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Member since: Mon Oct 8, 2007, 10:23 AM
Number of posts: 2,650

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Shock Doctrine'd

Democracy Now! ‏@democracynow: Shock Doctrine: Mass Privatization of NOLA Schools in Storm’s Wake & Its Effects Today http://owl.li/RviBJ

Dubya probably thinks of it as a victory lap.

Lisa Pease: OPC “became the fastest-growing unit within the nascent CIA,”

@MortNef: OPC “became the fastest-growing unit within the nascent CIA,” @lisapease observes .. http://shar.es/1vticf

Global Research @CRG_CRM
The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know: Since the end of World War Two the Central Intelligen... http://bit.ly/1Kf3WH6

The late great Elizabeth Montgomery

Bewitching indeed.

She also narrated The Panama Deception (1992):


Wisconsin Recall: Citizen United, Grisham, Hot Coffee, and Koch

Thanks .. Wisc Progressive.

I figured it couldn't just be Walker's sterling record and winning personality getting him elected.

The Wisconsin Recall Aftermath: Scott Walker Steps Right Up into the Pocket of Those Who Got Him There

Wisconsin Recall: Citizen United, Grisham, Hot Coffee, and Koch

Johnny Cash sings "Man In Black" for the first time

Johnny's musical answer to the question about why he always wore black.
I wear the black for the poor and beaten down...

each week we lose a hundred fine young men...

Of course Johnny might have been Dixie Chick'd if he was starting out today with those lyrics.

sponsored by Merck & Co?

Parallax View & All the President's Men

Here are clips from the 2 movies Michael Cuesta based Messenger on..


Parallax View


Great line from the movie:
Fred Weil: Some stories are just too true to tell.

Jeremy Renner is excellent as Gary Webb - Parallax View meets All the President's Men

Jeremy Renner has the blockbuster franchises (Avengers, Bourne, Mission Impossible...) to fall back on so I give him a ton of credit for taking time, and probably some of his own money too, to bring some real history to the movies. Not only with Kill the Messenger but the Abscam movie too.

On the dvd commentary the director (Michael Cuesta) draws comparisons to All the President's Men and Parallax View. The cast is very good also .. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Rosemarie DeWitt, Robert Patrick ..

Big Thumbs Up



@lisapease: Listing of some COINTELPRO techniques, from the Church Committee report

@lisapease: FBI efforts to prevent anti-war groups (and speakers like Bernie?) from speaking:

Lisa Pease & Marcy Wheeler (emptywheel) tweeted about this last night..

COINTELPRO? or a version thereof?
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