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DesertFlower's Journal
DesertFlower's Journal
May 27, 2013

goodyear, arizona woman jailed in mexico.


A Goodyear couple traveled to Mexico last week to attend a family funeral.

The trip back to Arizona has turned into a nightmare - and it's not over yet.

The wife is in a Mexican jail right now accused of smuggling marijuana.

CBS5 News spoke with the husband's brother-in-law Saturday.

Brandon Klippel said Gary and Yanira Maldonado were the only U.S. citizens on the bus – and if drugs were truly found on board, they were already there when the couple sat down.

"You hear all of these horror stories about Mexico and you think it's just something in the movies, right?" said Klippel. "You don't believe it's something that could happen to someone you know. But, when it happens to your brother and your sister - it's hard, it's tough to take."

He said the bus the Maldonados were on was stopped at a military checkpoint near Hermosillo on Wednesday.

The couple, with seven children and two grandchildren between them, were on their way back to Arizona after attending a funeral for Yanira Maldonado's aunt.

"They interviewed several of the other passengers and after about 2 1/2 hours they came to him [Gary] and said unfortunately some of these drugs were found under your seat and you're under arrest," Klippel said.

After arresting Gary Maldonado, Mexican officials said they'd made a mistake – that marijuana was actually found underneath Yanira Maldonado's seat and an empty seat next to her.

Gary Maldonado was let go and they arrested his wife - something that has terrified their 21-year-old daughter Anna Soto who spoke with CBS5 News on Sunday.



that's why i won't go near that country.

May 27, 2013

so i went to bed and couldn't sleep.

turned the tv back on and caught the last 1/2 hour of fahrenheit 911 which i've seen at least 5 times. as usual i cried, got angry and cursed bush, cheney and rumsfeld.

May 27, 2013

last night i watched the movie "reds".

i had seen it in the early 80s but wanted to see it again. it was great.


May 19, 2013

"if ya dun't gut your health, you gut nuthin".

i always remember those words. they were said by an elderly gentlemen in '81 who lived in my building. he and his wife were retired and they used to walk together holding hands. then she died. i tried to copy his yiddish accent.

last year my husband passed and i have health problems. even though i've always repeated those words over the years they mean much more to me now.

May 13, 2013

how would you feel if

your husband/wife had died a month ago and when you called your sister to talk she said "i can only talk to you for 5 minutes -- the bachelorette is going on". i said "can you call me when it's over"? she said "it's a 2 hour special -- i'll be too tired".

your thoughts. i posted this in the lounge -- wasn't sure if it was appropriate for GD, but i'm giving it a shot.

May 13, 2013

i just started a thread in the lounge.

would it have been inappropriate to put it in general discussion?

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