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MinM's Journal
MinM's Journal
June 19, 2016

3 Days of the Condor (1975)

Three Days of the Condor is on the CW network right now and just noticed in the opening sequence they had this Time Magazine cover up on a wallboard in their office...

Excellent movie:

June 12, 2016

Fresh Air review...

BTW Jennifer Lawrence has signed on for Adam McKay's next project...

Jennifer Lawrence has gone too long without an Oscar, joins Adam McKay’s Theranos film: http://vult.re/1XeLDaj


June 12, 2016

Bob Roberts (1992)


Trump's flag hug reminds me of the BOB ROBERTS poster. And Trump reminds me of that movie.

June 11, 2016

Horatio Sanz warned us about #SNL's "conservative bullsh*t"

Re-posted so we never forget that Lorne Michaels played a significant role in launching the Trump campaign...

***** ***** ***** *****

@Salon: Long before Lorne Michaels invited Trump to host, Horatio Sanz warned us about #SNL's "conservative bullsh*t" http://slnm.us/pLmnIW3

Horatio Sanz’s brutal “SNL” takedown: The show has too much “conservative bullsh*t” — and might have helped George W. Bush win the presidency

The "SNL" comedian speaks candidly about how the show has lost its way politically

After parting ways with “SNL” in 2006, comedian Horatio Sanz is ready to speak candidly about some of the show’s deep political flaws. (This time, without the risk of showrunner Lorne Michaels sending him to time-out.)

In “SNL’s” unaffiliated tell-all book “Live From New York” from 2014, Sanz did just that. And again, in a recent interview with ESPN’s Bill Simmons, he opened up about how the show has lost its way in its quest to be “popular.” The comedian told Simmons that, “the message of the show has become less about these leftist politics and more about being popular.” ...

Sanz also singled out one particular “SNL” sketch — Kristen Wiig’s cold opening as Nancy Pelosi — which he felt epitomized the show’s weak political commentary. Referring to veteran writer Jim Downey’s (“the Karl Rove of SNL”) choice to include two men in S&M outfits (because — you know! — San Fran), Sanz said: “That’s what you get out of that story? That everyone in San Francisco is so weird that they’re wearing fucking leather and whipping each other.” ...

More here: link

June 7, 2016

Eugene McCarthy endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1980

Eugene McCarthy, the anti-war anti-establishment candidate, endorsed Ronald Reagan in 1980.

June 5, 2016

Robert Kennedy-Eugene McCarthy debate excerpt, California Primary, 1968

Michael Beschloss ?@BeschlossDC

Video: Robert Kennedy-Eugene McCarthy debate excerpt, California Primary, tomorrow 1968 (4 mins.):

Of course RFK won that Primary 48 years ago today .. We also know that the then presumptive Democratic candidate and most likely the next President of the United States (succeeding his good buddy LBJ ).

RFK was shot and killed that very same night.
June 5, 2016

Person of Interest Shows Us What Techno-Fascism Really Looks Like

io9 has had some nice insights into POI during it's run...


Person of Interest Shows Us What Techno-Fascism Really Looks Like


Person Of Interest's Creators Explain Why A.I. Could Be The New A-Bomb

Person of Interest has always skated the line between
suspenseful realism and speculative worldbuilding. But this episode's
final scenes took us far over onto the speculative end of things,
creating a parallel, authoritarian version of the United States where it
seems that our characters will be living next season. ...



#PersonOfInterest: Season 4 is Fresh at 100%

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