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Profile Information

Name: Annette Bacchus
Gender: Female
Hometown: British Columbia
Home country: Canada
Current location: New Westminster
Member since: Fri Sep 7, 2007, 01:15 AM
Number of posts: 5,553

Journal Archives

Wanted to ask DU why Dems are so Divided? Don't Dems know that President Biden

is fighting as much as he can for America to survive a pandemic and get the country back to some kind of normalcy. What is wrong with some of our fellow Dems?

Edited to add that my Prime Minister got elected with a minority, I have no idea why conservatives are winning, I'm in Canada.

Anyone know what is the Havana Syndrome Joe clueless is discussing with Adam clueless?

Seeing on CNN, a Black teenager, Michael Donald,

is found lynched in Mobile, Alabama in 1981. Nothing has changed since then regarding the killing of Black men and women. The only thing new is that the klan members in the police force are now using guns and even shooting Black men in their backs.

Look at what the insurrectionists/white supremacists did on January 6! Trump managed to divide America across race. I hope karma gets that POS. Am not a betting person but Chauvin will be found not guilty and that would be a travesty. How on earth could Chauvinís lawyers even pretend to claim that he was trying to do resuscitation to Mr. Floyd when he had his knee on his neck for so long with his hand in his pocket posing for the camera. Even in the movies, no cop arrests a person with his/her hand in their pockets. There never was and never will be justice for minorities, sadly, remember Rodney King and the many men and women after him.

Being Black in the US is a challenge to survive. The cops even shoot you in your own home, which is your safe haven, where else can you be safe? President Biden is trying his best to reunite the country but the turtle plans to oppose his efforts just like he did former President Obama.

End of rant.

Thank you so much fellow DUers for the hearts, I really appreciate your kindness and generosity.

If trump is not found guilty this time around then there is no justice. The GOP is a failure!

Is Comey asking President Elect Biden to pardon trump?

Sorry if this has been posted earlier. Just saw this crap on TV. Comey is the architect for the shit that started happening in the US since trump came down the elevator announcing his run for president. Cannot understand why comey is on the news promoting his effing book!! These mofos have no shame.

I am so upset and cannot turn the TV off, maybe, I am a news

glutton! I just want to share with you that the more I look at the footage of the invasion of the Capitol, the more I am getting angry that the loser encouraged his goons (they are not supporters, they are domestic terrorists) to march to Washington to defy President Elect Biden's win certification. That building is a sacrosanct to democracy and to see people invading offices, destroying furniture, looting and vandalising offices was hard to look at. To see a man put his shoed foot on the Speakers desk made me cry. This is the home of both Democrats and Republicans, where important decisions are made that affect home and abroad and to see the blatant infiltration by yahoos was sad,

Morning Joe is right on the mark now. He and Mica are not flawless but I like them at times. Someone dropped the ball with security as they knew the magas boss asked them to march to Washington to protest the certification of a Biden/Harris win. There are photos of the Capitol Hill cops posing for selfies with these goons. The Hill is armed to the teeth when people of colour has a peaceful protest and the liar's goons were able to go beyond the perimeter of the Capitol. There needs to be an investigation to find out why security was so lax when most people knew ahead of time that violence would ensue. I hope that photos of Hawley giving the goons a high five will surface and his political career will come to an abrupt end. He started the objections and the other assholes followed.

I am just sick to my stomach and never thought trump goons would dare to pillage an iconic building so sacred to democracy. The night before, I posted on FB that Rev Warnock won and was hoping that Oosoff would win after the mail in ballots were counted. I also said that I hope no violence would occur the next day. Started looking at the count, got tired of the interruptions and changed the channel. When I went back to MSNBC, I could not believe my eyes at the chaos that was happening. Been looking since then.

End of rant. Happy New Year fellow DUers,
Posted by akbacchus_BC | Thu Jan 7, 2021, 07:02 AM (4 replies)

Trump International Hotel in Vancouver is closed for good

due to bankruptcy. It was the scene of lots of protests since it opened three years ago. I don't have a link.

If MSNBC continues to have Morning Joe and Mika, that is not good ...

I wish these two would go away like two bad pennies. A leopard never changes its skin. These two, along with the other media coverage, were instrumental in getting the pos in office and help his corrupt administration to bring down America, a country that many other countries looked up to and the minute the UN or WHO not in agreement with the pos, he withdraws funding. No intelligent or progressive leader behaves that way. Fucking idiot always takes his ball and goes home.

Voting is not an option now, it is a necessity in order to get Biden/Harris elected.
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