a show of power against the US.

It's not worth shipping the product back so today I authorized its destruction. Typing that is hard. We're trying to raise capital and this could have put us over the top. Now, I don't know.

DAMN the orange idiot! For my pain and suffering and for all that he causes to so many. And for the unfathomable damage he's doing to our country.
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