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Current location: Potlandia
Member since: Fri Sep 28, 2007, 04:39 PM
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Nevada & Oregon REPUBLICAN State Reps are now openly in league with Armed Insurrectionists

Now not 1, but 2 Republican state legislators are openly supporting armed criminals against the advice of law enforcement on the scene, publicly encouraging gun wielding criminals who have desecrated sacred land, trespassed, broken & entered into a Federal Building, threatened armed violence against law enforcement, violated the security of Federal computers in the building, and openly expressed they have forcibly seized a Federal facility to "kill or be killed" Plus at the Federal level, Oregon's US Rep Greg Walden gave a pathetically impassioned speech, complete with tears, on the House floor, lauding the Bundy Gang's patriotism, integrity .. blah, blah...

has this nation come to? How can any "lawmaker" do this without themselves being guilty of "Aid & Abbedding" Federal crimes? Republican once upon a time championed "law & order", now they openly commit Federal crimes on live TV, and no one is enforcing any law anymore, provided the laws are broken by WHITE armed thugs with a 'cause'. And some on DU insist 'the answer' is to "wait and see. It will surely blow over soon with no violence". To that I say, only in your delusional dreams.

Nevada, Oregon State Reps Meet With Armed Occupiers
by John Sepulvado & Dave Blanchard * OPB * Jan. 10, 2016

Nevada state Rep. Michele Fiore, a Republican, tells OPB she called Ammon Bundy Saturday night.
Fiore has long been an ally of the Bundy family. The representative sponsored land transfer legislation known as the ‘Bundy Bill’ in March last year, and directed profanity at another colleague on the floor of the Nevada legislature while defending it.

“Everyone knows I’m a supporter of the Bundy family,” Fiore said. “Our relationship is pretty well documented.”
According to Fiore, Oregon Rep. Dallas Heard, a Roseburg Republican, met in person with the militant leaders.
“It’s refreshing to see a representative like Dallas Heard care and lean on the side of citizens, versus our federal government,” said Fiore.

Fiore confirmed GOP representatives from other states also attended, but she declined to name them. Heard was not immediately available for comment. “It’s not an open meeting, and I’m not talking about it at this time,” Fiore said.

Multiple law enforcement officers close to the situation, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told OPB they warned lawmakers not to meet with the armed group of men who are illegally occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, as there is concern it could undermine efforts to bring the event to a peaceful conclusion.

“Still hoping it ends without violence,” one law enforcement source told OPB.


Latest News re: Oregon's RW Bundy-Led Armed Insurrection

As we enter Day 9 of the standoff at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, here are the latest developments:

Ammon Bundy and his band of militants appeared ready to settle in for the long haul Saturday when a rifle-toting "security detail" broke the relative lull that had fallen over their weeklong standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

The arrival of 20 more armed men at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters Saturday added kindling to a potentially combustible mix, raising concerns that law enforcement's low-key response to the situation might backfire. Observers say the FBI, which has jurisdiction over the federal refuge, has been deliberately patient. After deadly confrontations in Waco, Texas, and Ruby Ridge, Idaho, during the 1990s, authorities have adopted a "wait-them-out" response to similar situations in hopes of preventing another conflagration. If authorities wait too long, though, they risk losing control of the situation – creating a more dangerous or protracted confrontation.

In taking control of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters, militants occupying the site have also taken over the desks of the people who work at the site – their cubicles, their computers and, evidently, their personnel files. Oregon Public Broadcasting visited the compound Friday and reported that militants appeared to be using federal computers inside the compound, machines that can be accessed only with employees' ID badges. Lists of names and Social Security numbers were visible, alongside government ID cards.

(30 miles from the Malheur Refuge's Federal Building occupied by armed insurrectionists)-> The FBI has staged at the Burns Municipal Airport, blocking entrance to a U.S. Bureau of Land Management base there used to fight fires during the summer. Men in FBI gear were posted Saturday in a sport utility vehicle along Airport Road about five miles east of the city, keeping cars and trucks from entering a BLM "SEAT Base" where another large vehicle sat equipped with FBI signage, numerous antennae, a satellite dish and other gear.

Ranchers and federal land managers have a longstanding and symbiotic relationship across the west. But the relationship is a contentious one, too, providing fuel that stokes an ongoing standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Militants occupying the refuge say their goal is to divvy up its tens of thousands of acres among dozens of ranchers, and wrest control of all public land in Harney County back from the federal government. But an analysis by The Oregonian/OregonLive shows that blowing up a century-old system of federal control over public rangelands wouldn't be a good thing for most ranchers in Harney County or elsewhere.

Much more at this link, including additional information, plus a number of embedded links to highlight/source some of the information:


MoveOn: Deadline TODAY to vote for Bernie at MoveOn

Unlike so many groups whose CEO's and executives have determined who they endorse, MoveOn is actually asking us 'little people' who they should endorse.

Vote Here: http://act.moveon.org/survey/2016_presidential_endorsement-vote/?akid=160950.18820853.MBBd3F&rd=1&t=3

GO BERNIE!!!!!!!!!!!

BREAKING - AP: MORE Armed Men Arrive At Malheur Claiming To Defend Occupants

This was bound to happen .. WTF.. By simply ignoring this for so long, and NOT surrounding the place to cut off access to food & other supplies, it's like our so-called 'law enforcement' -- both local and Federal -- are fucking ASKING for this to happen.. I have no more words. This is a disgrace and an embarrassment to me, esp. because I live in Oregon.

More Armed Men Arrive At Malheur Claiming To Defend Occupants
by AP * Jan. 9, 2016

A convoy of more than a dozen pickup trucks carrying armed men arrived at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon on Saturday.

Some of the men carrying rifles told journalists they were there to help with security for the group that has occupied the headquarters of the refuge since Jan. 2.

OPB’s Dave Blanchard confirmed the men said they were members of the Pacific Patriot Network, a consortium of groups from Oregon, Washington and Idaho. They arrived at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge midmorning, carrying rifles and handguns and dressed in military attire and bulletproof vests.

Pacific Patriots Network founder and leader Brandon Curtiss says the group isn’t there to support the occupation at the refuge. “We’re here to establish a security buffer between the gentlemen here at the refuge, the community citizens, as well as law enforcement,” Curtiss said.

One of the original occupiers of the refuge, LaVoy Finicum, said the group appreciates the Pacific Patriot Network’s help, but “we want the long guns put away.”


Charles Pierce calls it: What's Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less Than Armed Sedition

What's Happening in Oregon Is Nothing Less Than Armed Sedition
Its roots in our politics are deep and tangled.
by Charles P. Pierce * January 04, 2016 * Esquire

"If three years ago any person had told me that at this day, I should see such a formidable rebellion against the laws & constitutions of our own making as now appears I should have thought him a bedlamite—a fit subject for a mad house." —George Washington to Henry Knox, on the subject of Shays Rebellion, February 3, 1787

You have to give Captain Daniel Shays this: When he launched his armed sedition against lawful authority, he at least was invited in. Overnight on Saturday, in an obscure corner of the Oregon wilderness, and contrary to the law, and in defiance of democratic authority, both federal and local, another act of armed sedition was committed. It seems to me that this ought to be a bigger story than, say, the belated prosecution of Bill Cosby, or whatever most recently came out of the mouth of the vulgar talking yam. In a small place in Oregon, the essential compact of the United States of America has come apart.

The Bundy family of Nevada joined with hard-core militiamen Saturday to take over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, vowing to occupy the remote federal outpost 30 miles southeast of Burns for years. The occupation came shortly after an estimated 300 marchers—militia and local citizens both—paraded through Burns to protest the prosecution of two Harney County ranchers, Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, who are to report to prison on Monday. Among the occupiers is Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, and two of his brothers. Militia members at the refuge claimed they had as many as 100 supporters with them. The refuge, federal property managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was closed and unoccupied for the holiday weekend.

Before moving on to the larger issues, it's important to note that the local authorities, and the local citizenry, want no part of this noisy claque of armed meatheads. It is popular among these people who apparently have brains wired like short-wave radios broadcasting from upper Michigan to say that the real constitutional authority in this country resides in its local sheriffs. Well, the local sheriff in this case would like it very much if this particular invasive species would abandon his jurisdiction and go back to freeloading on federal lands in Nevada.

Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward told people to stay away from the building as authorities work to defuse the situation, The Oregonian reported."A collective effort from multiple agencies is currently working on a solution. For the time being please stay away from that area. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Please maintain a peaceful and united front and allow us to work through this situation," Ward said in a statement.

Hell, even the convicted arsonists on whose behalf this action allegedly was undertaken have distanced themselves from these clowns. The Hammonds said they have not welcomed the Bundy's help. "Neither Ammon Bundy nor anyone within his group/organization speak for the Hammond Family," the Hammonds' lawyer W. Alan Schroeder wrote to Sheriff David Ward.

This is an act of armed sedition against lawful authority. That is all that it is, and that is quite enough. This is not "an expression of anti-government sentiment." Flipping off the governor as he drives by is "an expression of anti-government sentiment." What Alex Jones does every day is "an expression of anti-government sentiment," and god bless them all for it. That's what the Founders had in mind. This is not an "occupation" following "a peaceful protest."


Audubon Society: Statement on Armed Bundy Terrorists' Malheur Occupation

Audubon Society of Portland: Statement on the Occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
By Bob Sallinger * Jan. 3, 2016 * Portland Audubon

Malheur National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1908 by President Theodore Roosevelt to protect the vast populations of waterbirds that were being decimated by wanton killing by the plume trade. The 188,000 acre refuge represents some of the most important bird habitat on the Pacific Flyway. It is one of the crown jewels of the National Wildlife Refuge System and belongs to all Americans. In 2013, the Refuge adopted a long-term management plan developed through an inclusive collaborative process that brought together the local community, tribes, conservation groups, state and federal agencies, and other stakeholders. These stakeholders have continued to work together to implement this strategy which includes one of the biggest wetland restoration efforts ever undertaken.

The occupation of Malheur by armed, out of state militia groups puts one of America’s most important wildlife refuges at risk. It violates the most basic principles of the Public Trust Doctrine and holds hostage public lands and public resources to serve the very narrow political agenda of the occupiers. The occupiers have used the flimsiest of pretexts to justify their actions—the conviction of two local ranchers in a case involving arson and poaching on public lands. Notably, neither the local community or the individuals convicted have requested or endorsed the occupation or the assistance of militia groups.

Portland Audubon fought 100 years ago to protect this incredible place. The powerful images taken by Portland Audubon founder, William Finley, of Malheur’s incredible bird populations and the wanton killing that was being inflicted upon them, caused President Roosevelt to make Malheur one of the first wildlife refuges in the Western United States. Portland Audubon calls upon the local, state and federal authorities to once again protect this incredible place for the amazing wildlife that live there and to preserve this natural heritage for current and future generations. Portland Audubon greatly appreciates the outstanding federal employees that staff the refuge, as well as members of the local community who have rejected this occupation. We hope for a safe, expeditious end to this armed occupation so that the myriad of local and non-local stakeholders can continue to work together to restore Malheur in ways that are supportive of both the local ecology and the local economy—the occupiers are serving nobody’s interests except their own.

MORE: http://audubonportland.org/news/audubon-society-of-portland-statement-on-the-occupation-of-malheur-national-wildlife-refuge

Oregon update: "militants in high spirits, ready for long wait at refuge, supporter says"

FYI - The Oregonian is Portland's GOP-owned 'newspaper of record'.

Oregon militants in high spirits, ready for long wait at refuge, supporter says
by Noelle Crombie * Jan. 3, 2016 * The Oregonian (Oregonlive.com)

A 42-year-old Washington woman who has met twice this weekend with men occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters said the group's spirits are high and they are prepared to remain in the eastern Oregon outpost for "many years."

Maureen Peltier, a disabled veteran, staff sergeant with the Washington Army National Guard and a member of the so-called patriot movement, traveled from her home in Bonny Lake to Burns this weekend to take part in Saturday's protest of the federal government's criminal case against a pair of Harney County ranchers. By Saturday night, leaders of the protest effort had taken over a facility at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Peltier said she met with several protesters at the gate to the refuge then later at a Burns hotel. She posted about the encounters on Facebook, saying the group is "doing very well."

"They did have a good security team and bonfires to keep warm," she wrote. "They want Americans with rational, cool heads to join them."

She said they are not engaged in a "hostile takeover" and that the group hasn't damaged property.

"There is absolutely no armed standoff," she wrote. "They want us to know: They are simply occupying land and a building owned by 'We The People.' Our tax dollars. And that for them, this is a civil peaceful protest."

Law enforcement has so far not engaged protesters.

Re Bundy & Co's armed insurrection in Oregon: VOX/The Oregon militia standoff, explained

The Oregon militia standoff, explained
Updated by Jennifer Williams on January 3, 2016

A militia protesting the "tyranny" of the federal government seized the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon on Saturday and, in a video posted to Facebook, called on "patriots" from all over the country to come to the refuge with their guns to join their fight. (see Video at link)

Among the militia's members are Ammon Bundy, whose father Cliven Bundy became a Fox News star in 2014 for his armed standoff in Nevada with the federal government over cattle-grazing rights. On the surface, this is about a father and son from Oregon who were ordered by the court to return to prison to serve additional time for a 2012 arson on federal land. But, as with Cliven Bundy's standoff, the anti-government militiamen who are driving this crisis believe it's about standing up to a tyrannical federal government.

Who are these guys, and what do they want?

The apparent goal of the takeover is ultimately to induce the federal government to turn over government-owned land to local ranchers, loggers, and miners for their use. Here is Ammon Bundy, one of the militia leaders, explaining it in his own words: (see Video at link)

But the men involved in the takeover — including Ammon Bundy, Ammon's brother Ryan, Jon Ritzheimer, Blaine Cooper, and Ryan Payne — are not locals. Rather, they are a small group of individuals who travel around the country attaching themselves to various local fights against the federal government, usually over land rights. Several of them were involved in Cliven Bundy's 2014 standoff.

MUCH MORE info + informative videos HERE: http://www.vox.com/2016/1/3/10703712/oregon-militia-standoff

Why The Hell Are Our News Media Whitewashing Domestic Terrorism In Oregon?

Why The Hell Are Our News Media Whitewashing Domestic Terrorism In Oregon?

We all rely on the media every day to know what’s going on in our world. Many media sources these days have an opinion informing the content they provide, but the majority usually try to avoid outright lying about things. That doesn’t seem to be the case in what’s happening right now in Oregon.

There is an ongoing armed insurrectionist seizure of a federal building happening at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ in Oregon. Depending on what news source you rely on for your “facts”, you might be unaware of the reality of the situation.

To bring you up to speed: Dwight Hammond, 73, and Steven Hammond, 46, lit fires in an attempt to protect some of their property from invasive plant species. They ended up burning federal land — twice. Their actions netted them an eventual conviction for arson, which they served time for. After they were released, their sentences from a previous judge were found to be illegal — due to them being too short for the minimum sentencing requirements — and they were sent back to jail for longer sentences. The second conviction is what set off the protests, and caused Cliven Bundy’s idiot militia to take up arms. To be fair, the Hammonds never asked anybody for help, especially not the Bundys.

Here is where this all takes an incredibly weird turn. Many media outlets have been picking up this story, but the major ones are pants-on-fire lying about the event.

MORE at link:

Can you imagine? ..If a band of armed Muslims seized a Federal Bldg. to protect "one of their own"?

..OR .. a bunch of armed-to-the-teeth African Americans doing this to insist that Black Lives Matter, after these recent string of aquitals and 'cases dismissed' re: cops shooting unarmed Blacks for no reason.

We'd be seeing NOTHING ... absolutely nothing else on the TV 24/7 wall-to-wall, and there would
be 1000s of FBI & Federal Troops dispatched to the scene ... and they'd all be dead within a few hours.

but hey, it's "only" White Supremacists 'doing their thing' .. la-la-la .. barely makes a brief mention on
local (I live in Oregon) and national news.


ON EDIT: Just to be clear, my OP was not so much 'demanding swift military action' as it was
more to point-out how deeply engrained our society's racism is, and how that effects
a) the nature and extent of news coverage the event, and
b) the use of state-sponsored violence (or not) to deal with these kinds of events.

I'm not necessarily advocating an escalation of the violence by authorities; but can't
help notice how very very differently this would be playing out if these guys were not
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