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Member since: Tue Sep 4, 2007, 06:36 AM
Number of posts: 7,804

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Doyou see THIS? I need it to be explained to me NOW.


Hey doods, can you let me know what bits of html or variant thereof is/are allowed?

I remember seeing a table somewhere with some DU stylee [html] tags that worked in posts and now I can't find it. Is it anywhere pointable to?

I did a pointless doodle.

I was deep in a commission and had to escape... I found a new tool and went a bit mad.

Could this be the beginning of a new direction?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Probably not.

How many people on this forum have changed something they do as a result of this forum?

... leaving aside things like voting or writing to your representatives and focussing more on altering your actual day to day life...

Do any of the posts about social issues, things not directly affected (as yet) by legislation, change the way you behave?

Commission for a friend...

Phew! That was a slog. 2 months of effort! I really need to speed up...

Margaret Thatcher's death greeted with street parties in Brixton and Glasgow


Several hundred people gathered in south London on Monday evening to celebrate Margaret Thatcher's death with cans of beer, pints of milk and an impromptu street disco playing the soundtrack to her years in power.

Young and old descended on Brixton, a suburb which weathered two outbreaks of rioting during the Thatcher years. Many expressed jubilation that the leader they loved to hate was no more; others spoke of frustration that her legacy lived on.

To cheers of "Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead," posters of Thatcher were held aloft as reggae basslines pounded.

A post from one of my pals on facebook about Thatcher... had to share.

"Commentators struggling to present some semblance of neutrality in response to the departure of such an undoubtedly polarising individual express sentiments such as: "Whatever your views on her policies, you have to respect her determination."

Sorry, but to my mind that was her most despicable attribute. Self-belief to that degree is the province of the zealot and is the enemy of reason. It should have no place in politics, but sadly it is all too often otherwise, the pages of history being littered with megalomaniacs, the credulous fools who respect a "strong leader" and give them the support they so rarely deserve."

He's asked me not to attribute.

Ooooooh, DEAR. I think someone's been waiting... :)

Dear Americans. I am British. And I'd just like to say...

...that I'll believe she's dead when they've published a picture of her corpse with Dorothy's house on top of it.


Guardian launches 'augmented reality' specs to offer immersive liberal insight


You can already access the Guardian in ways that were unimaginable two decades ago: on your desktop or laptop computer, a tablet, e-reader or smartphone.

But today, ending months of speculation and rumour, this newspaper announces a groundbreaking development in the modern history of the media: a pair of web-connected "augmented reality" spectacles that will beam its journalism directly into the wearer's visual field, enabling users to see the world through the Guardian's eyes at all times.

The motion-sensitive spectacles, known as Guardian Goggles, incorporate translucent screens in the lenses, overlaying the wearer's view of their surroundings with a real-time stream of specially curated opinions from the paper's reporters, critics and commentators. For example, simply by looking at the outside of a restaurant or cinema and pointing, the user can call up relevant Guardian reviews of the food or current films.

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