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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 06:36 AM
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Well, I know who I'll be voting for. NICOLA STURGEON...

First Minister of Scotland, party - Scottish National Party (currently being compared to racist orgnisations in the UK and the EU on a regular basis in comment sections all over the UK press). Tney've been in power in Holyrood (Scottih Parliament) for some time now. Incredibly, they are MORE popular now than on the date of their last Scottish election victory.

. Gender balanced her cabinet
. Wants to end austerity
. Recently released policy on maximising economic opportunities for women
. Wants rid of Trident (UK's nukes)
. Wants to focus healthcare on prevention rather than treatment (studies have shown that this leads to longer . lives and higher quality of life as well as saving money)
. Wants internal investment in infrastructure to improve employment rather than relying on zero hour . contracts and bullshit McJobs to massage the figures
. Wants to increase immigration as immigrants are a net benefit to the economy
. Wants to increase the minimum wage

.. and so on.

Currently polling at around 50% in Scotland. Nearest competitor is Jim Murphy's party on 26%.

(I don't get to vote for her personally, I hasten to add. I'll be voting for her candidate in my constituency)

So, there you go. I GET to vote for people like that in my country. Don't you think it woud be good if you guys got to vote for someone like that in the US, my DU friends?

It is predicted that on 7th May Ms Sturgeon's party will be holding a sizeable proportion of seats in Scotland.

(BTW, Nicola doesn't have a logo)

(Also BTW, I'm not trolling or "boasting" or something. I just think it would be good if you guys saw that tiny insiginificant nations like my cuddly little country, Scotland, seem to be getting a better deal.)
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