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"American Hustle" w/Jennifer Lawrence and the Church Committee

It's worth noting that the newly released movie "American Hustle" is loosely based on Abscam. The late '70s FBI sting operation known as Abscam was ostensibly political payback for the work of the Church Committee.

@AndrewKroll: Movie director David O. Russell: Political corruption in "American Hustle" is nothing compared to Citizens United http://www.motherjones.com/mixed-media/2013/12/david-o-russell-american-hustle-abscam-citizens-united-chris-matthews

Citizen Lane by NCIS' Pauley Perrette

@PauleyP: Me #BobTanenbaum #MarkLane #DickGregory and @TheSteveJaffe at my #CitizenLane documentary screening



Sahl set up the Johnny Carson - Jim Garrison interview

Johnny Carson took a public relations hit for the way he came off in that interview and Mort Sahl was never invited back to the Tonight Show. Which, given Carson's clout, also goes a long way to explain the backlash Sahl received.

Steve Allen, the original host of the Tonight Show, had another talk show at this time and invited both Jim Garrison and Mort Sahl on. Unfortunately, and most likely conveniently, Steve Allen also invited wingnut 'B-1' Bob Dornan on that panel. Dornan effectively derailed that interview and Mort Sahl's career had been pretty well derailed too.

Here's an excellent piece on Sahl from 9 years ago in January...
"Heeeere's Justice!" 37 years ago this month, Johnny Carson spent 50 minutes with New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison

Sahl is one of my favourite undersung heroes of the Sixties, for having spent the capital of a successful career in the Quixotic pursuit of justice for the murderers of America.

From the cover of Time

to "conspiracy monger"

That strikes me as the trajectory of an honourable man.

There's an interview with Sahl a couple of months later in 1968, before the epochal one-two of Dr King and Robert Kennedy, that is as prophetic as anything I've read from that time:

ARGO: Why is the truth behind the assassination of President Kennedy the last chance of America for its survival?

SAHL: Because the evidence developed by District Attorney Garrison indicates that certain people had to take President Kennedy's life in order to control ours...


Queue the Disney-Mattel marketeers

Disney® is for Kidz

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